Friday, July 29, 2005

Tee Hee....Eric is OUT 

I'm such a 'mark' for Big Brother. Boy have my opinions changed and solidified over the last week or so. I'm so glad Eric is out. I was really tired of his 'superiority' complex and his hypocrisy. I don't understand how he could continually say "It's only a game", then crucify Kaysar for going back on his word, when Eric went back on his word with Michael. Eric only wanted to hear what 'Eric' wanted to hear. Next on my out list is Ivette. God, I'm already sick of her drama as well. And the constant reminder she is gay. Big f-in' deal....God she makes it sound as if she was the only gay person ever to be in the house in the last 5 seasons. Even Beau has more class than her. April also is starting not to sit well with me. Her blatant lies about knowing Jennifer that EVERYONE saw right through, and her 'motherly' advice is a bit much at times. Oh, and the worst thing that could happen did....Maggie (who I suspect is 150% in love with Eric and so mad he's married) became HoH. I predict she will either put up A) Kaysar and Janelle or B) James and Sarah up for eviction to get even. Damn. Double damn. I don't care for Maggie either if you can't tell. My fav's: Kaysar, Janelle, Rachel, Howie.....and I'm starting to lean towards James and Sarah. I feel bad that Beau got stuck with such a high stakes partner in Ivette, same for Jennifer regarding April.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Musings Like I said a few days ago, I usually don't mind flying, that is barring all the crazy things going on with terrorist's these days. However, this past week the experience was a bit much, even for me. Flying to my destination wasn't so bad. My company actually sprung for me to fly 1st class, which was a pleasant surprise. There were a few odd things that take place up there, like why the hell do they pass out hot wash cloths with tongs. Personally, I think that is a 'pompous' waste in which I would rather opt to have a small bottle of hooch delivered to me. Anyway, I sat in the last row of first class, and by the time the steward got to me for breakfast I was left with only pancakes to eat. Those who actually had a choice took all the eggs and sausage and I was left with the rejected silver dollar sized cardboard. That was probably the worst thing that happened to me on the way to my business destination. It was the return trip that sucked. I had to get up way too early than humanly feasible in searing weather. At 4:45 in the morning it was already 80 degrees outside and felt like a sauna. I had to drive a little more than an hour to the airport, and after I checked in did I learn I was now flying coach, and worse yet a middle seat. Bad enough my first leg would be 4 and a half hours, but it was made worse when a 300lb+ woman sat next to me and her girth spilled over into my seat. Bad enough when her polyester warm leg was pressed up against mine the whole time, but the fact that I had no arm rest at all on my right side, and that she would not sit still at all made my 1st leg pretty bad. Sardines have more room. Then to top it off there was no meal service! Can you believe that? 4 and a half hours, and I get 1 small bag of pretzles on this sold out flight. Bah!!! Then the gilr who sat on my left drank to much water and had to use the restroom like 5 times during the fligght, so me and my large friend had to keep filing out into the aisle every half hour. Double Bah!. My layover was delayed slightly which would have allowed me to get a snack. I opted for the only choice in the terminal: a Del Taco expresshot dog vendor hybrid. I thought I'd have a Hot Dog but learned they had sold out, so I was forced to have have Del Taco. The line was way too long, but I had no other options. The resident work-forlough program which allowed the two slowest inmates to run the counter was atrocious, but it was'nt as bad as the woman in line behind me: "My Gawd!" she would prattle on, "What's the hold up? This is Taco Bell for Christ sake. How hard can this be? It's just cheese, meat and a shell. My Gawd! I thought these thing were pre-assembled and you just nuked them for crying out loud. Blah Blah.Blah." As if her annoying Pall Mall voice was going to usher in a new era of efficiency. I was too tired to respond, but I wasn't to turn around and say: "Look, I've been up the last 8 hours sitting next to a 300lbs woman who sat in my lap and haven't had a bite yet. Shut the fuck up as your whining is doing absouletly nothing to speed up Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee up there, except make my current headache more prominent. Go sit down and take another hit of your meth." My second flight wasn't much better. It was so turbulent that they wouldn't even bring out the beverage cart, and when I finally did land the baggage claim carousel was jammed, so it took even longer than normal to get my luggage. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep. April picked me up and dropped me off at home as she had to go back to work. I was too tired for anything else. I still have a headache now, probably because my body clock is off. But at least I'm home and I get to look forward to laundry and chores tonight. Whoo Hoo!

Hail to the Heffer 

I couldn't pass this story up.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Friday Night Lights 

So it was a long day again. Twelve hours to be exact, and the time zone shift didn’t help matters. What started as a cluster ‘you-know-what ‘ actually finished off on a positive note Friday, besides being a little loopy from drowsiness and not enough caffeine. When the team called it a day at roughly 7pm, we had about 80% of the work completed. Saturday I'll put in a few more hours and we’ll hopefully finish the project pretty much on Monday, barring no disasters. So all in all, a lot of progress was made today. It hindsight it was good I was stuck in an office all day, ‘cause when I finally left the building shortly after 7pm, it was muggy as all hell and around 87 degrees. On my way back to the hotel I made the decision to stop for a bite before I went back to my room, lest I be too tired to make it out and find my way around a strange city in the dark with little sleep. I was going to go back to the Irish pub I ate at the night before, but decided why not take a chance and walk down the block some and see what else I could find. I’m so glad I did. I stumbled across the White Rose Bar & Grill. There it stood on the corner, a pretty bustling little joint and I was happy to find a nice outside bar attached to the restaurant. It was nice on multiple levels:

1. The food was excellent. I pulled up a table for one outside and I’m sure I screamed tourist. The sun was finally setting and here I was sitting at an outside table watching the sky change colors and hues all the while with a light sheen of sweat as the humidity and heat was zapping the last out of me. I started with a white Belgian ale garnished with a slice of orange and it tasted so good after such a taxing day. For an appetizer I had a huge soft pretzel log that was split open and smothered with fresh crab dip and topped with cheddar cheese that was then broiled to perfection. Yum Yum. Then my baby mixed green leaf salad with a parmesan-peppercorn dressing came next. Just as good. My main course consisted of blackened chicken alfredo with garlic bread and another Belgian ale. I was both satiated and relaxed at this point.

