Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spring Break with Bella (Part I) 

True Story. Warning: Explicit content. Not sure why I thought of Bella today. I was looking back at my archives, and realized I wrote a few installments about her back in late 2003, early 2004. I have a lot of mixed feelings about her and my memories of her. I can't really say if the good times out-weighed the bad, but when I do think of Bella, all I can think about is the sexual magnetism there was between us, and I'd have to say I'd rank her up in my top 5 ladies I ever had intmacies with. But my experince with the real 'fun' girls always seemed to have the negative flipside. With Bella, it was no different. We fought like cats and dogs....we had polar opposite views on politics, she did a little weed and I never did any drugs. She cheated on her boyfriend with me on more than one ocassion after we broke up our first time. She was arrested once for shop-lifting. She was tempermental. She used to drive me nuts at times. She was almost 2 years older than me. She was also one of the best sexual partners I ever had. Maybe it is because Spring is in the air, or maybe it's just cause I'm a little horny today, but a memory came back to me today about a Spring Break we once shared together. I was 19 and she was 21. This escapade took place when we were 'dating' the first time around. We had met in college, and to make a long story short, our families ended up living relatively close to one another when we weren't in school. About 12 miles to be exact...talk about luck. At the time when I thought this relationship may actually be going somewhere for the longhaul, I was stoked with thoughts of routine sex throughout the summer before we went back the following year, and we did share frequent 'sneaking about' episodes when we could. We were home together for our first spring break and I can't actually remember what I was doing solo earlier in the day, but I was near Bella's house and thought I'd drop by for a quick hello. It was later in the afternoon and I expected her parents home as her mother didn't work and her dad generally got home early as he owned his own business. I pulled up in front of her house and saw that her car was there so I rang the doorbell. No answer. I could faintly hear music in the background and as I listened more closely, it sounded as if it were coming from the backyard. I walked to the side of the house and peered over the gate. Though I didn't see her or her family, the music was definetly coming from the backyard. I shouted a few times: "Bella!" I don't think she heard me at first, but after a few attempts she peeked around the side of her house and I would like to think she was pleasantly suprised to see me. "Hey babe, come on back", she coaxed "What are you doin' here?" "I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd swing by really quick and say 'Hi'. What are you doin'?" "Working on my tan before we go back next week". As I walked to the back of the house, that was exactly what she was doing. She had a lounge chair spread out in full view of the sun with a towel stretched out over it, her little portable boombox was playing some Duran Duran, a plastic cup filled with ice and some sorta of drink, and the usual yard fare lying about. Bella looked incredible to my 19 year old, hormonally challenged eyes. Her dirty blond/brunette hair hung straight down her shoulders. Her brown eyes were hidden behind designer Ray Ban sunglasses (the rage at the time). She wore a light blue bikini top that hugged her breasts quite nicely which was complimented by a white denim skirt with no belt that went half way down her thighs. Her skin was a deepening bronze color, not just from the sun, but from her latin heritage. It was also had a glistening sheen partially from sweat and partially from the mister bottle that lay next to her chair. I sat in the regular patio chair next to her, and we talked for a few minutes, about what, I can't remember now. She had told me that she had more or less spent a lazy afternoon by herself at home after doing some cleaning for her mom earlier in the day. Turns out her father had taken the day off and took his wife to some South American cultural festival. Bella said they had left early in the day and wasn't quite sure when they would be back, but did expect them home for dinner. Ten minutes or so had passed and I guess Bella thought she had had enough sun and said it was time to go in as there was a fine line between tanning and burning. She took the towel and patted down her body and I followed her into her dining room via the glass sliding door. She went to the cupboard and got me a glass and poured me some ice tea which I readily drank. We both stood there awkwardly for a minute or so, I guess both trying to figure out what to talk about next. Finally breaking the ice for me, she offered for me to come to her room. I followed her down the hallway to her bedroom at the end of the house. It was pretty spartan at best. A single twin bed was pressed up against the wall, a small dresser flush against the other. A few random pictures of friends and me were about, some cultural posters and a small pile of clothes on the floor. Not much else. I ended up pulling up a seat on the floor sitting cross legged, and Bella sat on the edge of her bed. Believe it or not we actually just talked again, about random things. I think in the back of both of our heads was the image of her parents arriving any minute and catching their daughter and her un-familiar boyfriend in the middle of something they rather not admit to. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer and I offered a neck and back rub to Bella. How could I not? Her she was...half dressed, a small spaghetti string seperating my mouth from her breasts, in her bedroom....tanned...alone. She came down of her bed and sat in front of me with her back to me as I scuttled a bit forward to get closer. Brushing her hair to one side, I began to massage Bella's neck and shoulder's. Slowly. Letting my thumbs apply just the right pressure, balancing between pain and pleasure. This allowed me selfishly to run my hands across her body which in return profited me some deep sigh's and moans from Bella. I moved in to kiss the back of her neck, then the side as she cocked her head allowing me easier access. I slowly began to blow on her ear while continuing to rub her shoulders. Eventually I began to nibble at her lobe and began an erotic lick from the base of her neck to behind the ear. Though I couldn't really see her face from this position, I know that her eyes were closed and the twitching of her cheek could only mean a sly grin widening. I wanted to push my luck a bit more, so I tactfully began to tug at her bikini strings tied in back, but Bella quickly pulled away. "Nathan, I don't think so. My parents could be home any minute." She turned to face me with a sheepish grin letting me know she wanted to, but it wasn't in the stars for today. Too high a risk at the moment. I understood, and backed off as she got back up and sat back down on the edge of the bed facing me. My cock was hard and pressed up against the inside of my jeans, and I assumed a kneeling position on my knees and stared at her with an 'aww shcuks' type of expression. It was quite for a few seconds, and then I saw the devious light pop up above her head. "Well, we definetly can't have sex and besides I don't have a condom here.....", she said. And since I was really wasn't planning for this anyway that day, nor did I. "But, we can still play a bit." Bella's eye's locked onto mine, her cocky smile still present. Without breaking her gaze, she scooted as close to the edge of her bed as possible with a look of want and desire and hiked up her denim skirt enough to allow her to spread her legs open. Buried under that skirt was a pair of blue panties. Nothing fancy mind you, but tight against her mound whereas I could see the indentation of her slit. Like a dog being offered scraps from his master, I crawled the short distance over her floor and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. Using my hands to brace myself, I grabbed both of her ankles and deftly inched my face closer and closer between soft kisses until I could feel the cotton fabric against my nose. Since I felt she had teased me this whole time for a prize I couldn't have 100%, I wanted to tease her back a spell. I opened my mouth and placed it tightly over her crotch and breathed warm breath multiple times through her panties. After doing this a handful of times, my tongue pressed flatly and broadly against her sex. I wiggled it slightly as if massaging her, as if I could feel the individual weaving pattern that Jockey had provided. Bella threw back her head and cried out for actual skin contact. I pulled back briefly spied a noticeable wet spot in the middle of her crotch which was probably a combination of my salivia and her tangy fluids. Wanting to get right back into action, I agressively pulled those panties off and pushed them under her bed while leaving her skirt still on. That was an incredible turn-on to me, as fantasies of her walking around commando sparked even naughtier thoughts in my head. With no additional time being waisted, I dove back in licking, sucking, and lapping all that I could only wanting to drive her into a frenzy. I figured that any memorable pleasure that I could give Bella that late afternoon would be re-paid back in spades at some future date, and my parents all taught me to think of the other person first :) With salivia and other juices flwoing down my chin, Bella began to slightly back up. I knew what this meant...she was close to the edge, and I wasn't gonna let her get far. For every centimter she adjusted herself back, I pushed forward 2 working my mouth into a tasmanian devil whirlwind until she couldn't take it any longer. Falling backwards on her bed and grabbing my the back of my head with her two hands, she tried to steady me as she bucked against my face in a few rapid convulsions swearing the whole time with panted breath. Finally as her pelvis setlled down, she released me so as I could cath my breath, and her own as well. I rocked back onto my legs and just smiled at her as she brought her hands up to her face and covered her eyes and squirmed around in post-oral relaxation. I didn't move at all...just taking in the sight of a satisfied girlfriend, still peaking at the exposed wets folds under her skirt hoping that my own raging hard-on would soon cease. After gathering her wits, Bella propped herself up slightly on one elbow and just stared at me wit a shit eatting grin, nothing said. "Nate, now lay down on the floor. Your turn." Bella got up from her bed and pushed me down to where I was flat on the floor staring up at her cieling. She got down and crouched over on my side... To be continued....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Shoulder update 

