Thursday, May 27, 2004

Raina Continued....Part III 

True Story... "I want you to take those off...No...I need you to take those off", I said. A soft "Okay" was returned to me and Raina used both her hands to unbutton her pants. She then returned her arms to the splayed out position on her bed that they had been in the last 15 minutes. She saved me the pleasure of removing her pants, an act that I savor most of the time. (Once in a while I enjoy being the voyeur and watching a partner strip her pants off in front of me as I sit back and sip on a cocktail...but generally I like to lend a helping hand) I leaned over her again and grabbed the waistline of her jeans with both hands, and very slowwwllllyyy peeled them down, exposing more and more of her pale rear end. With each inch I pulled down, more of her red thong was revealed to my lustful eyes. The fabric began to converge and taper down to the end of her crotch. I lost sight of my own hands in my peripheral vision as I was more intent and transfixed on the lacy pattern of red that slid snuggly between her cheeks. I finally let go of her pants for a minute, letting them rest on her upper thigh. With one open palm, I placed my hand on her right buttock and gave it a tender squeeze. I let my hand glide from right to left and then back again, staring at her ivory skin taking in how nice and small and firm her butt was. I then noticed I was given her goosebumps and she giggled and squirmed slightly, face still buried in her pillow. I used my forefinger again to trace the outline of her panties. First the waistline....dragging my finger across the small of her back. Then starting high on the right hip, my finger outlined the curve of her thong in a downward motion towards the center. Then the left. "My god" came a breathy and muffled voice from the pillow. It seemed as if Raina's body was alternating between a relaxed and tense state as I viewed the muscles of her back and butt contract and release under my touch. The top of her shoulders arched just slightly and she drew her arms inward to clutch her pillow. With that, I found my open mouth firmly planted on her rear end. As my lips touched her skin and felt the individual goosebumps, I allowed myself to playful yet gently bite her bottom. Between these playful bites, my tongue pressed down as well and I could tasted the sweet/faint saltiness of her skin. My mouth continued to roam one side as my left hand began to massage the other. Finally I centered my mouth just above her crack and breathed out a hot breath through the lacey fabric. My left hand grasped the top of her left thigh, and again my thumb rubbed up against the seam between her legs. This time I didn't move it away. I kept constant pressure on the thong between her legs, and began a slow circular motion allowing her panties to press inward between her folds until I could feel her heat back on my hand. While I was doing this, my mouth went crazy, biting a little harder, now each cheek in succession, leaving a little saliva behind as I went into a playful frenzy. It was within a minute or so that my massaging thumb detected a bit of moisture and I new Raina was getting turned on. I pulled my head back a brief moment and allowed my left thumb to hook under the fabric of her panties and pull them over to the inside of her left thigh exposing the swollen and moist folds or Raina. Using the tip of my thumb yet again, I slowly stroked her folds, never penetrating, until my thumb was glistening. I received very grateful moans and gasps during this interlude, and Raina even tried to press herself down upon my thumb so as I would have it enter her, but I pulled back just enough to only keep light contact. I was teasing her....hard...and wanted to drive her wild. Raina couldn't stand this much longer and with a quick burst of energy, she flipped over on her bed and looked up at me. Her eyes seemed shy and she was biting her lower lip. Her legs were nervous as they kept moving and her hands were crossed over her body now covering her breasts. I looked down at her..."I though you liked that?" I said quizzically wondering what made her turn over so quickly and interrupt my tease fest. "I did.....too much, but I want more. No more teasing...." With that last comment, she let her hands drop to her sides, and bringing her knees towards her chest, she removed her panties and threw them to the floor. She lowered her legs back down on the bed allowing me to see every naked inch of her. I stood there for a second, still fully dressed. "Well, silly.....just don't stand there" she said and lightly spread her legs apart.... To be continued....