2. A live acoustic guitar player had set up when I arrived so I had my meal listening to his interpretation of acoustic jazz with a fusion of New Age and Classic Rock. I can’t really say I knew the genre, but it was hypnotic none the less. Probably didn’t hurt that I was succumbed to jet lag as well.

3. Finally the women. Good Lord. The majority of them were just down right gorgeous. I could really admire the beauty in these women as: A) most of them had perfect tans. It has been so bloody hot and humid the last few days, I can’t imagine anyone really wanting to sunbathe in this type of climate, but these femme fatales were golden, head to toe, even. B) Most of the makeup they wore was also applied to perfection. None too heavy. Just enough to bring out their natural features. C) And speaking of natural features, I didn’t spy one that looked like she had been augmented in anyway, shape, or form. No plastic noses here, nor chests that didn’t move. 100% natural, through and through. And the vast majority (not all) were in pretty good shape. Amazing. It must be the water.

Finally, with a few obvious hints from my waitress (who by the way was a twin of another waitress at the same restaurant) that she needed the table, I paid my bill and went back to the hotel. Caught up on a few emails and took a nice hot shower. The saddest thing about this trip was that I am in this beautiful historic hotel, and I have no one to share it with right now. It is very romantic, and guarantee the room ambiance would contribute to some fantastic sexual experience. Not some cheesy Motel 6, but something that you would file in the back of your head as a sacred memory. Ahh....if I only had a companion on this trip.

Friday, July 22, 2005

On the Road 

Well....Things could be better. I was on a plane just about all day yesterday, and then after I landed, had to get a rental car and drive in the rain for over an hour looking for my hotel. With the multiple time zone changes, you can imagine how tired I am. I got to the jobsite and shit hit the fan. An outside contractor just decided to cut critical services this morning at instead of after hours, so the job site I am at is effectively dead in the water. Yours truly is on my cell phone cuurently on hold with the various companies and contacts trying to mire through this, and all I've had was hotel room coffee. Blah. Tivo'd Big Brother 6 so I'll be behind for a few days unil I get back next week. It's gonna be a long day. Serenity now! P.S. Chas, you're right about Rachel.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shoot out at the Curry Coral 

I like dimples Posted by Picasa Before I get into the meat of my post, I just wanted to share a few dimples. I find the lower back of women sexy, especially the little indentations near the kidneys on a well toned body. Pair that with my love of denim jean, and the illusion this model is going commando, and I'm sprung! Okay, where was I? First, work has been extremely busy as of late, therefor my lack of posts, and I wanted to get out a post today not only to communicate with all you, but to also vent, and to also let you all know I will be gone a week starting tomorrow. No, I wish it were for pleasure but alas it's work related and I spend all day tomorrow on a plane. And when I say all day, I mean about 6.5 hours flying, 1.5 hours driving, and a 2 hour layover in Chicago. Just so I can repeat it all again next week. I have somewhat mixed feelings these days about flying. On one hand it is the only way to travel, but after shows like Final Destination, Lost, and terrorists, I'm not the keenest to fly anymore. To say I'm a tiny bit nervous would be the truth. But I have plenty of books and magazines and manuals to read while in the air. Bad thing is, I really don't know anybody or my way around the area in which I am going, so I'll be solo. That can be somewhat nerveracking as well. So CurryMan and I had a blow out on Friday. I think he was already having a bad day anyway. I heard him earlier arguing with another manager from another department earlier in the day, and maybe I just caught the heat later on. Bad move. Needless to say I am generally a very passive person, and I can't even tell you the last time I got in a fight, but he pushed my buttons so well Friday that bum shoulder and all, it took every ounce of strength not to jump across his desk and clock him. No joke. I am smarter than that and realize it woudl have cost me my career, and I would like to think I am above pettiness such as male machisimo, but for that one instant in time, it was truly questionable. It ended by me storming at of the office after some choice words on both are parts and at elevated levels. What really prompted me to go off is that the man is just plain rude. It wasn't so much the content of our discussion, but the fact he kept interuppting me, or cutting me off before I could get an answer in, and he had already made up his mind what he wanted to hear. It was his way or no way, no room for another point of view, or God-forbid, more than one solution. So I stewed when I got home. April had her own business function that night so she wasn't coming over and I couldn't get a hold of any of my pals. So I did what any pathetic, mad loser would do: Sit on the couch with a bottle of Jack Daniels and think of 1000 ways of that persons demise. Unfortunately I had myself so worked up about it, I was up with a knot in my chest until after 3am, and then wokr back up on Saturday around 6:45 feeling like crap. I was so tired, the bags under my eyes looked like Samsonite luggage. Monday rolls around and I decide, 'Screw This", so I made a bee-line for Human Resources, who is apt to never do anything, but at least I got to vent. And hopefully documented. I also approached CurryMan's boss and I have a tentative meeting with him to discuss our continous personality conflict. The nice thing there is that I have learned through the grapevine that thsi person really likes me, and has recently fielded other issues regarding CurryMan. I don't think he will be 'let go' as many people would like.....my company seems to be really wierd like that. They don't want to fire anybody and think everything can be solved internally. However, you can't magically alter personality types, and if somebody is known to be an ass with whomever he or she makes contact with, I can't see how you can change that at all. They are an ass because they were raised as an ass and don't know any better. So we will see the fallout in time. Now my shoulder: I am happy to report that my shoulder seems to be feeling okay, and I actually did 10lb lateral raises yesterday, multiple sets, and this morning I feel fine. I'll take that as a good sign and continue to take it easy and maybe increase it to 12lbs in a week. Now Big Brother:

Well, unless anything dramtic happens I won't post again until next week. Hmmm, maybe I'll post some audioblogs? Heck, when I'm on the road, I can leave a few voice blogs for ya.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Big Brother 6, and Mmmmmmm 

Mmmmmm Posted by Picasa It's been a while since I posted any pictures, and while this seems relatively tame.....take your time and think for a minute. Let your imagination run wild. What is our young friend enjoying so much? To me, this picture is very suggestive and leaves my mind wanting, begging and craving more details. I paint a picture in my head on what she is exactly tasting and enjoying so much. Her eyes and the tilted back position of the head exude ecstacy. Her hand seems relaxed as she savors every last flavor. Sure it may be innocent like frosting, but perhaps it's something else? Maybe she tastes her boyfriend as he snaps this shot? Perhaps this is a self picture capturing the moment when she finally tastes herself after playing so long? I'll let you decide what she is experiencing. This is just too hot for me. Yowza! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Big Brother 6: So they revealed the secret of the teams. Pretty clever twist, but these players seem to have already figured out many of the pairing by episode 3, which seems kinda anti-climatic. Julie Chen is soo funny when she makes these statements that are meant to come across as earth-shattering, and they sorta fizzle out pretty quickly. I can't say too much has really happened in episode 3, other than the obligatory eviction ceremony and HOH comeptition. At least Julie said next week they will catch us up on some of the BB5 contestants. Can't wait to see if Holly & Jase (Meathead #1) are still together. And how is Scott (Meathead #2)? So the pairs:

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Brat Camp and 976 numbers UPDATED 

Musings & True Story So Chastity beat me to the punch: I was channel surfing last night when I came across one of my new favorite shows, which also debuted last night: Brat Camp. Basically another reality series where parents ship off their 'troubled youth' to a behavioral intervention camp. Gosh, there is so much to comment on this 2 hour show I don't realy know where to begin:
  1. The kids are indeed brats in varying degree's. While I can sympathize with their parents, I can only sympathize to a certain extent. It appeared to me that many of these kids were "allowed" to get a way with murder as the parents are seemingly of that generation that doesn't believe in spanking or restrictions, more so to the 'Time Out" bullshit, or just can't face the facts they are crappy parents who give in to their kids. There was a pefect example of one gilr who said she just asked her parents for money in $50 increments, and they gave it to her, and then she'd turn around and buy drugs. So instead of cutting her off, they would continue to indulge her begging for money....Uh-Uh...wrong answer.
  2. Another troubled youth, Frank, billed as 16 with a temper, probably just needs his ass kicked a few times by another bully. If I were 16 years old again, I'd volunteer for the job.
  3. The advisors believe in 'passive therapy', which is a unique approach, and may work on some kids, but all the counselors seem like they are on prozac and a bit to mellow for me.
  4. Got to love the term "Phantom Dook-er". I laughed my ass off
  5. Did I mention how lame some of the parents were, and they act so stunned that their kids could act in such a manner when there is clearly no discipline at home to begin with. Sure let the one hyper kid have a paint-ball gun. Who's fucking idea was that? Mom or Dad's?
  6. I'm very interested as how thsi is gonna play out. Some of these kids are just a little bunch of whiners. It actually may do some of them well. Anxious to see more.


Update: Chastity left me a comment already! (thank you) but I'd like to respond:

Chas:Did you notice how old some of those parents were? I mean, older than I'd have thought for kids that age. A lot of them looked to be my parents age (mid 40s), and they definitely aren't of the "time out" generation. Plus, spankings only work up to a certain age anyway; these kids know their parents aren't going to kill them and I doubt a spanking would do much good. I know I wasn't scared of being spanked past about 4th grade. These kids have a lot worse issues than they think.

Nate: Yes, some were older, but they seemed still to be of that more University Liberal mindset. One of the father's said 'Thanksgiving' was just 'another day' to him as he sat in his Ivy league sweater. Maybe they weren't of the "Time Out" generation, but many of them seemed very passive and I don't recall any of them taking any personal responsibility. Most of them all said there kids had issues that were a result of 'outside' influences.

Yellow Flag for me on that line of thinking.

In my earlier example, you don't reward a kid with continous monetary appeasements if they defy you, buy drugs, lie, etc. If I ever found out my kid used money at age 15 to buy drugs, you better believe that's the last bit of money they get from me in a long time. They'd be lucky if I didn't start selling their personal stuff to make it up. This was the same girl who giggled when she admitted she was spoiled and got everything she wanted. Obviously in her own eyes, she 'owned' her parents. Her parents were not parenting. The other case was Lauren (I think) who admitted to hanging out with losers and smoking pot and drinking while her parents were at home. Maybe her mom and stepdad choose to sit back and let there daughter run their lives, but if that was my kid, what the hell is she doing out late on a school night as it is at that age. My last example was the one twin who tried to stab his brother. He was shown running around the neighborhood with a pnuematic air gun. What parent in their right mind allows their child to run around in the neighborhood with an air gun whose is prone to violence? Those things aren't cheap, and I seriously doubt the kid had a job to buy the gun himself. The parents either A) bought it for him, or B) her received it as a gist and was allowed to keep it. That again is just bad parenting.

