Thursday, February 24, 2005

My own list, Part I 

Musings Well it seems inevitably everyone makes a list on their blog, usually numbering 1-100 on some intimate and not-so-intimate details of their lives. Even though I have a few recent stories I wanted to share with you first, this list kept nagging at my brain, so here is my 1st 25:
  1. I love to cook. I often think about if I had to do it all over again, I'd have gone to culinary school. Seriously.
  2. I especially love foods of the southwest: chili's, chipoltle, Tex-Mex.
  3. I also love sushi....I can eat it everyday.
  4. As a child I hated asparagus. Now I like.
  5. I've always hated mushrooms, unless on pizza or cream of mushroom soup which I love.
  6. I lost my virginity at 18. In my car.
  7. I really was in love with her, and I still think about her on occasion. I hear she's married now with kids. I have complex and unsettled feelings about this.
  8. I've been in 'Love' a few times.
  9. My heart was broken by these select individuals. Severly. I 'was' a hopeless romantic.
  10. I don't know what love is anymore to me. It has lost its definition in the conventional sense. That makes me sad. I want to 'rediscover' love again.
  11. I have never cheated on anyone in a 'monogamous' relationship.
  12. I have been cheated on in a 'monogamous' relationship.
  13. I have never done any drugs. NEVER. I think its stupid.
  14. I do drink. And I like it. Not sure why I don't think thats not stupid.
  15. I admit I have a very large video porn collection. Male friends are jealous and often borrow tapes like a Blockbuster. I hardly ever watch them anymore.
  16. I often feel guilty about this, and deep down I sometimes feel ashamed.
  17. I do indeed believe in God, and the Holy Trinity. Maybe that's why I feel guilty at times.
  18. I love my job. I loathe my boss.
  19. My record for bench press is 345 lbs.
  20. I have since suffered a few body injuries and currently top off around 300 lbs. on bench.
  21. I still cry when my feelings are hurt. I don't like to cry.
  22. When younger, I've been pulled over by the cops a few times for driving under the influence.
  23. I have yet to get a ticket under any circumstance: accident, speeding, or drinking.
  24. I have made a few x-rated home movies with girlfriends. Some of them don't know this.
  25. I was once asked to donate sperm by a woman who wanted a child. By artificial or natural means. I have not, but admit have thought about it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Per Murphy.... 

Musings.... So Murphy had this post yesterday (Feb 22nd): "I’m attracted to the most inappropriate people at the most improper of times. It’s such a relief to know that no one can read my mind on any sort of regular basis. That would be professional suicide. totally." I hear ya loud and clear. Fortunately for me there is a very limited supply of eye-candy in which I work with. They aren't even in the same departments as I, but there are 3 incredibly hot-mama's that I get a boyish rise from in my trousers if I look at them for any length of time. Two of them are mothers, one married, the other single. Then there is Chance. Chance is an awesome name, and she has an incredible late 20/early 30 something body. Today is one of those days in wish I would be committing professional suicide. Her open toed, high heel, khaki color pumps matches her short suede jacket which looks very 'professional/fun/sporty'. Her painted on, faded denim jeans as she walks by my office send all the wrongs thoughts to both my heads. The way she carries herslef is a turn on as well....squared shoulders, erect posture exudes confidence, and the little sway of her bottom is the cherry on the sundae. Confidence is a turn-on. Did I mention she has long blond hair down her shoulders? Hazel eyes? Can't believe she isn't dating anyone....makes me suspicious...maybe she has skeletons in her closet that no man wants to be near. Dunno. Thus my curse...I have dated in the work-place before, and it never ended on a positive note so I have vowed never to date from the work pool again. Honestly though, if I wasn't dating April, and if Chance worked in another office, I'd be on her faster than Oprah on a Krispy Kreme.