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Raina Continued Part II 

True Story continued So there we both were, standing near the entry way of her apartment, our kisses somewhat primal in nature, yet interlaced with soft almost teasing gestures. The standing portion was getting a little tiresome, and with no words exchanged between us, we both slowly gravitated towards the floor. First on our knees, then on our haunches, all the while our hands grazing over the fabric of the clothes we wore. Probably more so on my part, I running the open palms of my hands over her ass, feeling the texture of her jeans. We sat on the carpet continuing our kissing and I navigated myself in such a way that my back was now leaning against the wall with my legs straight out on the floor. Raina crouched close to me and small talk ensued between us. Her hand soon found itself resting upon my right thigh and she stoked it very gently. With that I grabbed her blouse near the collar and pulled her towards my mouth with a small show of force and our tongues were intertwined once again. Somewhere between all this making out, her hand that had been rubbing my thigh had eventually creeped up towards my swelling package, and one of my free hands was lightly tracing the outline of one her breasts through her material until her nipples became hard, which of course even made me more excited... She pulled back briefly to speak and suggested we forget going out...that she had other things in mind. Who was I to complain? I smiled as she stood looking down at me and she smiled back. I mustered the energy to return to a standing position as well and before I was fully up on two feet, Raina was already heading down the hall in front of me. With me trailing her towards her room, using both her hands removed her blouse and let it fall to the floor in the hallway exposing her naked back to me with her long, blond hair cascading down. I watched her plop down face-first on her quilted bed cover and try to gather a pillow onto which to rest her head. I stood behind her soaking in the image of her bare back and feet, only wearing tight jeans with her small cheeks facing upwards to the ceiling. The sun was setting outside and only some warm ambient light was filtering through her blinds. I grabbed one of her bare feet and began to massage her arch with my thumb...there was no resistance...just a nice sigh escaping from Raina's lips. I spent the next few minutes alternating between her feet, trying to relax and pay attention to her in which so many men seem to forget. I always figure that a few extra minutes of massage and foreplay generally leads to a much anticipated and highly erotic return in favors. Raina was indeed getting very comfortable. Her bare arms were now splayed out upon her bed, and her breathing was very deep and regular....not to the point where she was falling asleep, but more to the fact she felt secure and safe and I enjoyed that sensation myself. That was my queue to continue, but to move beyond her feet. I began to slowly massage her calves, both simultaneously, then the back of her thighs which elicited another favorable response. Her legs moved just slightly apart granting access to between her cheeks. Here I spent some time rubbing/kneading/squeezing very gently her ass. My thumbs purposely snuck into the crevice between her legs and lightly 'brushed' up against her denim protected privates. A little teasing was in order from me, so I continued to rub the inside seam of her pants. I noticed small gesticulations from her hips and a fluttering of her closed eyes. I slowly used my fingers to trace the outline of her pants waist band and gave a little tug. I was pleasantly surprised by the sight of red lace underneath. To be more exact, a red lace thong, the color of a candied apple. The texture of the lace danced upon the tip of my forefinger and I couldn't wait any longer to get her pants off.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

6 days 

Well it's been about six days since I last posted, and I wish I could tell you something exciting taht filled my past week, but alas, I am just in a general rut. Work is well, been busy, and I'm actually out of town for two day tomorrow, so ubless I get ancy later today, you won't read from me again until next week. It's a business trip that I'm doing solo and I should be back in 36 hours from when I leave. Follow up to Raina and April..Yes, yes, I know...some have written me via e-mail asking me to finish the 'True Life' Raina story that I left dangling a few weeks back, and I plan on it, if I just had the time and mood to put it down. Being human, even I can't think erotic 24 hours day. And the night with April after my present....well, that didn't happen either to my shagrin (I'm not even sure if that's how it's spelled). She had good intentions, but as coincidence always laughs in my face, she received her monthly visitor that day and that's one thing neither of us are into. So that 'night' has been put on hold for until I return I guess this weekend. Which means, Nate has been a good boy for a few weeks now. Unless you consider 'solo' time, which may have happened once or twice. I'm not making excuses up, but between April's suggestive words, and visually bombarded by good looking images at the gym and the fact that I haven't been intimate in a few weeks now can make me stir-crazy. So, I broke down and retrieved a video from my stash and watched it. I liek to think I pick very good ones...no stupid cheesy 70's crap soundtrack, no stupid plot that never makes any sense in the real world, no overly endowed silicon enhanced, overly makeup-ed starlets, and no stupid stages. More like amateur stuff, like your best friend got a hold of a video cam and had an encounter with his girlfriend on spring-break kinda stuff. I guess I'm trying to say...more realistic and believable...and very hot. I always feel slightly weird thereafter. After the bliss of the moment, the process of putting the tape away and throwing a kleenex away just never sits right with me for some unknown socially immature way. Yes, you can laugh at me and think whatever, but it could be worse....I'm not out booty-calling right now, or digging through my black book for used phone numbers, but I'm not prude either. I have no idea where I'm going with this...funny how blogs just sorta run-away on ya. I am supposed to go to a party this Saturday. there are supposed to be a lot of my single friends there, my boys, if you will. And I hear a lot of single girls too. You know, I don't even know where this is going either. I just know there will be plenty of Whisky there for me which mean plenty of Manhatten's for moi and a lot of good food. Maybe I will finish the Raina story later, just to get it out of my system....

