Thursday, December 23, 2004

Early X-mas 

Here's looking at you playa's Posted by Hello Well, enjoy this little (temporary) goofy pic of yours truly. This was taken about 2 years ago at a party I attended. I stumbled across it the other day and I thought it was sufficient enough to share with you, without giving too much away. The only thing different today is I have a little more grey hair and the moustache portion of my goatee is absent (I think they call it an anchor).

Merry Christmas 

Sunrise - Simply Red. This isn't the song I necessarily wanted to post today, but I find it a very beautiful song anyway. I love the sample of Hall & Oates. So I guess I won't be blogging again until after the new year begins. As of sometime this mid-afternoon I start a week off of work which really won't seem like a vacation anyway. Christmas day will be pretty hectic anyway since I have a few family obligations to attend...which translates to me sitting in a car off and on for a few hours throughout. Looking forward to the New Year. A lot of unfavorable mojo the past few months have given me some grey hairs I'd rather not have. Plus I get to start my new diet and hopefully I'll shed some of these pounds that have appeared from stress induced carb binges. On a side-note, April may indeed have turned a corner. She has still maintained the ban on smoking and has been more pleasant the last few days as well. We had a small get together with friends at my place last night to exchnage a few gifts, and as the night came to a close, she decided to stay as my buddies left. After a quick cleaning of teh kitchen and living room we made our way to my bedroom. While the atmosphere of pure romance in sappy holiday movies was not present (....baby steps...), she did take some initiative to get her swerve on. And I'm sorta glad she did for my sake at least, for I was dead tired. Basically, if she left me alone anylonger I'd proably be out with sugarplums dancing in my head. I was kinda in a for a treat too.....when she stripped down I noticed through touch that she was very closely shaven and exteremly moist. Okay, ...what got into her? My surprise even took on a larger roll as she proceeded to give me a little oral and a little massaging of the boys with a free hand with no coaxing from me what-so-ever. Believe me,....I wasn't about to kick a gift horse in the mouth! Though I wished it could have lasted a bit longer, I knew that I was tired and would be fading fast if I didn't take control here and quick. I kicked off the covers, rolled her onto her back and manuevered myself for spelunking (never thought you'd hear that from me did ya?). With both my arms holding her calves up high on either side of me, I went to work, and just for the heck of it began talking a little dirty. "You like that huh?"....."You my little girl tonight?"...."What made you so wet you dirty little girl you?". Alternating between powerful thrusts, then slow teases, I told her I was going to pop off on her stomach. It's been a long time since we did that, and just that thought was enough to finsih me off. I removed myself from the slick sensation that was April, and holding my body real still, managed to aim pretty perfectly my desires all over her stomach. I think to both our surprise there was quite a bit, and after a few minutes of quiet breathing I got up and got a warm wash cloth to bath her down, then me. A few kisses later, and I was sleeping.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hey, Hey, Hey.....It's Fat Nate 