Well, I got a shot in the shoulder of cortisone yesterday. Doc said muscles surrounding the tendons were inflamed, and he was suprised at my lack of strength on lateral lifting. Needle looked about 1.5 to 1.75" long. Doc used some spray to 'freeze' the surface of the skin beore I was injected. Didn't hurt on the surface, but sure as hell hurt deep inside shoulder. Previous MRI did show a tear. Most likely it has gotten worse. Said to see how I feel in about a week and half to two weeks, then give a call back and probably schedule surgery. :(

Friday, March 18, 2005


True Story (play dramatic Law & Order chimes) "Ripped from the head lines" From CNN: (CNN) -- On Scott Peterson's first day on death row, two women called California's San Quentin State Prison to say they were interested in marrying him, according to prison officials. Prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon said about three dozen women called San Quentin with messages of support for the prison's newest bachelor, convicted and sentenced to die for the murder of his pregnant wife, Laci. "Two of them actually indicated to our staff that their purpose for calling was marriage," Crittendon told CNN. He added that it is not unusual for inmates to get married while on death row. Women, I ask....WTF?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This week in Life 

Musings Well, I feel kinda bad that this past week I've slacked off on the whole Blog thing. But sometimes LIFE happens, and even what seems the most mundane and trivial tasks end up taking on a life of thier own and before you know it, the day is over. I wish I could say something super exciting happened to me, but the biggest thrill of the week was my haircut (another post). Other than that, work has consumed my life, and CurryMan, like the Succubus he is, has managed to deflate my willpower when ever he gets the chance. Been working a lot on my house lately too....Getting ready to remodel 2 rooms and been working on the backyard for a bit too. There's pro's and con's to that as well. It keeps me very active where I don't have to go to the gym and I get a good nights sleep, but on the other hand I am sore and long time readers know that I have a shoulder issue. Well, it looks like I am going to have to go in for surgery pretty soon afterall. Rotator cuff must be repaired. While I still have 100% range of motion, depending on the angle I have anywhere from 100% of my strength down to around 40% of my strength. Meaning, there are a few movements that cause me some considerable discomfort and extreme weakness. Maybe April or May. Speaking of April, she finally got over the flu and her diet is still going on. I know some of the ladies reading this may think I am still too critical of April, but let me preface the following by saying that I am proud that she is still sticking to her guns. Alas, she could try a smidgen harder. To date, she has lost 10lbs in around 6 weeks. I realize that she is a woman, and that she was a little sick, but i try and explain to her that eating is only about 1/3 the issue. The other 2/3rd's is exercise, which she makes up every excuse in the world not to do. If she just worked out 2-3 hours a week, I think, no, I know she'd could have easily took off more. I do see a little confidence returning to her, and I am supportive. We had a nice evening over the weekend. We both broke off a little piece of each other if you know what I mean. After I gave her her cookie orally, she did something to me she hadn't done in a long while. April gave me a hand job which was extremely hot and asked me to climax on her stomach and chest which I gladly did. Two weeks proved to have a lot of built up fluid and I glazed her like a donut. She even suggested to me next time we get together she wants to play strip poker with me....guess I need to brush up on my card skills....hmmmm....maybe not...in this game it really doesn't matter if I win or lose. My take on TV this past week:
  1. Watched "The O.C. " just to see the Star Wars Episode III trailer. I can't wait!
  2. Survivor: No one yet really stands out to me yet. I still enjoy the show and I find the challenges very clever, but as I write thsi I am still drawing a blank on most of the cast.
  3. Apprentice: I liked last weeks challenge with teh celbrity auction, but the most disturbing person to me wasn't one of the candidates, but Gene Simmons. Ladies.....he is so gross and ugly, and a pig....I don't understand why women want to sleep with him. Eww.
  4. Amazing Race 7: Rob & Amber are brilliant. Brian & Greg are the real likeable underdogs. Susan and gay son Patrick I find annoying. Meredith & Gretchen are useless. How did Ron ever get into the military? No wonder he got captured, he can't find his way out of a paper bag....and his girlfriend Kelly is of no real help either. Gay couple Alex & Lynn are a hoot....dare I say Fabulous?
  5. My current favorite show started Season 4 yesterday: The Shield. Go Mackie!!
  6. American Idol: Yes, I am even watching this now (damn me). I love looking at Mikalah. She's yummy. My fav's are Anthony Federov, Carrie Underwood, and Scott Savol.