Thursday, May 13, 2004


April surprised me today. Work has been extremely busy and it's a nice change of pace, but it borderlines hectic and I don't want anything else on my plate right now. So during my busy day, April showed up with lunch and a gift. She didn't stay...just long enough to bring me a hot lunch and a large flat box. She said she wanted to wait to give it to me at a later date, but felt the need to give it to me now. It was a very nice piece of wall art. It was very nice and right up my alley. I thanked her profusely and she was happy. She then said I could thnak her later as she winked at me and told me she'd be ready to 'have' me later tonight. Nice. I let you know what happens!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Nicholas Berg 

Commentary/Rant Today I write with mixed feelings of sadness and rightous anger. Not all my posts are about my escapades and my oterh life. So I'm gonna take a moment to put my thoughts down into cyberspace, at the bare minimum to help me sort out my feelings and emotions. I'm sure we've all heard about the video of the be-heading of Nicholas Berg by al-Qeada operatives. They found an un-identified de-capitated body this past weekend near a bridge in Iraq, and it was only yesterday did the world learn the identity of the man, and the nature of his gruesome death. Up until yesterday I was becomming immune to the death of American troops over in Iraq. It was sadly becomming a way of life for us. I can say I never enjoy hearing about the death of a soldier, and the first days after the war had 'supposedly' ended I was concerned. Then the body count went up, 10, 20, 30. Now a week doesn't go by when almost in passing we hear of more American soldier deaths, and we as a society have become more complacent. Now the finale of 'Friends' and 'Frasier' are the top stories, and the deaths of 10 Americans are further down the list of newsworthy items. I'm not sure how I feel about the war anymore. I am a Bush supporter, and I am a Republican believe it or not. I do believe Saddam was bad, but I'm not 100% sure it was our place alone to nab him. I'm thankful for the British support, but France and a few other of our NATO allies can take a flying leap for all I care. To be honest, I would rather have committed all our troops to Afghanistan and Pakistan and put 110% effort in the downfall of al-Qaeda and all its splinter groups/factions before going into Iraq. Especially since the world wasn't with us. Am I mad at Bush? No. Am I angry and sad at American soldiers death? Yes. Especially when I get ads for Best Buy every week, and realize the world, and especially Americans have almost moved on. We care more about our weekend BBQ's and what new gadget or game we are getting this weekend. Then the scandal of the Iraqi prisoners pictures hit 2 weeks ago. I remember having a few thoughts: 1) Who was the idiot American who snapped the pictures...you know it was a matter of time before they made it out there....dummy got caught. 2) Great, now we stooped down to a level where we are just inviting world criticism. We are supposed to be bastions of peace and morality, and we fuck it up. 3) That's all they did? That's nothing....I did the same shit when I was in college pledging a fraternity. They should have really tortured them, like they torture us. Get all 'Old Testament' on their collective asses. 4) Rumsfeld and Bush are not to be blamed. How can they keep their eyes on every troop all over the world? The soldiers involved do bare some responsibility and should be reprimanded, but their CO's need to be punished as well. All this leads up to the gruesome video of Mr. Berg. A video I will not watch. I cannot watch it due to the fact I do not want to watch anyone die, and the fact I think it's just as bad that all the news media outlets are using this for 'ratings' and have us glued to our TV's. To me, after hearing about this video, I'm sorry, and I'm sure many of my readers will want to flame me and call me names....that's fine and your right and your opinion. Let those middle-eastern al-Qaeda fucks burn....and burn....and burn. They purport that they do this in the name of Allah. Where in the Koran does it indicate that Allah (God to them) is a vengeful God and celebrates the death of any enemy? I realize that their way of thinking is warped, but for the middle eastern community to be up in arms because a few idiot American's made Iraqi's do a naked pyramid, or led them around by a dog collar, does not compare to the brutal be-heading and screaming of someone in 30 seconds and then advertised to the world as sign of revenge and a greatful God. I know this could never happen, and never will....but if I were Bush....and Nato and the world community be damned (that includes the French and German pussies) I'd get on television and make the following dictates: 1) The Iraqi people have 48 hours to turn over the 4 killers, or hell will be dealt out in force to named targets. 2) Tell al-Qaeda, for every American or coalition soldier/civilian that dies in such a brutal manner, that 10 al-Qaeda prisoners will die and meet Allah at midnight the same day by firing squad. No tribuneral, no court, no waiting period, NO NEGOTIATION. 3) Request that other middle-easterners help, and we will reward those that aid. Nothing like getting their own kind to turn on each other. al-Qaeda I think will be a bit surprised when their support crumbles as their own brethren sell out for a dollar. Personaly I'm sick of the war, but I'm more sick about the double-standard of the world we live in. Why the world community has any right to pass judgement on us when we bail their asses out of the fire all the time,...and then give them money for countless year thereafter....just so they complain to us. I believe that the world community is holding us back...that because we don't want to hurt anyone else's precious feelings we fight with one hand behind our back. I say go in 110%, fuck what France and Germany and the likes of others have to say and unleash hell on earth. Because that's the only way al-Qaeda is ever gonna get it. See, while we play by a certain set of rules, everyone is afraid to take notice that the other party HAS NO RULES. al-Qaeda only undertsand one thing: death. And believe me, I have NO GUILT in allowing every single last one of them to meet their maker by ANY MEANS as long is it results in DEATH. I'm sad, and I'm angry. I'm not sure from one minute to the next which I am more of. Please GOD, forgive me...and forgive my thoughts. I know it is not your way but man's, and we are your creation, and you are merciful and rightous in your plans, But I don't want to hate them, yet I do.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Almost Legal 

Is there anyone else out there that has a fascination with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen? They turn 18 this week I believe. Damn, they were butt ugly when the debuted on Full House all those years ago. I actually hated them. Then there was that magical summer when they made the transition to teenagers and became delicious. Oh, I'd love to corrupt them. They are like the clean version of Paris Hilton, which even makes them more desirable in my book. What Playboy would pay them for a pictorial is anyone's guess, but I'd buy it. It'd be funny to me to learn they were closet nymph's and both had their cha-cha's adorned with jewelry or tatoo's. What the hell is wrong with me?

