Friday, September 23, 2005

Out Until October 3rd 

Be good. If I get a chance, I'll try for a few audioblog's while I'm out, but I don't expect to be back until October 3rd. -Nate

The Theory of Three & Bella's all tied up. 

True Story. Warning: Suggestive Material. Well the three week itch has begun to set in for me. What is the three week itch you ask? Well, it's my own personal theory about the sexual deficit time frame for men. At least I have noticed this applies to me, and when I have shared it with my male friends, they sit and ponder for a few minutes, and generally a recognition of circumstances glazes over their eyes and they begin to understand. "Yeah, I've experienced that! I know what you mean!", they say. Since I'm the one who has developed the Theory of Three, I'm not sure whether to be proud, or be upset realizing this is a set of my own circumstances. So let me expalin the Theory of Three:

So to spell it out for you. I survived three days and have been pretty good up until maybe Wed. When I got home last night from working out (a lot of energy lately), I broke out an old picture CD of amateurs, and I fell in love with every other frame all over again. Then unexplicably, I woke up at 3:30 am, and could not fall back asleep until about 5am.

'Karen' popped into my head...a girlfriend of mine from a few years back. A nutty one who I later learned the whole time we were dating was on 'medication' to control her moods. While our relationship may have ended bad, and I have not have contact with her in over 4 years, I began to think about our incredible sex together. While she wasn't as creative or daring as Bella, Karen was up there in my top 5 for enjoyment. I began to think about us at her place, then my place, then her friends place, and soon I thought about all the times we had sex, and I can't really pick out one single bad time.

So I am looking forward to going out with Stef this weekend. I don't expect anything right now, but at least it gives me some encouragement to head back out there again and meet and converse with the opposite sex. Wish me luck.


I came across the above picture the other day, and it reminded me of two things: Bella and college. Both independant of each other, and also related. This young lady 'vaguely' reminds me of Bella, well maybe that's a bit of stretch, but it the attitude/look on her face and the background.

This clearly looks like a typical dorm room, except mine. I was a bit more anal and clean than that, but the whole 18-21 year old memories of sexual exploration elsewhere from your parents roof. There was something so exciting and naughty in our psyche's when you are far from home and have no fear of your mom stumbling in, and here you and your gal take the liberties of bridging adulthood by stripping for each other and allowing each other to snap pictures, play dress up, or corrupt each other in ways you never thought of before.

One particualr memory comes to mind with Bella. I shared a dorm room with another guy who was on the basketball team. Once while he was out of town with his team playing a game that would keep them overnight, Bella and I decided to take advantage of the situation and the whole room for that matter.

Bella coyly told me to pull both beds together, and that she'd join me soon. Our dorm beds were sota like early foutons. Sort of this couch contraption that would be a seat during the day, but once pulled and extended out turned into a twin bed.

These things were damn heavy and not easy to move, but I was determined anyway. After some initial grunting and pushing and rearranging of the room, I was able to pull these two twins togther to form a psuedo queen bed. Another buddy was able to score me some cheap champagne. Pretty much 'cold duck', and while I look back and laugh now, I thought I was so suave and romantic with by $4.99 bottle of champagne and candles sticking out of beer cans. I had a little boombox which I made a tape recording of some sexy songs. Amongst them was George Michael, Roxy Music, Thompson Twins....LOL.

Bella showed up around nine o'clock and brought with her a little bag. We didn't waste to much time as small talk led into me pouring some glasses of bubbly and lighting candles. We slow danced in my room to George Michael as I sang the lyrics into her ear. Bella told me that even though my voice sucked (and it still does), that no-one had ever sung to her before and she was so turned on. Dancing led to a back massage which led to kisses and the eventual peeling off of clothes.

Once down to our underwear, which I think I said once before, Bella was more or less the first woman I had ever been with that introduced thong underwear to me. To my eyes, that was the sexiest thing I ever witnessed in my life: nice latin skin, the flickering of candelight shadows dancing across her thighs and bottom with a T-back piece of satin fabric mocking me.

Things progressed and as I stood and she sat on the bed, gave me a delicious blow job, one where I had to randomly think about pop quizzes and homework assignments as not to blow my load.

When I decided it was her turn, she surprised me yet again and reached for her bag. She pulled out a roll of brown twine. Yes, scratchy twine. Not nylon, or string or yarn. Look, we had to do with what was available, and packaging twine was what she found.