Musings I sit here and type bloated. Good Lord, I ate sooo much crap, sodium, and carbs over the weekend that my body feels as if it is going on strike against me. I look back and don't really think I over ate at all, just too many rich foods and holiday snacks that my body just isn't used to anymore. Needless to say, I'm actually really looking forward to January 1st. I told April (who spent the weekend with me no less and watched me gorge) that Atkins was starting on January 1st. She actually told me that she ordered 'us' a book...I can't recall the author...but it's another diet plan in the same vein as Atkins and South Beach that she wants to do with me. Perhaps a turning point for April? I'm also happy to say she quit smoking cold turkey last week and only broke down on Saturday and puffed on a small cigar I had at the house. But unless she is doing a very good job of hiding it, she has indeed quit. A little crabby, but that was to be expected. I think she's a little concerned about her health as of late and my level of attraction towards her. She recently saw pictures of us together when we first met and looks at herself today and knows something happened to her, and that while I may fluctuate a pound myself her and there, she's aware that other women talk to me, and I think that makes her jealous. (talk about a run-on sentence. English was never my strongest subject) We did manage to find a few moments to 'play' this weekend. Twice by my count, and I would have liked to 'play' a bit more, but we had obligations to attend, Christmas shopping to do, chores, etc. She also had to put some time into work this weekend as well, so I know she was really tired, and really tired people just can't get in the mood to be sexy. I don't blame her...I know when I am dead tired, I usually don't want to goof around either. But I guess some sex is better than no sex, but I still wish it was a little more spicy like when we first met. Maybe that's another reason she quit smoking and wants to begin a new diet and exercise regime...perhaps April realizes as I have for a while now that our sex life is sorta 'boring' and I'm losing interest. That's tough to tell her without hurting her feelings. But when we 1st started dating our physical chemistry was like an 8 or 9. Lately it feels like a luke-warm 4-5. I'm not used to that and often find myself thinking about past girls and even new ones out there. Sometimes I have better sessions with myself and an old video than we have had in the bedroom. I honestly say a lot of it has to do with her self-esteem right now, and I can only lend so much support...it's up to her as well to make changes for herself, and she knows my frustration level on that subject is about to spill over. Time will tell. Thursday will be my last day at work and I won't be back until January 3rd, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me until January after this week. News Items:
  1. Not sure why I'm including this, I guess something just struck me as odd.
  2. Go Survivor host Jeff Probst on dating former contestant Julie Berry! Not sure how long it will last with the age difference, but she's pretty cute.
  3. Speaking of Survivor, did you know Ami Cusack once posed for Playboy? More here. (warning: Nudity). Dang, she cleans up nice for a man-hater.
  4. 60's pop group The Turtles sues Applebee's. Good. Now if I could just figure out a way to claim emotional duress on Old Navy and sue them as well, my life would be 100 times better. Damn I hate Old Navy commercials. No...i HATE them, and have a self-imposed boycott that I can never shop there. I want to drop kick that little kid in all the recent holiday commercials. Oddly, I find myself flipping off the TV when they come on.
  5. Death to spammers, I hate them too.
  6. Needs to suffer herself.
  7. Ditto here. Why I do indeed support the death penalty.
  8. I just found out my TV blond babe Portia de Rossi plays for her own team. Hmmmm. I never would have guessed, but of all people, why Ellen? Boy, Ellen go the good end of that deal anyway.

Signing off for now. Just hit a mental wall. Ouch.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Does Jared speak Spanish? 

Rant. My Gawd. I can no longer bear to attempt to ever set foot again in my local Subway. This marks two times in a row that my order has been butchered because of the language barrier and my native tongue of English. What I ordered: 6" bacon, ranch, chicken sandwich on Italian bread. What I got: 1' bacon, ranch, chicken on white. I decided I was hungry enough anyway, so I wasn't going to argue with the extra 6", but then when it came to payment, the Chaos Theory took over. The sandwhich itself is $5.49 as a foot long, and the medium drink is like $1 something. I also presented my 'Sub Club' card (the one with the stamps I have earned from this very establishment). I was told they aren't doing that anymore. Tough shit, you have to honor this. So they said they'd give 1/2 the sandwhich to me for free. Okay. Then the bill comes to $7.01. Quick math in my head says if the sandwhich was $5.49 for a foot, and the drink was $1.00 something, then what the hell did I save? I pointed this out my english deficient friend who said she'd given me 1/2 for free. If I wasn't in a rush or spied a line behind me, I would have gone into a debate, so instead I just said 'whatever' and left. In my car, I looked at the receipt. I was charged $1.00 extra for bacon on the BACON, CHICKEN, RANCH sandwich. MOTHER F'er. Wasn't even that great anyways.

Do I look slimmer?...I'm feeling a Brain Dump commin' on.. 