This and That 

I haven't been too much in a 'randy' mood as of late. Not sure why. Work has first and foremost been very busy. Then there has been the heat, and my chores, and Mothers Day, and some other obligations as of late. Just can't seem to keep my eyes open at night. Sorta fell of the Atkins wagon the last few days. Been eating cookies, Jack in the Box, some other crap and it has been so delicious! Gotta go out of town in a few weeks for work for training purposes. It'll only be a couple of days, but I don't like going to strange cities by myself where teh only free time I have is when it's night. Generally means I'll be in the hotel with my laptop either playing a game, or maybe watching a naughty DVD. Watched Survivor finale. Wished Rupert woulda won, but I can't help but think Boston Rob may have proposed to Amber 'cause he knew she would probably win. And speaking of Amber, did anyone else think she was on tranquilizers. There were a few close-ups where hse looked like she was on drugs...just zoning out. April and I have been getting along pretty well lately. A squabble here and there, but I guess that's just the difference in what men and women are thinking or placing values on priorites. We had sex a three days ago, and I was getting all into it at first, but then I realized (as usual) I was dealing with April. She isn't the most experienced person in the world, and sex to her is pretty vanilla. If there is any change ups in positions or new techniques or toys, its generally me. While I don't mind that once in a while, I can't help but think of some past girlfriends (as loony as they may have been) and how they took charge or heated things up for me. April means well, and I don't mean to slam her or hurt her feelings, but I guess I have a wandering eye again because our sex life is like what I picture two mormons doing.......there, but boring. Didn't help when I was at the mall the other day when I was shopping for mom, when the mall was crawling with young 18-35 year old MILF's. I just sat there, actually feeling guilty that my carnal desires where giving me whiplash. I vowed I shoudl go there with a friend or late at night so I can walk the stores and not be distracted by hotties every 10 yards. All I could think about is what I would do with her, how I would do this one, where I would kiss/lick that one. It was like Hugh Hefner dropped of all the Playmates at my mall and told them to shop for an hour. April and I really need to talk about this. I just don't know how to broach the subject. BTW, I do 'hate' the middle east. The hypocrisy of that region just makes me want to shoot the television.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Discovering Scott's double life....a mirror of my own. 

True Story Well, I started a draft on this yesterday, but 'ole Blogger.com decided it didn't liek my writing style and therefor would not save, so here I am again starting over. To kick this off, I must tell you to protect the person's identtity, Scott is not "Scott's" real name. I still plan on finishing my Raina escpades, but this just happened a few days back and seemed like it has been on the tip of my lobe, and I can't progress without getting this out. Scott....for all intents and purposes is a pretty nice guy. He really isn't a close friend, or even a 'friend' at all, more of a mutual aquaintance I've know over the past few years as we seem to have similar friends and lounging spots. I'd consider Scott, who is a few years older than me, still a hard core party guy. He's been married twice before, no kids, but everytime I run into him he is telling me about this vacation, or this club, or that party...and I believe him. Like I said, I've run into him a few times in our private lives....at local watering holes, the gym, parties, etc. He lives pretty close to me. I must also admit he is a pretty good looking guy. Very