With a quizical look on my face, she then explained to me that I was to tie her up. Both wrists were to be secured to either side of the 'bed frame', as was both her legs. Good God! Where am I gonna find scissors? How long do I cut them? How tight is tight? Do I make a knot, or just wrap? I don't recall all the particulars, but after some comedy spots, I managed. And there before me tied down wearing only her lacy bra and panties was my latin princess, secured, cooing at me to take her.

Oh, I was gonna take her alright, but not before my mouth explored every inch of her body. Her ears, her mouth, her neck, her belly, her breasts, and finally her sex had traces of my saliva all about her before I took my own briefs off and gave her a pounding. My pounding was only encouraged and as forceful as it was from the intense moaning and bucking underneath me, and the occasional erotic swearing.

That memory was the first memory of when I was introduced to restraints, and I'd like to think Bella taught me yet another secret weapon to use in my own personal arsenal for future endeavors.

It was only at the end of the school year, when we had to clean out our dorm rooms did my room mate clean under his bed. I was there too cleaning out my own side of the room, when he said to no one in particular: "What the hell is this?". I looked at him and he was holding a piece of twine that was knotted to his bed frame. He looked at me, and my expression must have spoke volumes, as it took about 10 seconds to figure out what it was, and what it was used for.

"Damn! You dog!"

Well, actually yes, but it was all Bella's idea, and I can't help but think off all the adventures we had in our rooms that year.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blast from the past 

So in a rare and stunning move, yours truly decided to step out last evening and hit a local watering hole. I really had no goal in mind other than getting out of the house mid week and seeing what life may have to offer when I would otherwise be at home. I really didn't dress up either, as I wasn't expecting to be out all night. Just a nice pair of jeans, a button down shirt, cleanly shaven, and non-work shoes. As I'm sitting at the bar having a beer, I look across the room....and....dang, she looks familiar. No that can't be her. She turns and sees me, and I see the same questionable recognition on her face as well. I'll be damned...it is her. I get up and walk over and greeted by a nice hug. "Nate!" "Stef! What are you doing here? How long has it been?" "Well, I live in the area now, and it'e been close to ten years." Stef is a long ago co-worker I used to have a crush on some years back. She a few years older than me, and I was still living at home when we first met and she was recently married. The whole time we worked together, I always felt as if their was some unsaid sexual tension between us, but I woudl never cross that line with a married woman. That's a rule of mine that has never been broken and hopefully never will be. She is, by sight, the perfect 'girl next door'. Brunette with a totally cute face sprinkled with a few freckles across the nose and cheek bones. She doesn't need any makeup for her natural beauty always shines through. No, she's not a model, not even close to the type of beauty you'd see in Playboy or a glamour magazine. More like a midwestern, tom-boy, let's fool around at the fishing hole and bob for apples type country girl beauty. I'd guess she's about 5'5", and still looks great for her age. I once confided to her years ago, that I had a dream aboout her in a bubble bath. We never had actual sex in my dream, but it was clear we had evolved beyond flirtatious looks. I may have crossed the line when I told her that many years ago, because she was indeed married, but I knew she wasn't 100% happy in her marriage and the opportunity was just there. I'm not sure what I expected in return, but what I did get was a very brief sly grin that she quickly recovered from and tried to then hide from me. But I always had a feeling if she wasn't married, her and I would have hooked up. When we showed up at work functions, she always seemed to pay attention to me and what I was doing in a curious way. But nothing ever happened. I'm not sure if it was planned or not, but she got pregnant with her husband. Part of me always wondered if it was attempt to solidify their marriage, but that's for Stef to know and none of my business quite frankly. Eventually I quit that company and went on to bigger and better things, and as of last night, I found out she's still there. And divorced. She's been divorced for a few years now, and her son lives with her most of the time unless he's visting his dad. God, she still looks good. Ten years may have added a line here or there, maybe a few grey hairs, but damn, she still looks good. We sat and caught up on our lives between drinks. Her laugh, her smile, her humor brought me back to 1994 all over again. We spoke about our dating lives, and I explained to her recent events, and she explained she was single too, just breaking up with some psychotic guy that she was seeing off and on for a few months, but knew it would never end good. We exchanged phone numbers, and she hinted that she is going to party this weekend with some of our old co-workers from 11 years ago and that maybe I could go. It would be a blast to see faces I haven't seen for ever. For all I know, it just be a friendly gesture on her part. A lot has happened in all these years. A few drinks and an hour of small talk does not bridge a 10-11 year gap. Needless to say, I look forward to hearing from Stef again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today, in the WTF? category: 