Reliving My childhood through Netflix 

Sci-Fi Cult Classics Posted by Hello This is sorta a random post about me. For those that don't really know me, some of that is by design you see, I am an only child who grew up in the 70's and was a product of the 80's. I was always a quick study and because I had no siblings, I needed to learn to entertain myself. My childhood memories revolved around plastic dinoaurs, Matchbox cars, reading comic books (ROM Spaceknight was one of my all time favories and I have the complete run), Lego's and what I'm happy to say quite an imagination. I suppose my imagination really sparked from my early memories of saturday afternoon B-movies, that my father would ineviteably turn on and subsequently fall asleep and begin to snore within 10 minutes. The Twilight Zone was always a favorite and of course I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for George Lucas's creation Star Wars. Battlestar Gallatica, Knight Rider, and Buck Rogers were my favs, but I also remember re-runs of such shows as Quark, Dr. Who, Project Bluebook, etc. Needless to say I've always been fascinated with Sci-Fi, primarily UFO's, robots, futuristic things. Can't say I was ever into fantasy (dwarves, D&D, elves, dragons, etc....that genre never really interested me until I saw the LOTR Triliogy). So I recently became a member Netflix, and I stumbled across a great sub-genre that sparked fascinating memories for me.....Classic Sci-Fi Cult films. Primarily beginning in the mid 50's through the early 70's, these low budget, B-style films captured my attention and I'm as giddy as a little school girl that I can re-watch many of these forgotten classics. I specifically targeted the one picture in the poster above: Invaders From Mars, 1953. I vaguely remember watching it on the tube and it scaring the shit out of me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Though it used plenty of stock footage, and crappy special effects, the idea of an alien 'head' living in a bubble beneath the ground with no body gave me the creeps. I am soo looking forward to it again, this time on my large TV, in surround sound, in the dark, with popcorn and a beer at my house. I hope April is ready for some good old fashioned Drive In style alien crap movies. Maybe after we watch one of these gems, we can pretend we're in the backseat of a 57 Chevy and steam up the windows!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

If the Government won't do anything.... 

Musings of the Minutemen Don't mean to start my or your week in a downer mood, but I find stories like this fascinating. Seems as if the people of Arizona have given up on Washington. Soon Texas, New Mexico, and California may follow suit. I don't blame 'em....God forbid we actually enforce our laws, but that would mean we're racist. So instead, let's just just pay all the illegals a portion of our salaries.... Oh wait, we do that already in the form of higher insurance fees, medical fees, taxes, infrastructure fees, and countless others that end up not going to our schools or other places that need it.

Friday, February 18, 2005

What to wear to court today? 

What to wear to court today? Posted by Hello 'Nuff said :)

"You had me at Taco" 

Musings Have you ever read the new Taco Bell hot sauce packet sayings? They are kinda like a fortune cookie or antedote on the outside of these little gems. Today I received the following: Nice Palm. I read a great deal of pleasure in your future. If they only knew.....

Curry on Ice 

So interesting things are afoot once again here with CurryMan. I'm feeling more confident that upper management is really taking notice and they realize te problem goes way beyond my few episodes with him and a few otehr employees. It appears from water cooler talk that he has managed to rub quite a few people the wrong way, or others are taking notice that he has an agenda and is always working an angle. I know for fact that there have been some closed door meetinsg discussing options on what they are going to do with him.....why they just don't demote him, slap his hands very hard, or ask him to leave is beyond me. I believe it goes back to what I said a few weeks ago...those that hired him can't bear the fact that they have to admit it was a mistake. Funny how professional pride can get in the way of doing the 'right' thing. Needless to say CurryMan has been requested to attend a mandatory 'management' class to 'learn' how to earn respect and respect others. Basically I think it's way to late in the game to change people's perceptions unless an act of God takes place. But knowing how managment operates, this will be yet another 'chance' in a long line of 2nd chances and at least another 4-6 months before they have the cajones to show him the door. I'm just biding my time. Amazing on how quickly I am adapting to the political nature of things, knowing what to say and when and to whom.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day Massacre 