clean cut, and a ripped body. Where as I am more muscular than him, Scott is definetly more ripped. He reminds me of what a Backstreet Boy or an N'Sync band member may look like in a few years. He also has an outgoing personality, however, sometimes it can be borderline aggravating as he likes to consume his liquor. Usually when I run into Scott, more times than not he is half way trashed, smoking up a storm, and is kinda obnoxious in front of the ladies. What's wierd is that the women either are repulsed by his mouth despite his look, or fall for him. But the ones that fall for him are of the stripper variety. I think over the last few years I've met a few of his stripper girlfriends. On the flip side, I've heard plenty of rumors he was bi-sexual. Personally, I don't believe it, and I've been interpreted as being gay myself from time to time....I can only figure because I don't know much about sports or cars, I'm clean cut, and love to cook...and not married. Anyway, I ran into Scott earlier this week and I guess through the grapevine he learned that I can repair computers. He asked me to take a look at his and I agreed and went over to his apartment. I powered it on and Scott went about his business around the house....doing chores. As I am sifting through settings, cache, fragmented files and what not, you tend to come across folders/files that appear innocent until you open them and find a surprise. Now mind you, Scott never warned me on anything and let me have free reign. Anyway, I came across his stash of personal x - xxx rated pcitures. There were plenty of women...amateurs they he had apparently took their pictures, or he traded with them. There were some inncocent ones of Scott and women hugging, or a group of friend, then the next would be the same girl either in lingerie or naked. Go Scott. But then I ran into some naked men pictures. Scott was in none of these and the surroundings did not look familiar. Granted 95 % of his pics were of women, or couples, but that 5% of men took me off guard. Then here is kicker #1: I RECOGNIZED SOME OF THE WOMEN....from that swing site I was a part of moons ago. My lord, was Scott a member of the same site I was? Did he ever see my profile? If he did, he's never mentioned it or forgot. Anyway, it was surreal to see Scott has some pics of some of the same women I had corresponded with in the past. Yikes! Good thing I'm not on that anymore. Then Kicker #2: I came across some xxx rated of Scott and various women. I must say...in all honesty...the pics were hot! That is more so the ladies. But one thing...I've seen Scott in the gym before..clothed. Okay, here is the big injustice of the world: I'm Italian and have all the features of being Italian, but as far as my privates go, I am average. Scott on the other hand, which must have some european mix backgroun was HUGE. I sat there slack-jawed as this guy who I am bigger than in all other aspects, was hiding a yard stick all this time!! Scott entered the room at this point and saw that I come across his stash. He wasn't embarrassed at all, and then started sharing war stories about certain girls. Now it wasn't bragging at all, it was all matter-of-factly to him, and he never brought up the men, but all he would say is so-in-so liked it this way, oh and so-and-so swallowed, and so-in-so liked to be choked, etc., etc. Do I believe him....? Hell, he had teh pictures to prove it...I guess I'm surprised how many women secretly like to be photgraphed doing naughty things I guess. Even said he'd introduce me to one next time we were out....uh, not sure if I want, but thanks.....I guess. All the time he is telling me these stories, and some were pretty damn good....I finally fixed his computer. He thanked me, offered to buy me a drink next time I ran into him...shook my hand..and I left. I guess everyone of us has a double life in some aspect. Who knew?