Now Chas, I agree with some kids that corpeal punishement may not be the answer. But let me offer my own experience and observations. I was a big kid, even in high school I was already 5'10 and pushing 200lbs, and I was scared of my father. No he never beat me, but he also wasn't afraid to grab me or slap me if I spoke back. I very rarely did, and I deserved it. I have a few friends who are single parents who don't do the 'time out' crap, or "lets talk this out" mentality. They deal with the discipline right then and there no matter who is around. I guarantee you these kids are so much better behaved then those kids of friends of mine who are still together but say "Ah, that's kids for ya...What are ya gonna do?". Let me beat them for 30 seconds I guarantee they will think twice about being rude around me ever again or any adult for that matter. (And when I say beat, I don't mean put them in the hospital type beat, but enough to let them know who's running the show. To many of these kids were controlling the parents, because the parents allowed it to happen, or gave up. What kind of parent gives up on their kid?)

On the other hand, yes, many of the kids have some serious issues and probably are lacking the love and attention they need so desperatly. I'm not making excuses for all the kids, nor all the parents, but clearly there was some bad parenting going on because many parents are too worried that they aren't their kid'ss friend first. I personally think: Be a parent first, then a friend, not the other way around.

Maybe it is too early to make judgements yet. We were only exposed to two hours, and of course these kids have been on the road to destruction for years. Maybe I'll change my mind in a few episodes.

Thank you though Chas, I love when you get me thinking.


Now 976 numbers:

I'm not sure why this popped into my head today. I wasn't doing anything remotely close that required me to think of a phone or my youth.

I was maybe 16 at the time and hanging out at my friend Gerry's house who was in the same class as myself. Gerry also introduced me to my 1st porn movie ever, a Swedish Erotica tape he found in his parents room starring the infamous John Holmes (another story in itself). Anyway, after playing video games on his Coleco-vision (remember Donkey Kong?) we were talking about prank phone calls. I think we even ordered a few pizza's for his next door neighbor that day. While playing around on the phone, Gerry said he found some numbers he wanted to call and share with me. I don't think either one of us knew exactly what a 976 (or any 900 series for that matter) number was meant to do, but he insisted we could talk to some girls. So standing in his kitchen, Gerry dialed one and placed it on his speaker-phone.

I remember we had a menu option of different scenarios: a girl alone at home, two girls at a party, a girl at work who was bored, etc. We selected the first one and wasn't sure what to expect. Soon a young woman's voice was on the phone telling us she was doing laundry all by herself, and it turned out ::shock::, she was doing her clothes in the nude because they were 'dirty' as well and thus proceeded to tell us excatly what she was doing to herself.

A few things I look back at in retrospect reagrding the whole manner: 1) It was obviously pre-recorded and not a live person, 2) And we were both intrigued and glued to the phone at the whole ordeal. Neither one of us had ever heard anything like this, and though we must have realized it was fake, we still listened for the whole outcome.

And after the first call ended, we called again and selected a new scenario. After the second call ended, I think deep down inside we knew we shouldn't had made those calls so we left the phone alone and went about our business.

It was a few weeks later when I found out Gerry was on restriction and couldn't hang out one afternoon. When I inquired further, I learned that Gerry's mom just got the phone bill. I guess neither one of us realized it was $2.99 the first minute, and $1.99 for each additional minute. So our two 10 minutes calls ended up increasing the phone bill by like $50 or $60. DOH!!

I've never called one since.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Musings I have come to the conclusion that the recent sprouting of gray hair and a few toss and turn nights can be attributed to CurryMan. Just the sight or proximity of him make my blood pressure climb a few notches. I know I have complained many times before, and this probably won't be the last....not until either he retires or leaves under other circumstances....but this morning he just plain irks me. My department had a meeting with his boss last week while CurryMan was out, and we were 'encouraged' to seek out training courses or learning materials that will keep us abreast in our feild and make us competitive employees. We were also told that, within reason, budget was a major concern. When CurryMan came back from his few days trip we had a meeting yesterday in which he resonated the same facts, but I could already smell something was up, as he mentioned budget. So 'lo and behold I found a course in the next city over (read: no overnight stays, no travel budget, no food budget) for three days. I approached him about this this morning, and the first thing out of his mouth was it not in the budget. Did something dramatically change in the last 16 hours? Must have and I didn't get the memo. Second example is our cell phones. I am on call 24-7, but because I own my own cell phone and don't want the company sposered carrier because they get shitty service around my house, I am allowed to expense a certain amount of calls per month. CurryMan strictly adheres to me spending no more than $50 a month....which I do admit is reasonable. However, the one time I turned in a cell phone bill for $51.82, I was turned down and had to resubmit at $50. Fuck, whatever. So the reason I bring this up, I discovered copies yesterday of one of my peers whose nose is so far up his rump it's not even funny. She has the same setup as me, a un-corporate carrier and her expense reports were submitted, and approved for $68, $62, $64, & $74 and in looking at the numbers called, the majority were personal not business related. Don't think I didn't make copies of these bills and will throw this back in his face or HR. Absolute double standard and proof of favoritism or bias against me. The funny thing is, I can't ever think of what I ever did to initially piss him off. Maybe he just doesn't like the fact I have an 'A' type personality, and many people here come to me for advice or opinions instead of him. Maybe nobody has ever challenged him before like I do? Anyway, it continually sucks because I love my job, I love my peers, I love my company, but it almost feels like he goes out of his way to put roadblocks up in front of me or makes my life difficult. Onto other things: Had my shoulder re-evaluation on Monday. Doctor still believes the injury two weeks back is just a bad sprain and is happy to see some more improvements. Said I can start lifting a whole whopping 5lbs on lateral raises on my one arm. In a few weeks I can work up to 10lbs. Said overall that in 2 months, I should be okay to do 15-20lbs barring no pain or injury, and if so, then he will go back in. But I need to coddle myself for the time being. I'm bailing on work early today so my Tivo device can get installed :) Big Brother 6: I'm sorta in love with Rachel already because she is a taller Bella to me. Janelle is number 2 on my list. I'm starting to like Kaysar and Eric. April sorta reminds me of Lisa Kudrow (BTW: nice rack), and you can just tell Howie is gonna stir thinsg up shortly. Unfortunately for me April is having some serious PMS cramping, so we had a nice quickie the other night too. She actually spoke dirty to me which she hasn't done for a long time. She was very suggestive on what she'd like to do to me sometime and told me she'd like to give me a BJ one day and then let me climax in her hair and face so she could feel it drip down her chest. OMG, where in the hell did this April come from? Well, lets say I'll believe it when she does it, but in all honesty I don't really see that happening anytime soon. So anyway, she started going down on me and just as I was about to take her up on her suggestion, she said no....on her chest only right now. It's weird how she runs scorching hot one day, then mildly tepid the next. I'll never figure her out. That's like inviting someone over to check out your new plasma tv and media center with surround sound, and when you get there they don't want to turn it on because it sucks up too much power or something, so lets go in the garage and watch something on the old B&W 12" screen. The carrot on the stick you can never reach. "Pop"....Oh wait, there's another gray hair that just came in.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Shaken, not Stirred 