True Story Explicit Material Well, even though my plans were a little late in the making, I had the intention of making the best out of a low key Valentines... But only I can screw it up....more on that later.... After work I went to the gym and had an excellent workout. Nothing like a good session of moving iron around to get the blood flowing and swelling. I went to the store afterwards and decided to pick up April a bottle of wine...one of her favorites. It was comedic in the sense on how many men were shopping for flowers, champagne and chocolates at the 11th hour. Thankfully I am smarter than that and I bought April her gift a week or so back. When I finally got home I was surprised to see April's car in my driveway and discovered she was inside making me a dinner. Or at least preping a dinner that I would end up BBQ'ing which was fine. We exchanged gifts in which I received a bottle of my favorite bourbon and some novelty boxers, and she thanked me for my gifts to her. Since dinner took a little longer than I would have liked, all activities that I had planned needed to be shelved for a few hours. We enjoyed dinner and watched a little TV and finally at around 9:30 April grabbed her bag and went to shower, (I had already showered earlier when I first got home and did a little manscaping). At about 10ish, she emerged from my bedroom to show me whe was wearing some silk/sating like robe and gave me a 'come hither' look. No time for candles, or camera....damn. The bad thing was and it really wasn't anyone's fault was that I was pretty tired. I had been fighting back yawns for over an hour at this point and knew if we didn't start something really quick like, it'd be lights out for me. Definetly not what I had hoped for earlier. Things started pretty decent. We made it to my bed were kissing ensued and a little body rubbing, not really a massage perse, but long strokes to her legs and her to my back. Knowing I was going to fight an uphill battle against slumber I decided to speed things up a bit.... I pushed April down upon the bed and began to untie her robe. Underneath was a pastel pink lace teddy and matching panties. I know some of you may think I'm crazy for saying at this point, but it wasn't the most sexiest piece of lingerie I ever saw. The panties were nice actually, but the teddy top looked like something my grandmother might wear. Good thing it was dark and I had other things on my mind.... I moved down between her legs and began kissing the inside of her thighs, and then the outside of her honey pot through her panties. Within a few more minutes, I had artfully pulled the material to one side where as my mouth could make skin on skin contact. I love doing this only if one thing I can brag about, I think I'm pretty decent, or at least above average in my oral skills. I only ever had one woman who was difficult to get off thsi way, or anyway for that matter, so I don't blame me. Anyway, my tounge did a dance of 101 Arabian Nights, and within an additional 5 minutes April's hands were clenching my hair and pulling me into her as she came. Afterwards she is very sensative, and I like to torture her my continuing to flick my tongue about her button as she is squirming and puching me away. With a mix of my saliva and her sex smeared about my face, I finally laid back on to the bed to catch my breath. What was nice was that with no cue from me, April got up on all fours, and peeled my bottoms off and began to satisfy her own (and mine as well) oral fixations. Alternating between long licks from the base to the tip and traditional sucking techniques I could feel the pressure inside slowly building. I purposely delayed any climax on my end by trying to think of odd ball images and it worked for a bit. Finally tiring with the oral examination, April moved on top to straddle me and guided me inside with her hand. My eyes were closed and rolling back into my head as she pounded down on me like a piston, and then about five minutes later began to grind her sex back into me which was very pleasurable for her...but not so much for me...in this position there's not a heck of a lot of friction for me so the sensation is all for her. Secretly this isn't necessarily bad...becuase of the lack of feeling for me...the build began to diminish for me, which makes me look like a stud because I can delay my climax. After she got her second cookie of the night, I finally wanted mine, so I commanded her off of me and