And Sugar Plums danced in his head Posted by Hello

Random Musings In no particular order:

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Steamy Song 

Very Hot. This is an incredibly hot song and one of my personal favorites. Even if rap is not your bag, the slow crawl of the lyrics (which are hot in their own right), the bass that sounds like a heartbeat, and the simple synthesized organ notes are a great combination. Then the icing on the cake is the background sound effect vocals. Listen carefully, and hopefully you'll recognize your partner or even yourself laid down those tracks. Fantasy: When I hear this song, I always picture myself at a nightclub. I'm dressed up to a 'T', wearing a nice 'club' shirt, clean cut, by myself. I came alone not looking for anything, just wanted to be out of the house and amongst a hip crowd. I stand alone at the bar ordering yet another Manhattan on the rocks, and as I turn around and lean up against the bar rail to relax, that's when I see you. You are already out on the dance floor, lost in your own world as you move your incredible body to the hypnotic beats emanating from the hidden sound system. Though you are surrounded by your girlfriends, it's clear you have separated yourself in your mind from those about you as the music has melted with your soul. Your tight one piece dress clings to your body in all the right places. Your hair is done up miraculously, and make-up expertly applied. Strong, long legs are supported by the 4 inch heels you wear, and I admire from afar the definition of your calves and thighs. Your smile lights up the dark dance floor, and your eyes are closed as you continue to grind quite provocatively. Soon you come off the dance floor for a brief rest and make your way by coincidence to near where I am standing. As you get closer, your eyes look up to meet mine and they lock for a few seconds. I return a smile and you conveniently stop to order a drink next to me. I introduce myself and take in the pleasant smell of the perfume you are wearing. I decide I am ordering a drink for you, and have the bartender pour you a cosmo. You accept thankfully and turn yourself towards me. The flirtation is immediate and I throwing you a vibe as well as I think you are sending me. Our conversation is playful, yet there's an unspoken art to it. We are like to fencer's dueling with witty innuendos, both being mysterious and guarded yet parrying with heavy hints. We decide to find a small corner in the club where the bustle is not as bad and you flag your friends to let them know everything is okay. Our conversation continues as we click...I swirl my tumbler allowing the ice to circle about. Your soft, wet lips are calculating on the rim of your martini glass. The sounds of the DJ seem to become our subconscious theme of the night. As you turn yourself in place towards the dance floor you purposely brush up against me. I don't move. We stare silently at both the singles and couples on the floor. Dancing lights and fog effects add to the atmosphere. A sea of bodies moving and gyrating before us must have clicked in our heads. You feel comfortable with me, and lean back into me. I still do not move. Neither do you. As the night continues we let both our guards down. As the crowd becomes denser, we are squeezed together more so by circumstance, and its an unspoken delight between us. What are we gonna do otherwise? Soon, brief hand touching becomes are stroking and then holding. A quick peck promises to be something more. You complain it's hot and too crowded and want to step outside with me in tow. As the side door opens to a back alley, the temperature quickly drops from the stifled and humid club air to the cool, slightly drizzly outside. With the asphalt wet and the neon lights bouncing back of the street, you and I are alone watching the steam rise from manhole covers. No words exchange between us, we just turn and stare at each other for a brief moment, and then as if we both picked up on it at the same time, we slowly grab for each other. Our lips meet with unbridled passion. Our hands roaming each others back. You ask where my car is. I point to the convertible 15 yards away. You tell me to take you home. You explain it's starting to get too cold outside and would like to warm things up a bit more. I notice the goosbumps on your arms and shoulders and see your eyes staring at my own, just as hungrily as I stare back at you. We hurriedly make our way to my car. I open the door for you and watch your fabulous body bend over and crawl in. I make my way around to my door, open it, sit, and key the ignition. Your hand finds my thigh and I reach for the radio. Funny...the same song that was playing in the club when we first saw each other is playing now. You notice as well, as it if it was meant to be and tell me to drive home fast. I do, allowing my imagination to paint a hundred different scenarios that are going possibly take place in the next half hour or so....I imagine helping you slip out of that dress by the light of the moon....... And I let you all imagine what happens next.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Quick Joke... 