Musings Doh! I found a recipe over the weekend for a very unique martini, and I'm happy to report it kicked my ass. Now, when I select my martini's, I'm more of a traditionalist and enjoy my gin. Gin, two olives, a litte dirty, dry vermouth. Very James Bondish. I've never really been a Vodka person, other that the occasional Bloddy Mary or Screwdriver, or a very well blended Long Island. But I came across a delicious new vodka recipe: Rosemary infused martini. Here's what is needed:

Here's what you do: Take three or four long sprigs of fresh rosemary, and using a blunt object like the back of a spoon, you will mash the leaves just enough to bruise them. You don't want to tear the leaves off, just 'damage' them enough as to where they release their essential oils. Take these springs then and place them intact within your new bottle of vodka and repalce the cap. Wait at least 24 hours to allow the oils and vodka to infuse. Don't be alarmed when the vodka takes on a slightly greenish/brown hue....that's the rosemary.

When ready to serve, make a martini as you normally would with this vodka. BUT, spear your cheese packed olives with any remaining rosemary sprigs for decoration.

I guarantee your friends will love it, and the drink will be talked about.

MMMMM. The smoothness and earthy smell of the infused vodka has a very unique taste, and it's well complemented by the blue cheese/gorgonzola.

Tell, Nate sent ya!

Friday, July 08, 2005

What rejected Crayon are you? 

You are
What Rejected Crayon Are You?

Big Brother 6 and a dream 

Musings I'm so excited. I'm pretty much a reality television crack whore who goes through withdrawls, especially when the regular TV season full of repeats. Other than F/X (which has the best Tuesday night drama's year round), I have two tv schedules. The regular fall schedule no doubt, but when they begin to repeat themselves here in May and June, I quickly switch to the off channels and watch reality shows like: Being Bobby Brown, Blow Out, Queer Eye, Beauty and the Geek, etc. But I always look forward to the high stakes drama and kniving of Big Brother. So Big Brother 6 began last night, and they have a new house, which BTW looks pretty awesome with it's loft and secret chambers. And while it's tooearly for me to begin commenting on the cast, CBS has made it obvious they are stocking the boob tube with 'good looking' people. For the most part, the men all seem realtively young and all in pretty damn good shape. But the women: Yes, the women: Out of the 8 females, I'd like to be with at least 6 of them! Yowza. They had their first food competition last night, and they all had to wear swimsuits. Dang, they all looked good for the most part. I'm sure their personalities will come out in due time and I'll change my mind on a few, but look at: April, Janelle, Jennifer and Rachel. (for those that have been reading my Blog for a while, Rachel is a spiiting image of Bella, just a tad taller, so I already have a built in good bias towards her.) I think Ivette somewhere in the beginning *hinted* she was gay, I'm sure that will be clarified soon. Speaking of Big Brother, I can't wait for them to do the 'catch up' of the housemates from last season. I'd really like to see what became of the meatheads, especiall the arrogant Jason and his ding-bat girlfriend from the show. I can't even remember her name. Which goes to show you, just because you're HOT doesn't mean men remember who the hell you are if you're stupid. Oh and yours truly just decided to treat himself to some new technology. I ordered a Tivo like device from my cable company and that gets installed next week. I'm excited about that, I'll finally be able to record in 50 hours of HD instead of old analog tapes.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Polluted, Drunk Love and Crabbiness 