assume the position on all fours. I jumped in from behind and began to go to work. It took a few minutes for the feeling to return and the build to begin all over again, and it didn't hurt that April was sorta vocal this time. It helps me and my interest level when April is vocal and encourages me to punish her like I was. Dang it was wet back there too...Seriously, I could feel fluids running down the inside of my own thighs...probably a mix of sweat and April's come... But then this is when it happened....somehow, don't ask me how I pulled something deep inside my muscular core. Like an electric shock a sharp twinge from around my right kidney area traveled half way down my right ass cheek, like I pulled a muscle deep inside my booty close to my pelvic bone, but I was determined to finish. From here on out each pleasurable thrust in was met with a face wincing twinge on the outstroke. I basically willed myself at this point to climax and released myself all over her rear and back. But afterwards I rolled over in pain, and April knew something was wrong. I told her what happened and decided that round two wasn't going to be happening. I got up like an old man and headed to the medicine cabinet and had me some Tylenol PM. From start to finish, our escapade only lasted a half hour. I was and still am kinda bummed. I was hoping to really make it a memorable evening and instead I'm limping around like a gimp. I have such a bad Charlie Horse in my ass, and it feels like about 7 inches long...most likely a strained muscle. How on earth? I can take solace in the fact that even though it was only one round April seemed pleased, even though it wasn't exactly what I envisioned for our Valentine's day together.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Musings Well, most people I know are not doing much for Valentines day. It seems the majority of my friends and/or co-wrokers are going through relationship funks. Either a divorce, or a new kid, or sick, or just don't want to spend the cash for an over-rated holiday. I sorta fall amongst the later myself. I did get April a card and a gift certificate for a store she likes, but that seems sorta impersonal. Neither one of us really wanted to go out to dinner seeing that it is a Monday and we both work tomorrow, and I'll be honest....even if it seems shallow....I didn't want to get all dressed up and make reservations somewhere, and then pay a lot. I'm more into making a home meal, maybe sipping a little wine and then playtime. It may be the weather too. We have had the most dreary weather since Christmas. I swear, it had been on the equivelent of London weather....seems to be always overcast, cold, windy. We've had a little sun here and there, but for where I live, outside in unusally grey for this time of year. So tonight.... I called April on her cell phone...I think it was implied we would be getting togther, but it was never set in stone, so I queried on what time she was coming over. I got the standard "7pm" reply. I asked what it would take for her to wear a little 'outfit' for me tonight. She replied, "Well, it depends on if you play your cards right." That's Aprilspeak for, 'I guess if you want me to I will, but otherwise I wasn't thinking of it.' I have mixed feelings about that response. On the one hand, she will most likely wear one, but not because she wants to feel sexy, but because I requested so. So....YAY...I may get some nice action tonight....But I sooooo hate pulling teeth. I'm proud of her too, she's actually on a new diet and she really has stuck to her guns as far as I know and she has visibly lost a few pounds. Last week she had already lost 5 pounds, and now anotehr week has gone by...maybe another 2-3...perhaps 4? Me to for that matter, I don't like to tell her lest she gets upset, but in the last few weeks I have dropped almost 8-9 pounds myself. Anyway, I've been feeling very randy all day long, most likely because of my dream from this morning, but I'm really anxious today to get down to some nastiness. Not sure how I wanna do it....Maybe start in the shower and then to my bedroom? But she is wearing an outfit....so maybe I peel her out of her clothes, have a little fun, then move to the shower? Maybe buy some candles? Now how am I going to work in my camera or video camera diplomatically without her getting frazzled? But I am hoping to get in at least 2 good rounds tonight and maybe try for an unprecedented 3!! Wish me luck.