Really have no time today...been so busy. Anyway, quick joke. And if you can't take a joke like this, well.....too bad. Build a bridge and get over it. Two Arabs are sitting in a Gaza Strip bar chatting over a pint of fermented goat's milk. One pulls his wallet out and starts flipping through pictures and they tart reminiscing. "This is my oldest son, he's a martyr." "You must be so proud" says the other. "This is my second son. He is a martyr also." "A fine looking young man", replies his friend. After a pause and a deep sigh, the second Arab says wistfully, "They blow up so fast, don't they?"

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sexy Songs - New Feature 

Sexy Song w/ Vocals. I've had an idea for a while now, which was one of the reasons that prompted me to look into audio features here on my Blog. I have a collection of audio songs, that in my personal opinion exude a certain sexiness factor. They are songs that either the lyrics, back beat, base line, or general composition that for what ever reason put me in a randy mood, or at least remind me of a certain event and/or fantasy. I think I will keep a record of songs in the margin at the right as well listing Title & Track and in the order they appreared here. Due to certain size limitations (at least for now), I can only have one or two songs up at any given time. But I think at the very least you will be surprised at my choices and hopefully introduce you to many new genre's and perhaps even view these tracks as much more than just a MP3. By that, I mean to open your mind and heart and see if these songs stir up any actual physical arousal's that you can apply to your own fantasies and/or share with your mate. I find that certain songs bring to the table a very vivid memory or event that I may have shared with someone and in a way, brought about a certain mix of sexuality as well. The first song I'd like to feature is one simply called FADE by Solu Music. This is an extended remix featuring the vocals of Kimblee. Now just sit back, close your eyes (or while reading my blog), preferably in a setting where no other distractions are present and let the lyrics sink in. Some of my favorite lyrics selected here are: Take my place In my mind Capture me Follow Through Validate... Wanting you It's been a long, long time Since you've been on my mind And Now.... I must forget about us Turn away What to do? Let it go.... Follow Through ....... ....... Hesitate Pull me in breath on breath skin on skin Luvin me' Falling Fast All right here Let this last Even with our lips locked tight Baby, the time is right For us.... To forget about us Enjoy.

In the WTF category for today... 

I bring you this odd, funny, and slightly disturbing newstory. Very little sleep again last night. You think its weird that for 2 nights in a row, I have awoken at exactly 3:40am? Yes, on the dot, two nights in a row. I'm a crabby camper today. April is a bit under the weather. Right now, I don't want to be at work. I despise moronic questions and behavior, and maybe because it's due to the lack of sleep, I feel I have been surrounded by it in spades. Problem is I have to put on a happy face to those I interface with, but behind my shining exterior, I wish to beat them with a wet rubber hose.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Sound Test 1.2 (edited) 

12/07/04 EDIT: Removed song from post. Test of Audiblog. Finally got onto Audioblog today, and was scrounging for a temp music file. This probably won't last long, as I get a new song up here and mess with the look and placement. By the way, this is the intro track to Enigma 'Cross of Changes' album which is so-so in my opinion. Their instructions aren't the best in the world, so today has been a bit of trial and error.