Girls Gone Wild for 'Katrina' Story NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The video makers known for filming women flashing their breasts are exposing a softer side in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. "Girls Gone Wild" plans to donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Mardi Gras-themed DVDs and videos to the Red Cross to help Katrina victims, the company said. "Year after year the city of New Orleans and its citizens have welcomed us with open arms, and we have looked forward to our yearly trip to the Big Easy. The utter destruction of New Orleans and many parts of the Gulf coast truly saddens us," said Joe Francis, founder and CEO of Girls Gone Wild, in a statement. The Mardi Gras-themed DVDs and videos include such titles as "Mardi Gras 3-Pack," "Mardi Gras 2K4," and "Girls Gone Wild Doggystyle" with rapper Snoop Dogg. "Doggystyle has been one of our most profitable videos in the history of the company," said Bill Horn of Mantra Films, the southern California company behind "Girls Gone Wild." Horn estimates that the company's donation "will be in the tens of thousands." Nates Take: ROTFLMAO. Only in America. ::shakes head::

Swingset at work 

No real reson for the picture today, other than the fact she is good looking and the backdrop is a High School fantasy of mine that someone was lucky enough to take the picture to whet my appetite. The fantasy being that If I were around 17 or 18 years old again, my fantasy girl would have been on the cheer leading squad, and when we weren't studying, she'd want to escape her repressive father and we'd go to the lake to watch the sunset and hear the crickets chirp. Of course, add in a few beers and some fruity wine-coolers for her and she'd ask me to take some photos of her. As I snap away on what was supposed to be some innocent shots, she gets more daring and starts shucking some clothes...teasing me, tempting me, dancing for me. It starts to get cold so she tells me to put the camera down so she can warm up next to me. Like I said, it's quiet to all of mankind, just the sound of nature, and a cool, crisp breeze tries to find its way between our bodies. I can feel goosebumps on her skin, her hair tickles my neck, her breath in my ear. We lean up against the hood of my car and begin to share deep, passionate kisses and playful small talk. Her hand brushes up against my straining pants, my hand gropes a naked ass cheek. Her perfume is intoxicating. Ahhh to be 18 again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gym: Benched 245 lbs on Monday. Feeling good. Only a few reps though. I'd like to see if I can get 275 in a 2 months from now, shoulder willing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BB6: Okay, as you know I despised both Ivette and Maggie as the two finalists. I loved the panel and their discussions on who played a better game and who deserved the money. They ended up voting for Maggie, whose answers to questions were so politically correct and rehearsed in her head... Did you guys see Ivette's face afterwards? She was visibly upset and shocked that she did not win. Ha Ha. Couple of observations from the finale:


So some interesting gossip at work. Part of me wishes it were true for it will provide me with many fantasies, but part of me hopes it's false, 'cause I figure I will never be a part of any of those fantasies either.

On of my male counterparts here revealed he came across a picture of one of our female co-workers on the Internet. A SWINGER AD! First an foremost she is fricken hot. She got a tight body for a woman in her mid 40's...tan, small, Jennifer Aniston look alike though her chest is a bit small. Doesn't matter, she got a nice flat tummy, beautiful legs, nice disposition, and she also has one hot 17 year old daughter as well.

Anyway, I guess my buddy came across the picture some months ago and in casual conversation brought it to her attention that he 'discovered' her online. He said her reaction was of shock, embarrassment and horror and quickly denied that she would ever be on a site like that. She said her ex-husband must have put that up there as a way of smiting her.

Hmmmm.....sure, that's 'possible', but I have this feeling it is an add with her and her current beau and they just got caught. Too bad I didn't get to see the picture, but I hear it was tame anyway. Just a normal picture. That's why I can't bare to put myself back on there. I never know who's lurking and who might find me.

Needless to say, everyday when I see 'M' now, I can't have a normal conversation with her without wondering if she just a had an evening being tossed about by another couple, whether it be another man or a woman.


If you can't tell, yes, I'm 110% full of testosterone right now looking for release.

Monday, September 19, 2005

'Jetson'ing over to Bedrock 

So I came across an interesting question over the weekend. I guess this generally would apply to the men only, but women, if you float that way, please feel free to respond as well.