True Story Warning: Explicit Content *Note: I started this post on July 5th, and am now just getting around to finishing it. Welcome back everyone. I hope you had as swell as a 4th as I did. I haven't had this much fun of a 4th in years, and all I wanna do right now is sleep. My neighborhood decided to throw a block-party, and it went off! I can't believe how many neighbors participated, how many kids actually live in my neighborhood, all the 'friends and relatives' that showed up, and how much one block can drink. Between the ice-filtered keg, cases of beer, and hard liquor, I think everyone was pretty much feeling no pain until today. I'd like to know how much aspirin was consumed either late last night or this morning. I pretty much drank all day Sunday, but suprisingly no hangover yesterday for the 4th. I still drank yesterday, but scaled back some and made sure I had plenty of Gatorade or water at pre-determined intervals to keep hydrated. The sun and alcohol have a tendancy to zap all reserve energy one may have, and this weekend we could not have asked for a better weather. Absolutely beautiful. We played tons of games, BS'd, ate more food than you could believe. I was doing so well on my diet too. I weighed in Friday night and was happy to see I lost a few pounds, but I know I drank it all back. We all needed weekend passes to the Betty Ford clinic. April had a good time too. Too good of a time actually. She came over to my place yesterday to partkae in day two of the festivities and quickly befriended my block. But there comes a time when you have to realize that you are becomming maybe a little to tipsy and need to have water. I think she didn't really realize she didn't have much to eat, and with the sun and her Rum & Coke's she was tanked early. As the party was winding down finally last night, she maintatined her buzz and then some. I kept asking her to drink water, but she was on a mission to prove something. What was funny at first started to beome annoying to me. I was soo tired last night, all I could think about was a hot shower and bed, and it wasn't really dawning on her that people were finally packing it in at about 10pm. I wasn't in the mood to entertain or look after a drunk last night. She began repeating herself and re-introducing herself to people she had already met, and making plans with people she didn't know and including me. "Oh, next Friday, Nathan and I will have you over, okay?" Uh, that's news to me, since: A) We never talked about having any party at my house with people I really don't know, and B) I won't be in town because I will be outta state with work. So I found myself in a few of the positions last night: I was volunteered to go out to the movies one day, have people over another day, etc. Problem is, I wasn't a part of any of these decisions and that kinda didn't sit well with me. Hopefully most of these people were too drunk to remember themselves or realize April was too smashed to hold me to any of them right now. So finally I told April, I'm going back to my house 'cause I'm too tired and I have work the next day. She said she'd be behind me in ten minutes. She was too hammered to drive home so I expected her to stay the night, but I honestly just wanted to sleep. An hour later she stumbles in my bedroom and realizes she left her bag in her car, so she asked me if I'd go get it (Grrrrr....I'm already in bed and she's still dressed). So I decide it's just easier to do it than it is to start any argument with her so I go get her crap while she's in the shower. Finally I get back into bed with the lights off when she steps out of the shower. I'm hoping she'll get the hint and just sleep it off. But no, she decides that she wants to be amorous which I'm just not in the mood for. She still being somewhat silly and breath smells like cigarettes and cheap booze. She starts grabbing at me under the sheets and is pretty persistant even though I'm being relatively docile. Any other time (especially under sober conditions) I may have really appreciated this attention being paid to me, but I just wasn't in the mood at all. I know you may think this is a stupid way of dealing with this situation, but April can be very stubborn and there was no real easy way of getting out of sex without either: A) getting into a fight, B) hurting her feelings, or C) combination of both. So despite the fact I wasn't in the mood I resigned myself to the fact that I need to get aroused and get this over with, or it's going to be one long night. It didn't take to long for me to get aroused afterall as April kept yanking at my boxers and stroking my member. I would have liked to have received a blow job first to really get me awake, but I sensed that was not gonna happen no matter how much convincing I attempted. Since I really wasn't all that it into it at first, I was dealing with someone with ADD right now, I just boldly asked: "So, how do you want it? On top or behind?" Yeah, yeah, really romantic I know. April answered by stripping off her thong, rolling over, getting up on all fours, and then presenting her naked round rump to me. She positioned a pillow in a manner to rest her face on and began to manipulate herself with one hand, priming herself for entry. Though five minutes earlier all I wanted to do was sleep, now she had me somewhat interested and getting excited. Due to the nature of her inebriated state, I asked her if she would like it a little rough this time in which she replied..."Mmmm...YES" So I inched my way closer to her and just pushed my tip inside for a second waiting for her response. It was met with a favorable gasp so I pushed the rest of myself inside and began to slowly pump. I began to thrust a little hardr, then harder still until I was just about slamming the headboard into my wall. That's funny only because I seriosuly thought I better ease back a bit lest I need to re-paint the wall or wreck my headbaord. Only I would think of this. The whole time April who is generally not audible during sex was somewhat more vocal. With each thrust I was rewarded by a strong gasp, deep breath, or pleasing acknowledgement. I couldn't last much longer, and the fact I was working her so hard my own ab muscles were begging to ache. Finally, with a primal grunt I released of what felt like pint glass of warm fluid inside of her as she continued to rub herself in a circular motion with a free hand. April usually climaxes before I do, but I know what it's like to have a few drinks in you and what it does to the senses. It usually numbs them up, and sometimes, no matter how bad I would like to 'come', I can't because the feeling down there just can't get to the brink to go over the edge. Unfortunately for both of us, this was April's problem. She came 'close' a few times, but never just got there to send her to bliss and then to sleep. I was sorta hoping that sleepiness would take over and she would succumb, but that was not to be the case. With me sitting behind her on the bed, looking around a dark room, she reached back and grabbed one of my hands. She guided my hand to her backside and requested that I finger her. I lightly touched the outside of her lips with my index finger and thought that may be enough, but she then told me to insert it. I did, but let me say I wasn't to into it. All I could think about was the gallon of seminal fluid I just deposited and now I am swirling my finger in it, how tired I was, and she isn't gonna get off any time soon. Sure enough, after then being directed to work my hand faster, I sat there totally detached from the moment as my hand and arm made repetitive motions. I normally would really be into this and want to please her, but after 10 minutes (yes, I was staring at my LED alarm clock) and my arm getting sore and April still not getting her cookie I was just about to throw in the towel when her hips began to twitch slightly. I can usually tell when she has an orgasm by the way her body jerks, but this was very subdued if one was paying attention. It's as if she had a mini 'O', perhaps just enough to satisfy her cravings, but far shy from what she usually is used to. Since my hand is covered in our intermingled juices, I flipped off my bed to wash my hands. By the time I got back, April, was passed out, naked, smack in the middle of my bed. I could not wake her, nor move her very easily. The icing on the cake was she began to snore which she is apt to do when drunk. Great, she fell asleep before me. It's about midnight, I'm awake, I have to work in 6 hours, I have no bed, and I'm dead fricken tired, and I just got coerced into 'going through the motion sex' when I wasn't even in the mood for it. Today, I am tired and crabby.