A drastic experiment 

True Story/Musing Warning: Explicit Material. To set the tone of my entry, I have swiped an entry 'almost' in entirety and will paste it below. Forgive me poster, but it really got my wheels a 'spinnin, and you did such a great job of painting a picture in my head (a very good quality you have by the way). It's a subject that I have always been relatively leary about for many reasons (which I'll detail later) and took me many years to get over the mental hurdle to try it twice now. If it happens again, it will be up to both of us and the mood definetly needs to be right. Post: I'll whisper it's time to try. Your eyebrow will raise. I'll smile that smile I know will make you hard again.You've been fucking me silly, just as I requested, I'm sure. This episode will need to start a little more tenderly. You'll need to stroke my hair and tell me all those words you've said before. You'll be patient with me, very manly of you by the way.Kiss me first. Did you know I like kissing? I like kissing a lot. I'll need to suck you again. I don't think I will ever get enough of that, I am so addicted - and it will relax me. The hardness, the softness of silky skin. All in my eager mouth. All for me. I love the way it makes you sound. Groaning and grunting for me. I love that it makes you swear a little when I tease you just the way you've taught me to. I love the way you love - that I love it. (Did you follow?) I can't get enough and you know it.You know what it does to me. How it makes my stomach flip, my eyes light up, my pussy surge, how it moves me.Moving on...hhhmmm...How many fingers can I take? One, two, three- three...I know that already. Now you do. I am on my knees with pillows under my belly so I can relax. You helped me put them there, you are so considerate when I need you to be.I am spread out before you. My ass in the air for your taking. Lick me, taste what you do to me. You know what you want to do, do it. Tell me how it makes you hard, knowing what you are about to do. Tell me your dick is dying to get in. I can almost hear me say the words of encouragement you need. A little direction, a little moaning, it's your turn to make me swear a little. You know you want to hear it.The rest, well, you will probably know better than I. (If not we'll figure it out) when you do this - do it as you think we should. Fuck me like you mean it. Get me good and fucked so I can do nothing but lie in your bed and sigh. Fuck me so when other men look at me, they know what you've done, where I've been, what I've let you do.Now, I am really yours. I think you called me your ...........Call me it again, call me anything at all, and just mean it. I read this, and the build up for me was very pleasing for my man-like simple-minded capacity. The subject of 'anal' anything has always been very taboo for me, and even as brave as I am in many areas, this ranks up there with things I generally don't consider. I have some guy and gal pals who have talked about it somewhat openly to me (and as you can imagine, more the guys than the gals) regarding their experiences. While not 100% favorable, it does tend to be more an excitement factor to my male counterparts than my female friends, however, there were a few females who seemed a little turned on by the topic. Perhaps it's a mental thing for the majority of us. It's generally the 'forbidden' orifice, and anything that approaches it sets the mind up for overdrive on the 'naughty' scale. I understand that sometimes the 'forbidden' fruit is the most delectable to the mind and the fantasies it conjures up and thus has the ability to empower both sexes when they try it. I think when I first heard about the practice, right about the same time I learned about sex to beign with, I was repulsed. Why would anyone want to do that? And pleasure wasn't on the forefront of my mind. I was thinking more on a hygiene level. I could never imagine that area ever being clean. I know what I eat, and I've seen my girlfriends eat too. Get the picture? When I was in college, I can honestly say the topic or situation never really presented itself to me (nor the few years I was active prior to college) and I really never gave it much of a thought. It was Debra who first caught me off guard when I was about 23 years old. Debra was older than me by at least 6-8 years...I can't remember, and had already been married and divorced, now living by herself in a condo. We