New MP3 player is here 

Well, I finally got my new MP3 delivered today, albeit a few days late... And I have the funny feeling it is refurbished....I.E. Not NEW. I purchased it from Overtsock.com, and it came in a precariously non-descript plain box. Yes, all the parts, cables, and software is there...but kinda odd it came in a generic box not from the manufacturer. Upon closer inspection of the unit itself, it appears to have some very minor, and I mean minor scuff marks on the housing. It's not damaged, but looks the same as when you take a pencil eraser and use it on a piece of plastic....You know that residue it leaves behind....Kinda like that. However, I haven't been able to use it yet becuase the manual says the initial charge should be 5 hours. I got about an hour and a half left. So beware of Overstock.com electronics...I really don't suspect this is factory new, hence the lower price and generic box.

A dream and more 

Ever had a pleasurable dream in which it didn't necessarily had to be hardcore? But something you just don't ever wanna wake up from? Maybe hints at erotic? I had one of those this morning, and hours later I'm still replaying just the few snippets of its length....over and over. Most of my dreams never make sense to begin with. My dreams are usally comparable to someone who has A.D.D. and dropped acid while watching test patterns. They are a jumble of images and people and the non-sensicle and I'm lucky if there really is any cohesion that I can remember. So I'll give you a snippet of things I do remember, that lead upto my pleasurable moment: I was a part of some sort of task force, I do remember I was part of some covert team that was storming some mansion in what I believe was Florida. I recall that I had some sort of flack jacket on, though not positive, and I was creeping up stairs in a dimly lit section of the house. I was aware that I had other team members present doing teh same thing in otehr parts of the house. I really had no gun, but a MAG flashlight I would aim as a gun and was under the belief it could do harm if activated. Then I ran into a woman (who I don't know in real life) who I had a sense of loathing and disgust for though she was fairly attractive. You ever know someone that you don't like because of their personality? Maybe because you think they are mean, rude, stuck-up, or whatever, but you definetly have a personality conflict with, however, you find them extremely attractive and drawn to them in a physical way. That's how I felt about this woman. I feel a conflict of interest when I am around here....part of me want to punch her in the face, then the other part wants to make mad passionate love to her. Okay I'm going off track here. Anyway, events which were never clearly defined in my dream, like why I was there in the first place and what exactly I was supposed to achieve, seemed to be winding down. I found myself walking into a dimly lit room, like a den, and the shades were closed and the lighst were off. On the solitary couch was my woman liason who was wrapped up in a blanket and appeared to be sleeping with her back towards me. I approached the couch and for the first time really took in her look. She had blond hair in sorta Jennifer Anniston short style bob cut, interlaced with some brunette streaks. Her eyes were hazel or green, and she wore soft lipstick and makeup. I felt compelled to lay with her, and I began to remove my outfit/uniform. I crawled under the sheet with her, and she gave me no resistance. Though I know she disliked me as well, she was happy to have me beide her. Under the sheet, she was bare except for her panties which I felt the string of them on her left thigh. My senses in this dream were on high alert. I could 'feel' the warmth of her skin on me, the feel of the soft sheet covering us, the 'smell' of her hair, the audible pleasing moans and she greeted me to snuggle and got giggly. It was bliss, I was so comfortable I never wanted to wake up. While the dream never got hardcore, I felt as if I was a teenager learning and discovering heavy petting all over again. My left hand had cupped one of her breasts and she did not resist. If anything, she only leaned her head back into me showing that this was acceptable and okay. I held it there for a while, and was quite content at only doing this when her left hand lowered under the sheet and found my stiffening cock. She didn't stroke it or man-handle it, she just placed her palm and fingers over it, slightly cupping me as well and held it in place. It was a physical connection and nothing more became of it, other than knowing it would only be a matter of time before we did actually do something. She fed my ego only by giving a pleasurable moan and she slighlty gripped me down there. Odd...we both hate each other, but here we are, basically naked under a sheet in a twilight type slumber, discovering each other very delicately with our hands. Then I friggen woke up. Arrgghhhh!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did anyone watch the OC this past Thursday? My gal Oliva Wilde and Mischa Barton shared a lesbian kiss on the beach at the close of the show. My Lord, I can't remember the last time I was so turned on by a kiss on basic cable. I've seen men kiss on Six Feet Under, I've seen others gals kiss on other shows, but it really never affected me like it did the other night. I had a tingle in my loins I haven't felt in a long time from any TV show. It was a smoking hot moment, and while I think Mischa Barton is cute, she can't hold a candle to my Oliva Wilde. There was something about it where I just felt like I was hitting puberty for the first time all over again. I will have many fantasies with Ms. Wilde.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Random link of the day..hell...the month? 