Cell Phone's, Makin' out, and Batman 

True Story So last night I was completely out of things to do around the house, and really wasn't into the whole 'Celebrity Dance Off' phenomenon that is sweeping trailer parks across the country so I decided to take myself out to the movies. I chose Batman, as I think certain movies need to be 'seen' in a theatre and not the 1st time one DVD. I really need to re-think this practice. First the movie: I enjoyed it. Not as much as I wish I would have, but I give it a thumbs up anyway. It started relatively slow, but good at the end. Now here is the geek part of me coming out: I'm a comic book purist. Yes, your friend Nate knows way more about comic books and mainstream and not so mainstream characters then you would actually believe. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure why Hollywood feels the need to re-vamp or tinker with origin stories for a new generation, but for the love of God.....don't tweak a characters origin story for tweaking sake if it has no bearing on the overall story at hand. So despite a few inconsistencies with the overall Batman mythos, it was pretty good. I would have liked to have seen more of the Scarecrow however. Very under-utilized as one of the villains. Second the Makin Out: So these two girls show up followed by these two boys moments later. They had to have been all of 14 or 15 years old. One of the boys and one of the girls...this was an obvious plan to tell your parents you're going to the movies with your friend, when in reality you are secretly meeting you're 'puppy love' and awkwardly try some move's you learned about on Cinemax in the theatre when your other friends are actually trying to watch a movie. So as the movie starts and the 1st action sequence is underway, I happened to turn and see young pubescent stud 'A' maul a willing over-makeup'ed girl 'B'...and they were so awkward to watch. Was I like that at that age? No, I got my 1st tongue kiss at 17. If I went to see a movie, I saw the movie! But in a way I was jealous. What a great venue for a little touch and feel. She had on a little denim skirt, it's totally dark, not many people in there on a Wed. night. Why not try a little 'petting'? Given the opportunity, I would have really enjoyed some 'petting' action in a movie I suppose. Third the GD cell phone's: Despite the multiple warnings onscreen prior to the movie to turn off your cell phone, the other young 15 year old boy is this quartet must have gotten up 5 or 6 times in the movie to either make a call or receive a call, and thus would get out of his seat and walk the main aisle beside me to the back to do his business. What on earth does any 15 year old boy have going on that is so pressing at 9pm on a Wed night, that he can't even watch a 2 hour movie with out a cell phone next to his ear. I couldn't take it anymore and I think I scared the shit out of him as the last time he walked by me talking I turned and said: "Turn that God Damn cell phone off before I turn you off" Here I am envisioning me pummeling a 15 year old boy and then getting cheered by the rest of the theatre. Lastly, when the movie was over, I noticed two other girls who I swear were also 14 years old, who aren't even 'developed' yet wearing some pretty trashy/slutty outfits and enough makeup to look like street walkers, I'm sure trolling for other 14-16 year old boys. Okay, I'm not a prude about sex...hell you know I am not, but there is something wrong when one 14 year old girl is wearing a 'Playboy Bunny' cotton-T. Yes, the bunny symbol emblazoned on her newly sprouting chest, walking around aimlessly at 10pm with no parental supervision. What the hell is wrong with parents? And they wonder why teen pregnancy happens. Am I the only sane pervert? It would be a different story if she was at least 17 or 18, but man, 14?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You know what's kinda gross? 

Finding multiple short hairs on the toilet seat in the Men's restroom. Which I just did. How does that happen? Maybe 1 is random, but multiple ones?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Aye Vicente Fox, Lo Siento para usted! 