met a bar, or actually I met her. I was feeling brave one night and just walked up to her and her friends. I most likely sounded like and idiot, but eventually this 'older' woman (ha...late 20's) must have looked at me as a possible fling and accepted my phone number. Debra and I dated for almost 6 months (many stories later), but it was almost 2 months into our fling in which she brought up the subject. We were at her condo, fooling around quite heavily. This particular episode took place in her bedroom after what I felt I was getting lockjaw from attempting oral on her. Needless to say, of all the women I was with before, and upto today, I never had such difficulty arousing someone to climax as Debra with oral skills. As much as I like performing oral, with Debra it ended up being a chore, and more times than naught, I had a sore neck and jaw and chapped lips afterwards. It was this time she just flipped over on all fours and we began to go at it, when about 5 minutes into it, she looked over her shoulder and asked me to place it 'elsewhere'. It took me probably longer than was comfortable for her for me to realize what she meant. Even with a condom on, I was hesitant, and long story short, I didn't. Oddly, this seemed to be a bit of a concern for her, which in turn made me feel even more odd for thinking she was actually getting frustrated that I wouldn't. I tried and explained that I had never done that before, and I honestly don't think she believed me. Right then and there she 'shared' with me the exploits of her and her ex-husband, though brief in detail, let me know how she did indeed enjoy anal sex. For me....right there...end of erection. I think the topic came up a few more times during our 'fling', and we never actually did it. Over the years, a very small percentage of female aquaintances I've 'been' with have even broached the subject silently. By that I mean, in the throws of wonton passion, I witnessed on more than one occasion a vibrator tease the area, and maybe 'slip-in' for a few seconds, but still I was never attached. My ground-breaking day happened with April. For whatever reason, our sex that day was a little more intense and hotter than usual. We were with like minds that time, and burning calories that Dr. Atkins could be proud of. It was that day with April on her back at the edge of her bed, and me standing on the ground inside her, that she reached over to the little bottle of lubricant we use once in a while and coated the end of her toy. To my amazment and wide-eyes April began to push it inside her down there and was clearly enjoying it. After a few minutes of this she told me I was next. Uh, excuse me? She reached down and grabbed my condom covered manhood and slapped a little lubricant on it as well. Holding me with her thumb and forefinger, she placed the tip just at the entrance and told me to push forward. More like in a trance than anything really concious....I did. It wasn't the easist thing in the world, and my mind was in a chaotic jumble of non-sequiter thoughts. I knew what I was doing, yet I was speechless. Thank goodness the enjoyment on Aprils face was comforting, for I was clearly not sure what to think. Was I hurting her? How far do I push? How fast? What is the etiquette? All the time my thoughts were awry, one other thought began to creep in...this feels.....not...too....bad. The slighest movement at this point from either of us sent me that much closer to the edge, and within a few more seconds I was filling my condom up with semen and then trying to register how I disengage properly, and what do I say? Thank goodness for April's patience and understanding. She knew I had never done that before, and since then we have talked about it a few times, which led to a second successful attempt. I still have a mental hurdle to get over, as even when I occasionally watch porn, I tend to skip the 'anal scene'. After reading the swiped post above though, it puts it in a different light. There was something about the words above that turned me on. Not the act itself, but the way the writer describes her feelings in her head. Perhaps if this was described to me in person, I'd be more apt to try it again....but it's not high on my priority list. But it was like words of encouragement and desire and animal like heat that struck the right chord with me. Something I generally don't think of at all, has now been stuck in my head for a few days now.