Don't ask why I was looking at these, but I found it very strange that there seems to be a niche market for designer openers. I mean you can get hip colors, and one's with flags on them. I wonder why? Who was the guy in the meeting that said: "You know what would be cool? If we put the Canadian or Mexican flag on these to really set them apart from everyone else. Or hip translucent colors for Generation x"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

In the WTF category...or too much time on his hands.. 

I bring you Bang, Bang, Bang. Now I ask again.... WTF?

Good Lord. 

The Abe Lincoln Fry for bid...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Ray, Suberbowl, Toilet Bowl 

Ray Posted by Hello Kinda an un-eventfull weekend for me. Seems like my sinus headache from the other day turned into something more....a cross between a sinus infection and cold. I've been alternating between feeling 'okay' and miserable. More on that later. So I rented the DVD 'Ray' and watched it in 'extended play' mode. First and foremost Jamie Foxx is indeed incredible and has my vote for Best Actor. Now that aside, the bio-pic of his life was very interesting. I had no idea that he was a heroin addict for so many years, or the fact that he was a filanderer. That actually bummed me out. The music was obviously incredible and sounds even better in my 6.1 surround system. But as good as the movie was, I expected more the way it was getting such rave reviews. My complaints is that the story was a little disjointed. Transitions between certain scenes and time frames of his life was really rough, and sometimes took me a minute to realize it was a flashback or time advanced. Watching it in Extended Play even made it worse, because they threw back in deleted scenes and the editing for this was really rough and primitive. The other drawback was that the movie ended in '1979' for the viewer. He died in 2004, so you feel cheated that you missed the last 25 years of his life, and want to know what happened to other characters and you never find out what happens. I could have easily seen this as a 3 hour epic and use that final 1/2 hour to bring it up to date. I give it 4 outta 5 stars. **** I was disapointed in the Superbowl yesterday. Not just with the Superbowl, but even the commercials this year weren't as good as they usually are. Of course there a few funny ones, but this year it just seemed a little lack-luster or not very memorable. I didn't even watch the 1/2 time show, I flipped channels to something else. I was pretty hopped up on medicine all weekend too. And finally the rich 'snack food' I ate yesterday had some ramifications along with the meds. I'm not embarrased to say that the meds have more or less (along with no gym time) have given me a mild case of constipation. Then yesterday, the snacks I ate I'm not usually use to, so they did a number on me. I woke up this morning with a very slight nauseated feeling, and found myself sitting on the toilet for at least 30 minutes. I won't be graphic or anything, but let's just say I punished the porcelin. 2.5 days worth buildup came to 4th quarter climax, and I think pretty soon, I'll be going into overtime.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Olivia Wilde II.......MMmmmmmm 

