Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Picking up and moving.... 

Well, I have decided to make the plunge over to Wordpress.com So, I am packing my bags up here at Blogger and sauntering my way over. I have already created my account and am playing with the formatting now, tring to learn my way around their services and management pages. Hopefully I'll have it up within the next few days. Cool new feature is categorizing. So I'll have to go back through all my posts and categorize them for you. Also gives me a chance to remove entries that used sound bites that are no longer working either. I also like the new tab feature: This will allow me to further categorize things such as favorite links and more. New Page: Nate's Place or natesplace.wordpress.com Stay tuned for more info....

Friday, March 03, 2006

Moving to Wordpress.com? 

I want to give a huge Shout Out to Cat who dropped a link on my lap to Wordpress.com as a possible new home for me. I've checked out a random sampling of blogs, and it appears pretty versatile in behind the scenes scripting. Be a nice way to start off fresh too....start from teh ground up and give me a chance to change my blog title. I'm leaning to: Nate's Place ....some of you may find it easier to type and less offensive for those that read blogs at work. Anyone offering submissions for a new Blog name for me? Keep it short and sweet. Being that it is Friday, and next week will be work hell week....maybe in two weeks?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Checking in 

No, Not gone yet. Just very, very extremely busy with work and still looking for a Blog providor that won't crash me on long posts. I just don't care for Diaryland, and MySpace is not my cup 'o tea....way too many tweens on there with absolutely nothing to say plus the amount of fakes on their are so obvious. I like the brunette on the left. Nice waist, killer bod which is just ripped. Hopefully not from meth though.... I like the little necklace too and unique makeup style. Like to go to the gym with her anytime. I can just imagine the type of workout we'd have. Scary thing is, is if I ever have a daughter, I have to watch out where she goes and what she wears to stave off guys like me. No, I haven't found the bug yet and I've stared at teh scripting for hours. Maybe I just scrap this and start over?

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