Friday, December 03, 2004

More coding & Reality TV 

Technicalities (sp?) So I was just goofing around this morning and added two new features to this site:
  1. Counter - Note a counter below BlogLinker. Just to see really how many people find me boring :)
  2. Guest Map - Also under BlogLinker I added a guest map, where if you click it a map of teh world pops up and you can place a pin of where you are, if you so choose to share that info. Not sure if I'll keep it or not. Has sorta a clunky feel to it. I wanted to possibly use the map from KMI, but it's been suspended for re-design. There is no word when it will be back up and operational, but I may switch to that later. I like the clean look of it.
  3. Haven't made up my mind about music yet. Do I go for one song, or a soundtrack? It's all about the benjamins.

Survivior: Finally, Ami is gone. Yes, a drama queen who though her shit didn't stink when she was sitting high and mighty on her self-imposed thone. I found it totally hypocritical that she had the audacity to say she was always honest and what a suck up she was to Eliza, when there was numerous occasions she was underhanded as just plain rude to people. Well, perhaps she can go and hate womyn now too as she already disdains men. A little more exciting this episode, but you'll have to agree, this is one of the most boring and lack-luster casts yet.

Apprentice: I love Jen. I could look at her all day too. I was afraid her team was going to lose yesterday as they showed how scatter-brained they were at the assembly plant, but they redeemed themselves with the brilliant marketing ploy. Boy that made Ivana mad. I miss Raj. Oh, and how Ivana turned on Kevin in the boardroom. Yikes.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

This is a good place for a StickUp, or, Sir...You need an Enema 

Not a-Musing Good God, What in the Sam Hill Tarnation (I've been waiting to use that line appropriately) have you been ingesting my slightly rotund and obtuse shaped upper-management co-worker? I seriously want to contact your wife and doctor for I am now deeply concerned and possibly scarred for my tenure here. Though you were in the stall only a few brief moments, a waft of bad air lingers like the London fog. What you made in the mens gym restroom was uncalled for on many levels. It is now apparant to me why you look the way you do. The tired face, the haggard hair, the always unkempt look....you are straining to hard while going number 2. As a silent employee, I can now not look at you in the face, and am afraid to shake your hand. You, Sir, need fiber....and a lot of it. For that berthing you left behind for the rest of us to revel in as we completed our showers and got ready to return to work you leave us to ponder where you eat, and where we need to avoid. God, I'd hate to do your laundry. Change your diet,....for our sake and the sake of your children.


Question. So, there's a blog out there I read and to respect this person's privacy they have requested that I don't link their site, so I won't. But this person has a cool feature in the right margin: A Windows Media control player that plays a snippet of "Kissing a Fool". I tried to view the source and came across what appears to be http://jupiter.walagata.com , however page seems to have an error. Looks like it may be a file hosting utility and the code looks easy to embed. So I did a search on Google for "adding audio to blogs" and "mp3 blogs" and a few other combinations and found some interesting sites. None that actually look like a simple "How To", and I don't really want to use the Blogger.com version of Audioblogger. The recording and sampling is way too basic, as in you need a phone, and you can't upload files. Then I came across these 2:
  1. Audiblog.com which seems pretty cool, but it's a pay site to host $4.95 a month. It appears that it can host upwards of 1 GB of audio, but unsure of advanced features and quality. I may try this for a month just to see how it works and I'm out for only $4.95.
  2. Then there's K-Amp, which seems much more robust. They have a realy feature rich solution, but it's a tiered cost. $4.95 for basic allowing for 10 MB, or an upgraded version for $9.95 to host 50 MB of audio and many more features. I perused a few sites using it this morning, and the playlist feature works pretty darn good.

So why do I want this? I think It be cool to share some music with you. Songs make the mood, and I have some killer imported tracks from around the world that would add a lot of ambiance to this site and your reading pleasure. Sometimes music, or more specific tracks should be associated with certain entries, because it will put you in the mood and help expereince what I experience.

But, I'm asking a few of you out there if you have any other services that you are aware of, preferrably free :) I'd be very interested. Or share your thoughts with me.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Decades of Personality 

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd
The above quiz was yet another shameless lift from Chastity. I always like these things. I always answer honestly, and I truly am imprssed with some of the questions because they really make me think. However, some questions can always be phrased better or have maybe another answer that may fit me better, but I'm not the one creative one adminsitering the quiz. I often thought if I weren't a teenager of the 80's when else would I have like to be a teen. The answer hands down is the 50's, and I am positive I would have been a greaser with a hot rod. I probably would have a leather jacket and slicked back hair, and hopefully a girlfriend in a skirt I would 'pin'. I just picture the movie Grease in all its glory. There was also the advent of modern television, color movies, WWII was over. Personally I think the late 60's and early 70's was a dark period in our social growth. I know some would argue the exact opposite. I'm sure you can apply this to just about any recent decade, but for some reason when I think of the 60's and 70's, I only think of dirty and shaggy hair, rampant drug use, Vietnam, an increase in crime, cults and horrible music. Oh and God awful architecture and polyester patterns and hoem decor----atrocious!! It just seems that the 50's were cleaner and I'm not 100% positive I know even what the hell I'm talking about there. The 80's brought me MTV, the PC, advances in cinema techniques, a real development in global politics, and of course frost lip gloss and like a virgin outfits on girls. Yes, I think teenage girls in the 80's were much hotter than those of the 70's...mosttly due to hairstyles and fashions. Oh, and who could forget cool cars and Miami Vice trends.

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