Monday, May 03, 2004

Driving Home 

This past weekend was a bitch. Weather-wise that is. We're having a slight heat wave, and temperatures are hitting the mid-high 90's, and there are reports of triple digits not far away. What makes it worse is the air is just....still. No breeze at all. So in an effort to avoid my home and running the A/C, I decided to drive to another gym to work out. Not the nicest in the world, but cool, and away from the house in which it would take me just a little longer to get home. I had no plans really anyway...I was supposed to go to a friend's house later that night for a BBQ. Not much to mention at the gym. Just another workout really...going through the motions in this heat. But when I left the gym, I had to take an alternate route home. About 2/3rds the way home, I noticed this small cherry red VW Jetta to my left with a very attractive blond with sunglasses on appearing to be talking to someone. Was there someone else in the car? A child in the back? No. I couldn't see a cell phone either, unless she was on a wireless brand. Perhaps she was just singing to the radio. She must have felt my eyes on her, as she turned my way, and I flashed her a grin. To my surprise, she returned with a smile on her own. I quickly glanced at her left hand....no ring. I haven't tried this style of flirting in a long time, and I just couldn't resist. The light turned green and we were off again, playing cat and mouse. She sped up, I sped up. She slowed down, I slowed down. Next red light. She was still talking or singing, and what really kep my attention was the mystery of her eyes behind those sunglasses. Had to be in her late 20's or early 30's. This time she turned to me and smiled at me and raised an eyebrow. Goodness!!! She was flirting back!!!! Green light. Go. Red light. I looked back at her to my right, and when she turned to me yet again I mouthed the following: "Boy, you are too cute"....pause as she was deciphering on what I said...."Thankyou......you too". OMG! Green light.. She zoomed in front of me, and then turned her left blinker on...to turn into an apartment complex. I wasn't about to stop and as I drove by her, I turned to my left now and waved. She waved back as only a woman can to tempt a guy. I continued on my way....that whole 5 minutes made me feel so good. Part of me wanted to stop and follow her...but for all I know she could be returning to her boyfriend...or she could be just toying with me. I'm slightly mad at myself now for not finding out....She lives not to far from my home, so maybe we'll pass again on the road someday. All I know is she was very attractive, seemed to have a flirty/playful spirit, and with the weather as warm as it has been....it just feeds the theatre of the mind on what kind of sweat drenched fun we could have on white cotton sheets and a shower.....

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