Question: Which late 70's cartoon teenage girl would you shag if given the chance? Judy Jetson or Pebbles Flinstone?

I actually gave it some thought and couldn't help but not also include Josie (A Pussycat), Betty & Veronica (Archie's), Jayna (Superfriends), and Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo).

Here are my thoughts on all of them:

Josie: Who wouldn't like to be with a psuedo garage band singer/guitar player who is in an all girl band? And more importantly, she dresses up in a cute skin-tight kitty suit with small ears and a tail to boot. Oh yeah, that little suit could work wonders on me, and I'm actually surprised the three didn't get around more....either with the football team...or each other. That would actually make a good x-rated movie that I'd probably buy.

Betty & Veronica: Ahhh....two teenage vixens, one blonde the other brunette. Ying & Yang. One sweet innocent gal, and one kniving temptress. That's a tough one, as I'm turned on by Veronica's 'bad-girl' attitude, but I so want to corrupt Betty behind the bleachers as well. Wasn't Betty a cheerleader as well? I'd like to see her in a pleated short skirt and pom-poms... I see myself sharing a malt with her and some heavy petting at the drive in, but I think Veronica would go all the way and is a woman possesed behind bedroom doors. Wonder how they faired in college. If I were really lucky, I'd get them both drunk at the same time, and perhaps they'd like to experiment in a little menage a tois?

Daphne: She has a slightly more mature outlook on life and composure. I've always liked her white pantyhose and blue blazer. She has a nice full head of auburn hair, featherd back...and of course, her little tight scarf screams 70's porn. I'm mentally attracted to her as she could get all scientific and smart on my ass. I imagine solving a case with her at a library, and then her suggesting we take a little break in the back of the Mystery Machine, if ya know what I mean. It be me, her and her scarf, and a Scooby Snack.

Jayna: Well, I'd probably pass on her seeing that she lives with a blue monkey named Gleek and probably has an insestous affair with her brother Zan. I was never attracted to her purple jumpsuit, and her heavy mascara just always looked wrong to me. Despite the fact she has super powers and is a shape changer which could lead to some fun, I just don't see much happening in the long run.

Pebbles: Okay, she a little tomboyish thing going on which kinda turns me on, and while her attire is of the stone-age era, it has some great 60's Go-Go influence as well. Top it off with her long locks and a bone in her hair, she appears she would be a fun summertime party girl. The kind I want to take drinking with me....I assume she likes to pound beer on top of rum and vodka. She gotten Girls Gone Wild written all over her. I know she puts out as well, 'cause she threw down with Bam-Bam and ended up having two kids of her own. I think Bam-Bam, knowing his strength has probably tossed her about the bedroom as well. She likes her hair pulled. Thing though is that being part cave-woman...not sure how clean and feminine fresh she is. And she always runs around barefoot....I hate dirty feet..Might be my roadblock there, but me thinks she's a mynx.

Judy: Okay, though she sorta has that Mrs. Cleaver quality about her, I think it's a show for her parents. When Jorge and Jane aren't around, I bet she gets buck wild...pouring back futuristic libations. The quiet ones sometimes are the most dangerous ones. As far as STD's go, I fell pretty safe with her. She probably doesn't get around alot anyway as she seems more a committed woman to me than many of the others. Plus I think the future would have better measures for combatting hygiene issues. She likes fast flying cars, and robot toys. I may be lucky as she may allow me to be her first. I picture her really concerned about her look, so she's clean shaven down there and likes a myriad of classy lingerie. she maintains her figure for sure...look at that waistline!! Pull that white hair up in a pony tail and give her a glass of red wine and we're good to go.

So between Pebbles and Judy, while I think Pebbles would be a nice summer fling, in the long run I'll take Judy. But I just can't shake the vision of my pussycat Josie.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Disturbing Images 