Olivia Wilde Posted by Hello Okay, I admit, I got hooked on the O.C. this year. Not sure why. I told myself after Melrose Place, 90210 and Dawson's Creek that I wasn't going to get involved in another teen angst serial drama. But Fox's clever scheme of airing new episodes when everything was repeats sucked me in. It was like that line from Godfather III when Al Pacino states: "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in." Anyway, I really got into it for the character of Seth, the nuerotic Jewish boy. Whoever writes his chracter is a genius. His wit and banter are unparalleled and even believable. But they introduced a new 'love' interest for him this year. The above pictured Oliva Wilde II, who apparantly is relatively new in tinsel town. She only has 2 movies under her belt, a failed 2003 TV series "Skin", and 3 cuurent movies in post-production. INMD.com is a wealth of info on all stars. She is currently 20 years old, not even old enough to drink, but plays an older character. Her character is that of a lead bartender/club partner somewhere in Newport Beach, CA. Her seedy secret, which isn't so much a secret anymore is that she is bi-sexual. She had a long relationship with another girl that ended badly as she was introduced on the show and has since had a fling with Seth and quite possibly interested in another lead female character. But that's not why I am writing about her. It was more water cooler talk with a fellow employee this morning. Both of us are too old to be watching this show, but both came to the conclusion we are intrigued, slack jawed, and smitten with numerous fantasies of Ms. Wilde. In my book she is absolutely beautiful, right up there with my fascination with Angelina Jolie. So I took this picture from TheOCShow.com and thought I'd share. Which I guess brings me to a topic I heard on the radio the other day. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would be your short list of people you'd want to be stuck with, and possibly propagate a new civilazation with. I'll be honest, I haven't given it too much thought, but here's a short list as it stands right now, and there is no particular order (subject to change):
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Oliva Wilde II
  3. Famke Jansen
  4. Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives)
  5. Josie Bisset (Melrose Place)
  6. Denise Richards

Honorable mentions:

On other fronts:

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


True Story (explicit material) So I've been out on a business trip more or less this past week, and the last two days have been extremely busy for me, therefor the lack of posts. But this morning I was very lucky, and I thought I'd share a quickie (somewhat of a pun intended). Anyway, I've been tired. Dead tired. My business trip just dragged every ounce of energy out of me to the point my body was aching all over. It went beyond the headache and pulsating behind the eye-balls. It was the type where I just sat down in my shower and let the hot water run over my head for ten minutes and had my eyes closed for the duration. It also helped I had a little Jack Daniels on the rocks too. But I digress. April came over as I hadn't seen her in over a week. While we were indeed looking forward to seeing each other, but she had to work late last night and therefore arrived at my place pretty much too late for anything to write about. And it didn't help that I could barely keep my eyes open. We just went to bed, and I slept fairly well. At least until I awoke at around 6:15 with a devious plan forming in my head. I secretly slid of my sweat bottoms (its been cold) and my boxers and began to spoon her. With my manhood hardening, I began to run her right thigh with my right hand as she slept. After a few strokes she was still not stirring so I just decided to take charge and go for it.....With my right thumb, I hooked the waist line of her thong (no, not the ones I bought her...still waiting to see those in action), and just began to forcefully tug down. This indeed stirred her, and with her senses still groggy and eyes barely open, she rolled on to her back and made some un-intelligible comment. I didn't really care, because by this point I had her thong off and the sheets pulled down enough to expose her bare love nest. I got up on my knees between her legs and wasting no time allowed my thumb to find her button. To my amazement she was already damp. Extremely wet as a matter of fact! She wasn't even awake yet and my thumb was now coated in her glossy juices as I began to work it very easily inside of her. This illicited a pleasurable moan from April and next I placed my forefinger inside as well. I couldn't help but think if she was dreaming something erotic, or was this just a build-up from un-met expectations last night. Whatever it was, I can't remember the last time she April was this moist. Without wanting to mess around anymore, I removed my fingers and coated my manhood with her lubrication. Then I grabbed myself and guided myself right in with no resistance. I'm not sure if it was the cold air surrounding the rest of my room on my body, but I sunk right into her and took note how very warm and soft April felt. Starting with a few slow strokes to make sure everything would slide correctly, I picked up the pace and began to slam away with reckless abandon. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and for Aprils' sake at the very least I was gonna finish at least forcefully if not timely. And boy did I....my internal muscle spasms could be felt deep with my pelvis core as I finally came to stop and stared down at her. All April did was smile a devilish grin and pulled me down to give me a deep kiss, then told me to take a shower and get ready for work, that she wanted the covers back 'cause it was cold. I was dismissed! In my own house! Sure enough, after a very hot shower and getting in ready had left her enough time to fall back into slumber as I left her to go to work.

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