And you say you're commute is bad. 

True Story Read this article on traffic.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thong Thursday 

Thong Thursday Posted by Hello For lack of a better title and definetly the lack of current material, I thought I'd start a Thong Thursday, where....well at least when I either remember or get around to it....a nice picture of at least the PG-13 type. Look at her. I came across this random picture on some forum where this guy was sharing the story of him and his girlfriend on vacation. This was taken one morning as they woke up from a hotel room. Just the pose is enough to send me in a frenzy. That whole look over the shoulder on a cold morning is smoldering hot to me. Her red hair flowing down her back, the small black thong hanging out of her dolphin shorts. I fancy that she may have slept in that little outfit after her and her boyfriend had a little "cumbersome, young and in-experienced, but willing to try" sex the night before. Not sure why, but I just picture them as teenagers who haven't been together that long, and that their weekend getaway to visit a friend in another state was a great unsaid excuse between the both of them to get a motel room and try and romp like rabbits before they came home to their parents. At least that's how the story goes in my fantasy. I'm all for older women, and buy into that whole theory/fact that older women hit their prime way after their teenage years. I like the idea that older women want to teach a younger man, and just tend to enjoy sex that much more..... BUT.... There's just something about a hot late-teen/early 20-something girl who is just so willing to show their boyfriend that they are all grown up and independant from their parents that they love the whole idea of sneaking around motel rooms for a little forbidden play-time. Speaking only for me, I'd gladly trade in an experienced women/nympho once in a while for an experimenting and awkward/shy session back when I was a teenager. Oh to hear the words spoken to me in that shy voice.... "Am I doing this right?" "Do you like that?" "I haven't done this before, so be careful." Can you tell it's been about two plus weeks for me? April has the flu :(

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Oh, a little of this, a liitle of that... 


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Rapture (New Song) 

Sexy Song addition. Title: Rapture - Soulside Remix Artist: Iio Tonight I laid my eyes on you. Let everything around me move. Got nervous when you looked my way. But you knew all the words to say. Then your love slowly moved right in. All this time,...my love... Where have you been? Mesmerized in every way. You keep me in a state of daze. Your kisses make my skin feel weak. I'm always melting in your heat. Then I soar like a bird in the wind. Oh, I glide as I'm flying through heaven.... *SN, this isn't the song I was thinking for you. I found the CD, then I lost it again...still looking for it.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Juevos de Azul 