Okay, what nutball took this picture? I am imagining someone with a little too much money, too much time, too few hobbies, patience, and twsited. Must be one of Murphy's friends. No, while funny, it is wrong. Not just the social implications of cross breeding two species, but the fact that the cat actually appears to have an expression of "I've been used and abused my whole life and am getting nowhere and need to raise my kittens and just got off the nip and I'm settling with this schmuck" and the dog is thinking: "Is there a clean toilet bowl around here I can drink from?" But more sad is the person who dressed them up and posed them. I am having diffrent images of the person involved: An older single lady who despretly needs a little 'lovin' herself, or some single skinny awkward dude between Star Trek connventions who a secret animal fetish who cannot afford his own 'Plushy'. Okay, it's a day of disturbing images: Yesterday, while at lunch I saw a beautiful hispanic girl from behind. Nice and tall, low-rider jeans, a pink top, hair pulled back,...must have been in her early 20's. Then she turned around, and she had a semblance of a chin beard. Yes, a beard! I cannot make this up. She must have had a few dozen black scraggly hairs upwards of an inch long growing from her chin. WTF? I'm sorry that's the case that you may have some unwanted hair growth, but I figure if you go ahead as have a razor to shave your legs and your pits.....what is stopping you from your face? I mean, you have to know this is gonna spark some sort of visceral reaction from people, and it's not like it can't be managed. You clearly aren't a chia-pet, and you have a rocking body...so what gives? Since you did have eye-shadow on, I know you have a mirror. Did you just forget the last 3 weeks to pluck them? Anyway, I can't shake that image, so I thought I'd share it with you all to commiserate with me. Oh, and CurryMan is back today. Let the micro-managing games begin!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Writing Rut 

I can honestly say nothing, absolutely nothing of importance has really transpired with me over the past few days. CurryMan is out of the office once again for the first half of the week, and everyone is actually being productive and getting work donw without the constant meddling and non-sensical interferring. Otherwise work has been busy the last two mornings, and I have a pretty full docket today too, just stopping by to drop a note. BB6: Yay, not only did Janelle HoH again (Booya bitches!), she won America's choice again, much to the chagrin and blatant jealousy of Maggie, April and Ivette. Man I detest Ivette and Maggie, and am floored on how they said America must be blind if they missed out how 'special' they were, how 'thoughtful' and 'genuine' they are that they didn't get picked. Uh, HELLO, that's your problem....you act like spoiled brats whose shit don't stink. You all need a slice of Humble Pie. Bitches. Rescue Me: Season finale was last night and rocked. Best damn show. Great cliffhangers. But that mean Nip/Tuck is back next week, and there are some fine honey's on that show! Woot! Biggest Loser: 2nd season debuted on NBC last night. I enjoy that show too, especially Jillian the trainer. I'd let her kick my ass any day. I found out something very disturbing the other day too: My father, who is in his late 50's is using his computer to get his jollies as well. He asked me to come by and take a look at his computer as it has been giving him a few issues as of late. I swear, the man and electronics is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Anyway, as I was cleaning it up I happened to come across his Internet history, and I'll be damned if it isn't worse than mine! Not only was I embarrassed for him, I also felt ashamed and betrayed. He and my mother brought me up in a somewhat religious upbringing where I have said time and time again, the topic of sex has always been taboo in my house. I think a lot of that has to do with my mom though. She was a strict Catholic girl, and I think my dad followed suit. Well, needless to say, I couldn't believe the names of some of the sites he was visting. Good think my mother has not an idea on how to turn the computer on, let alone work the Internet. Not that my father was into hardcore perversion or fetishes, it was pretty much standard fare, but man, his history shows he's been looking at it a lot lately.....more so than me. I can't even talk to him about it, nor is it my place to. Just changes the way I think about him slightly. I mean he is human, and all humans have 'thought's,...I just never realized my father who is 57 is such a horn-dog. I just closed the internet and moved on. Ewwww... Thing is, he's no different from me. I mean I look at it, but my father? Yes, throw your jokes out at me know. Disturbing none the less.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Not 'Over There' Enough 