Politics-Rant From CNN today: MEXICO CITY, Mexico (Reuters) -- Mexico's tiny black community demanded Monday that President Vicente Fox apologize for a set of stamps featuring a black comic book figure that U.S. civil rights groups have slammed as racist. I don't blame 'em. The Asociacion Mexico Negro, which represents some 50,000 blacks living on the Pacific coast, said in a letter to Fox that Memin Pinguin, a 1940s comic book character drawn with thick lips and a flat nose, was stereotypical and racist. "Memin Pinguin rewards, celebrates, typifies and cements the distorted, mocking, stereotypical and limited vision of black people in general," said the letter signed by leaders of the association. The letter marks the first official complaint from a Mexican group over the stamps, which went on sale last week and provoked a storm of controversy in the United States. U.S. civil rights groups said they should be withdrawn. Fox has said the stamps are not racist and ignored calls to pull them from circulation. Presidente Fox, surely you are not so 'estupido'. Oh, wait,... yeah you are. His Foreign Minister Luis Ernesto Derbez said the affair was exaggerated by "specific groups in the United States who make a living from this kind of scandal." Doh! While I don't agree with the stamps myself, Senor Derbez, does make a point. The ACLU just likes tooting it's own horn for headlines. "They look more ridiculous than we do," he said in a radio interview. Well, he does have us there. More times than not the ACLU does more harm than good for the people it supposedly represents. IMHO, they usually are morons, but in this case I think our friends south of the border have been hitting the tequila a little too hard. Political correctness is barely existent in Mexico, where there are few black immigrants, Caucasians are commonly addressed as "Guero" ("Whitey") and dark-skinned locals are nicknamed "Morenito" or "Negro" without causing offense. Shhhh....don't say wetback around here though. Generations of Mexicans grew up reading the cartoon strip escapades of Memin Pinguin, a mischievous black boy whose looks and monkey-like antics are endearing but embody outdated ideas about blacks, like many comic books of the time. "The stamps are 101 percent offensive, there is no doubt about it," said Rev. Glyn Jemmott, a Catholic priest in the 98 percent black village of El Ciruelo in Guerrero state, and one of the signatories of the letter. Yup. "What is evident is the level of tolerance of racism that exists in the country. We are accustomed to racism to the point where anyone who dares question it runs the risk of being considered unpatriotic," he told Reuters by telephone. Rejecting the U.S. criticism and insisting they are not racist, Mexicans have been lining up to buy the stamps. One state has rationed sales because of high demand, and the stamps have been bid as high as $200 per sheet in Internet auctions. Mexicans are often accused of discrimination against Indians, who often live hand to mouth in poor communities. Their lack of sensitivity to racism against blacks may be worse because Mexicans so rarely see black people. Jemmott lives in one of a cluster of tight-knit black communities along the Pacific coast, south of Acapulco, that are home to thousands of descendants of slaves. Many Mexicans are unaware the communities exist. How can they, the non-blacks are too busy running around here illegally. In May, U.S. civil rights groups were outraged when Fox remarked that Mexican immigrants in the United States did jobs "not even blacks" would do. That's why they only run 1 term and are so ass backwords down there.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy 4th 

So we get out early today. I'm looking at the clock and realize I that I only have 30 minutes left. Yay!! So CurryMan was supposed to start his vacation this morning, but missed his plane. So what would you do if you packed your whole family up, wife and kids and missed your plane? Perhaps take them to lunch? Perhaps spend time at home with them since you are on vacation? No, why if your CurryMan you'd bring the whole clan back home, drop them off, and come into work and spend the remainder of a half day lording over your employee's. Good Lord. Shoulder is indeed feeling better. Lateral strength is returning, but still residual pain in the rotation. I've been a very good boy since Sunday and have totally isolated the arm but I will still try to get into the doctor next week for another evaluation. I'm not convinced yet this was all just a horrible sprain of epic proportions. So what's on my docket the rest of the day then? I'll probably go home and either nap (more in a sec why) , play video games, or read. I need some good read time. I have a novel I'm almost done with, and it seems today may be the perfect time to do it. So last night was a rare thing for me. I went out to a bar with a bunch of my co-workers. It ended up being very, very fun. I normally don't do that anymore, only because I knew I had to work today, but it was a fellow employee's going away party. So about 30 of us showed up at this bar, and while a few people drifted in late and other's drifted home early, I'd say there was a good core group of 20 of us that were at a bar from 5:30pm to about 10:30pm. I think there was a number floating around of a tab in the $600 range. That seems a little low. I know I drank at least $50 just in beer alone. I felt no pain last night at all. To say we were toasted was an understatement. I was actually very suprised by a few individuals who 'let their hair down' and ended up not being as uptight or politically correct as they appear at work. "Jim, they are human after all!" One of the guys, married, was hitting on our waitress hardcore. Basically the alcohol talking. Then there was the obligatory office gossip on who dated who between departments. It was an eye opener for me. Then one of the girls we work with, who is smoking hot and married (but never wears her ring I notice) had a few too many libations and became very touchy-feely with everyone. Both guys and gals. My Spider-sense generally tingles around her anyway...I've always had this feeling she was a closet party girl and though I know she and her husband are together, I have the sneaking suspiscion that they are either swingers or have an open marriage. She was dropping cryptic hints and innuendos all evening, and she also knows she is very attractive. Long story short, I saw her cup a breast of another drunk female employee, she sat on many laps last night (sadly, not mine though), and was brave enough to show many of us salivating guys her tatoo on the small of her tanned back. Delicious. Simply freaking delicious. If she ever threw a vibe my way, it'd be very hard for me to resist. I might liken her to a Borg from now on: Resistance is Futile. I'll have to give her a Borg nickname for Blog sake. Maybe 1 of 69. She did say "Hi" to me this morning and asked me how I was faring. Which I am actually faring very well, just very, very tired. Drinking copious amounts of beer always makes me sleepy, and I figure I just didn't get enough sleep. Being a half day, 1 0f 69 was wearing tight faded jeans and a bright orange female style tank top. I know her boobs are fake. They are just too perfect for her ethnic background. She has an exotic look: Spanish, Hawaiian, Philappeano. Green eyes, tan to die for, dresses very sexy here. She knows it, all the men know it, all the women hate her becuase of her looks. The thing is, she is actually one of the nicest people ever. She is not stuck up at all which makes her even more attractive in our eyes. I'm sure just about every guy here has had a fantasy in their head regarding her, including me. But I'm saying, I just have a feeling, and I usually have good instinct on these manners, that she and her husband like to 'play'. But alas, I work here and I vowed never to do that again with any place I worked. Plus, yes, I don't really want to jeapordize anything with April right now. April is trying, in her own way, to keep me interested in her. I think she really wants to invest into me, but just can't let go 100% yet. I understand completely.

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