Musings. The origin of this post actually dates back a few months as I got an idea of sharing my own experiences after reading a similar post from one of the femme fatales I read on a regular basis. It spawned from her musing on how tough she found it to be when worked up with no eventual release. How she was perhaps 'un-intentionally' teased or turned on by a date, and was looking for a little play, and when it didn't happen, how her mind was in a frenzy when she ended up home alone, and that she had a restless sleep for her body screamed out for a pleasure that was never delivered. Boy, do I know that feeling. And I'm sure that every male has experienced this as well, but I'll wager that men suffer much more than women do. Sure there is the mental aspect of it which may keep us up for hours, but there is also a physical aspect as well. And let me tell you, it can be VERY uncomfortable, bordering on painful if not addressed. It has a name, that while it may sound funny on the surface, men who have truly experienced it will tell you it is not fun at all: Blue Balls I think the name more or less says it all....while it may sound slightly juvenile and maybe even vulgar to some....it feels as if you got kicked in the groin, just not as fast or sudden, but a slow build to a very conscious ailment. You know when you see a movie, and you have a visceral reaction to when a guy gets hit in his jewels? Just ask any guy about getting hit in his privates, and more times than not you will see a change in their demeanor, maybe even a shifting of their legs, or a shifting in their seat...almost as if they are re-living the moment themselves and want to change the subject. Such is the case with Blue Balls. Imagine getting sexually worked up over an enjoyable evening with a date. Throughout the evening fantasies are going through your head. You touch each other in a flirtatious way sending shivers of electric pleasure throughout your body. Over the course of time, you may experience multiple erections through very subtle stimulations. Imagine now that for a guy his testosterone has picked up in production, that his blood continuously ebbs and flows to his groin, each time swelling his privates. His mind is in over drive, hoping, praying that he can have you in any way or that you will be the first one to make a move and reach out for him....but it doesn't happen. Physiologically, with all this blood, hormones, contractions, elevated sperm production, swells, and visualization's in his head, his groin becomes as delicate as a Fabrege Egg. The slightest touch is no longer pleasurable, but now uncomfortable. It then crosses the line to pain, whereas mere walking and having your legs brush up against the 'boys' makes his teeth clench and his only though is laying down on his back not to be touched. So was it for me as a teenager when I first began dating. Thankfully over time and as the older I get it happens less frequently, though on occasion I still get a 'taste' of what it was like. I remember once when I was senior in High School, I met a cheerleader from a visiting school during one of our Friday night football games. She was cute, and must have thought I was as well, for she gave me her number, and spoke a few times on the phone and arranged to have a first date. I picker her up in my car and I had saved up all I could at the time to take her to both dinner and a movie. From the time I even got in my car to drive to her home I was off on the wrong foot. You see, I started to re-live our playful conversations on the phone and was already getting physically excited before I even was at her door. It didn't help that when she opened her door, she looked as if she stepped out of a Madonna video from the early days. Her hair was done up, she had numerous bracelets and necklaces, her clothes were a cross between 'Like A Virgin' and 'Lucky Star'. She held my hand throughout the night, and during the movie, innocently enough rubbed my thigh. During those few hours, 1000 thoughts had gone through my mind, and my body responded to her every touch, especially my groin. It felt as if my zipper was about to break on numerous occasions that evening. Towards the end of the date, I finally drove her back to her house and we sat in my car in her driveway and continued our playful and flirtatious banter. The problem was that her parents were home, so going inside was out of the question, and it was our first date afterall. I wasn't expecting to get laid the very first night, and I truly was a gentleman in all aspects. But damn, when we kissed,...it was so sweet...and so memorable. Her lipgloss was sweet, her skin soft, her perfume great, her clothes a visual turn-on, and when her hand would graze the front of my pants (oh...I know what she was doing, and she knew it too) and 'accidently' rest on my hard member through my jeans, it was over with for me. I almost, but thank goodness did not out of sheer embarrassment, did not climax in my pants. Finally we said our goodbye's, and it was the longest-shortest drive back to my house I can ever remember. All I could think about now was getting home and getting out of these pants, lest they make me feel like I'm in a vice any longer than I need to be. When home, with pants finally off I got into bed. New problem. Being on my side caused pain as how my legs would rest. Shifting to a stomach down position was worse. Okay, let me lie on my back....better, but now good enough....when will 'he' go down? Spread legs a bit....remove any pressure from testicles....better still.....don't move, even the sheets feels like they can hurt me. Turning the light back on, I looked under the sheets down at my naked self. Gawd, why does it look so swollen? I don't recall it ever being this big, nor the 'boys' either. What am I going to do? At this rate, I will never fall asleep, and I will be in pain for quite some time. Hypothesis: If I could only relieve myself, perhaps that would help. Experiment: Go to bathroom and take a 'hands on' approach to the matter. Trial and Results: Masturbatory actions were most painful. More than they should be. Climax resulted in many more ounces than I was previously accustomed to. Did all that come from me? Conclusion: Relief finally came (no pun intended) after manual manipulations. That happened a few more times in my early dating career, and has happened a few times over the last few years, just not to the same painful extremes. Now I can usually head it off at the pass, or smart enough to take care of it before it too much time passes. Believe me ladies, you think you have it bad when you get all worked up? Think of the guys.

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