Musings, Politics Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. 4 years already. Damn. In lieu of time now passed, I look back and not really sure how I feel. I mean, I am angry and depressed, and patriotic and untrusting, etc. I'm sorry but in regards to our government, I'm unsure how to feel either. I am very disapointed in how Katrina is being handled, and can't help but think we have shown the world, especially our enemies, how disorganized, chaotic, and un-prepared we still are. I continously want to give our governement the benefit of the doubt, because I do still think this is the best place to live, but this constant fumbling of the ball doesn't bode well for my feelings of security. So I enjoy the show 'Over There', and think they present both sides fairly well, and put a human face on the complex social issues on divided Americans and those in Iraq. While I have always supported our troops, I admit I question our overall role in Iraq today. While I realize pulling out right now would be catastrophic, I also feel that the end result is nothing we were hoping for. My work had a tribute to 9/11 today. Everyone, if they chose so, could all meet in the parking lot for 10 minutes and listen to one of the VP's give a 'pep' speech, and two others would sing a song and play the guitar. I hope I don't sound cynical, because I will 'Never Forget', but I chose not to jump on the band-wagon. It seemed a little too dramatic for my tastes, and a bit too campy for me to feel comfortable. Believe me, I do remember,..... and I think about the event of that day in my own way,..... a lot of the time actually. Last night I watched a very thought provoking and thoughfully made biographical documentary entitled 'Flight 93'. It interviewed the families and pieced togther events of that day where the last plane crashed into PA instead of the capital building. It was very haunting hearing actual taped cell phone conversations from those aboard. From the initial hijacking, then learning about the attacks in New York, to last phone calls to loved ones, to the courage the men and women had on board to take the terrorists out before they coudl fulfill their nefarious plans. The actors looked like their real life counterparts, and they staged an interpretation of the events of that flight interspersed with interviews. Heart breaking. I'll admit I cried. I cried for the families, for the parents who lost their children, to the husbands and wives that lost their spouses, to the children who would never see their fathers again. Tears of anger and sadness and hatred for that ideology. I want to take all our men and women out of Iraq and this may be a kneww jerk reaction, but I want to double and triple our efforts in Afghanistan or Pakistan and not rest until Bin Laden is found. Not just Bin Laden, but everyone of those bastards in Al Queda. No trial. No world court. Instant death sentances. I just don't know. I don't know how to react anymore. I've been taught to move on and forgive. Even Christ says to 'Love your enemies', but I'm having a hard time in that aspect. But I would personally like to see our efforts shift back to the hunt.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Welcome Wendy 

To Wendy of Swerds, who has left me a few comments recently and has a nice 'sophisticated' page over at MSN. Drop her a line and tell her Nate sent ya. Thanks Wendy for the comments, look forward to chatting again. Big Brother 6: I love Janelle. Oh, what I wouldn't do for one single wet and depp passionate kiss with this babe. Not only is she hot, but I so want her to win after all of Ivette's and Maggie's placations. I love the fact she is HoH and is now gonna put up one of the existing Nerd Herd and make it to the final three. So James made it to the sequestered jury house and is giving Jennifer a hard time. Man is Jennifer just an evil, sore loser. I'm glad James flipped her off. I almost want to watch the jury house now instead of the regular house. Especially if Howie is joining them. Howie has the best sense of humor ever. And was I ever surprised with Ivette's girlfriend. Hey, at least one of them is smart. Ivette's girlfriend was interviewed and she said she didn't understand Ivette's fascination with Cappy, and also said Ivette needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Amen! Survivor: Starts on September 20th and they are bringing back to former players. I wonder who? Damn reality TV, you will be the death of me!! Reunion: Debuted on FOX last night after the O.C. It was pretty good. I like the concept that every show advances the overall plot by one year, so as when this season is over, 20 years will have passed. The show began last night in 1986, and I loved it. They showcased at least 5-6 classic songs, and nailed the look right down to the Swatch Watches. Oh and 'Wham' will be the next Beatles claims one of the stars. I think tonight is the season finale of Battlestar Gallactica. I love this new show. So I am going out after work with some of my co-workers. Gonna have a few beers and wings. I haven't had a drink since this past weekend, hitting the gym, and eating pretty good this past week. I know I'm losing weight again. One plus to be single again.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina, my 2 cents 

Musings, Opinion, Major Rant (beware) Whew, I must have started this post a half dozen times already, and not one opening line has really captured the essence or direction on where I stand on teh New Orleans subject. I've read a few other blogs out there, and was really quite surprised....No let me take that back, I really wasn't surprised by the lack of anything coherent or logical, as more of a slamming of President Bush. It was more of a visceral, knee jerk reaction.....that anything bad happenning to our country is somehow George Bush's fault, and that it works out in his favor in the long run for his own personal greed or agenda. Complete lunacy on the behalf of their cognitive thinking process and down right embarrassing that somehow they were allowed to graduate any school for that matter. While I do understand, and even I can say none of us truly understand unless we lived through it down there, the tragedy of Katrina has many more years to come before our country know the full devestation to the economy, the families, to politics, to religiion, etc. It will be weeks, if not months before we learn the full extent of everything that went down. And for bloggers to write willy nilly on the subject...shame on you. Seriously. To think Bush is salivating at the fact and somehow going to use this event for oil gains, is so ludicrous you should just move out now along with Barbara Striesand and Tim Robbins....oh wait they never did move out did they? I chose to stay away from the topic for a few days because I know that it takes a few days, if not a week or so before things comes to surface, and let me tell you, we should all be ashamed. That is both parties and everybody in-between. At this time I am embarrassed to call myself a Republican, let alone associate with the other party too. Everyone failed. The current adminsitration, the past administration, the local institutions and governement, the state governement, and all the pissant groups who can't get along. And dare I say the people of New Orleans themselves failed? I'm sure I'll get flamed, but let me expalin in bullet points, because they will at least help organize my random thoughts in a some semblance of order:

Sorry I went way off this morning. I get so fed up with being an American at times, because we should no better, we should act better, we should be better prepared, we should have faith in all levels of government to proctect and serve us. But they all failed. 4 years after 9/11, and we still can't get our acts togther. I watch the TV and see both sides blame each other for each other ineptness and can't help but think what others think of us, and at times like this I'm not sure I can blame them. I consider myself a patriot, and an American, but even I question our gene-pool as of late.

Nathan out.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Lord... This should inflame you. 

Police loot Wal Mart. Video Link.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Polluted (Part I) 

That's how I feel in general this morning. I don't have a hangover at all, but could definetly used more sleep this morning. I just feel like I may have hit the sauce a little heavier than usual, and it was more as an accident of circumstance than anything I had planned for myself. Overall I had a nice weekend. Didn't spend much money and seemed like I was always doing something, which of course is a satisfying feeling in and of itself. I was able to cut out of work early on Friday and was invited over to my buddy's house for a BBQ. He also invited some of his neighbors over as did his wife invite a few of her co-workers. He said I'd like what I'd see, and he was correct. My pals neighbors have to be some of the hottest trophy wives I ever seen. The thing was, and I hate to say this about the husbands....they were all very nice guys, but damn, they were just so average. My other friend even pointed that out to me later that night. I was out on the patio, and my other single friend walks up to me between slurs and says: 'Nate, what do those guys have that we don't?'....'Patience' I replied. Now let me tell you about Dawn. Dawn is 37 years old and a recently single gal of my buddies wife, is smoking hot and seems pretty fun. A girl after my own heart...she like to throw back the Jack. I had met her once before about a year ago when she was engaged and I was with April. Although I do remember her, I don't remember her like this: hot, fun, flirtatious, outgoing and extremely sexy. As the night wore on our casual conversation turned a little flirtatous and I found myself very interested in her. Dawn, for being 37 is very fit, and very tan, and looks pretty youthful. She revealed between shots that her ex-fiance and her broke up a few months back, but she was a little upset and determined to move on or be celibate. She explained to me very candidly that after they broke up, she was allowed for him to call up for a booty calls she referred to it as 'ex-sex', but it wasn't healthy emotionally and that's why it stopped about 4 weeks back. She also revealed that he was into spanking, and that nipple clamps hurt. As I took all this in, a few thoughts began to populate my head: a) it's got to be the Jack talking, b) she's flirting with me and testing the waters to guage my reaction, c) she's not over her ex, d) she's got a few issues and finally, e) she want's to get laid and I possibly have a chance. If I had to pick out one of the previous points as a frontrunner, I can't. She definetly was enjoying the liquor libations and this may have been the cause for some loose lips. I wasn't 100% sure where she was taking me on this game of hers....Yes, I say it's a game because of the subject matter she was flirting to me about. And she did talk about her ex quite a bit. However, I am positive that she would prove my psycho girl theory correct again. That is, that all women who have issues like this are devilish in bed. I could just tell, and salivate at the thought of Dawn and Nate mixing it up in the sheets. The best moment of the night for me was when she was going on some tangent about her ex-relationship and somehow the word 'tatoo' got inserted into the sentance. She continued right along speaking when I broke in: Nathan: Hold it. Hold on a sec. Tatoo's? You have a tatoo? Dawn: Uh, yes. Two of them actually. She pulled up the sleeve of her tight t-shirt and revealed some ink on her left shoulder blade. Nathan: Where's the other one? Dawn: You wanna see? At this point my other single friend and married buddy suddenly began paying more attention and gathered around where we sat. Dawn stood up, turned around and pulled her jeans down her butt. There, for all of us to see was her naked and tan bottom, with a beautiful butterfly the size of a softball painted on her left cheek. I think you could hear our collective jaws drop at the sight. It was extremely erotic, the way she bent her self over and tugged her pants down to show her bronzed rear. A vision of 100 porn movies danced through my head, and at that moment I began to really develop a fantsy world that only included me and Dawn. However, it seemed my other single friend was now taking a liking to her as well as he began his own little innocent banter with her as well. Nice try. I mean, my friend is a great guy and as long as I'v eknow him, he's only had two girlfriends. He's nice enough, but doesn't really have any social skills or sense of adventure about him. But he's my friend, so if he wasnt to step up to the plate, then I'm gonna let him, but clearly she wasn't going to have any of him. The booze flowed a little more and Dawn sat next to me at the kitchen table. Our interest level in each other seemingly increased and then my friends wife seemed to take notice as well. It was then I had the sense that either she was protecting me or Dawn, or both of us, 'cause she seemed to have made an innocent effort to torpedo this situation. Lanie: Nathan, by the way...tell April thanks for the party glasses next time you see her. What? Where'd that come from. I still hadn't really told anyone about my recent singleness which is solely my fault, but this wasn't the time for it either. For the next half hour or so, Lanie was able to drop April's name a few times. At least I picked up on it if no one else did. As the night wore on it was rapidly approaching midnight and most everybody had already left except 6 of us. I tried as hard as I could to rationally look at the whole situation in the big picture. Dawn was pretty well lit and made it clear she wasn't about to leave anytime soon as she wanted to play some party games. My single friend didn't look like he was gonna go home anytime soon either and be quite possibly bummed if I continued to press Dawn and offer to take her home. I myself was already feeling a bit tipsy and was happy I stopped drinking a bit earlier for it was at least a 20 minute drive back to my house late at night. I figured the wisest thing for me to do was to go home....alone. Dawn asked me to stay, but I figured if she was really that interested in hooking up that she'd either give me her number or follow me outside. Neither. She did however give me a very nice hug which some could read as a positive sighn. Perhaps she was waiting for me to make a move, but the way everyone was now acting and watching us, I thought it wouldn't be smart. So I drove home alone, where I was mad at myself for not trying anything. I had 20 minutes by myself where I had created multiple sexual scenarios in my head that all included Dawn waking up to me the next morning so I did what any normal male would do: I took care of myself. The next day I called my buddy thanking him for having me over, but the subject of Dawn never came up, so I figured she probably didn't say anything either. Maybe she realized after she sobered up that she was still in love with her ex and I was just a minor distraction. Or maybe she thought if I didn't make a move I wasn't interested so she wasn't going to pursue me either. Or maybe Lanie's mention of

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day off 

With labor day right around the corner and an upcomming three day weekend, I wanted to treat myself to one more day off. So I feigned sickness and called in claiming a case of Montezuma's Revenge, and for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel guilty about it. I used the time as 'Me' time, and made a dent in some projects around the house. So why did I take advanatge of 'Me' time? Well, earlier this week, CurryMan said we will have a mandatory work day coming up on a Saturday which will more or less be an all day affair, so we had to take one for the team. 'Taking One' means we are expected to work all day with no extra pay, no comp time, and pizza for lunch. Let me get this straight.....You don't respect me, you place obstacles in front of me almost on a daily basis, and now you want me (and my peers) to throw away a Saturday and work 10+ hours for semi-warm Dominoes pizza? Because you couldn't plan the project any better? Uh, okay. If I don't get at least comp time, then I'm using a sick day to do what I would normally do on a Saturday. So I made myself a nice pot of coffee when I woke up and listened to digital radio most of the day. I had arranged for some contractors to come over to my house and signed one to re-light my kitchen. That is remove those flourescent tubes, and install recessed can's and 'real' bulbs. I'm pretty excited. I will be able to see in my kitchen finally when all done. I also took advantage of the time to finally paint my office. I masked all the walls, scrubbed them down with TSP, took off all the switch plates, patched and re-textured all the nail holes, and painted 3 walls. The 4th wall will be an accent color to give the room a little contrast. I got all new switchplates that will match and even looked at new blinds that will finally replace the crappy one the former owner had installed. The rest of the day I watched TV show I recorded, spoke to a few friends, watched a Blue movie, read, and played video games. Yes, I find video games, at least to me are good for decompressing. I did all this with not one ounce of alcohol yesterday. I went to bed at a decent hour, and find myself pleasantly refreshed. This is the best I have felt in almost two weeks, at least mentally. However, it's still early and CurryMan can always surprise me.

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