Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Smells of Sex 

Musings Yeah, okay, nice title....but I couldn't think of anything else. I'm not sure what exactly triggered this thought for me today....oh, wait, actually I do. A peer of mine was speaking about Tiger Balm and BenGay and their smells, and of course my mind went south. So suddenly my head was filled with tid-bits of pop-trivia,....some heresay, other's from personal experience about the smells of sex. I always ponder those TV shows or movies where the proverbial 3rd wheel (mother, room mate, sibling) bursts into a room and loudly declares to their chagrin "It smells like sex in here". To this day, I still can't figure out what that means, if sex in and of itself has any particular smell. I can think of some pleasant and some horrific smells when it comes to the horizontal mamba, but nothing that just says "Sex has just taken place here", and I doubt I ever will. With that in mind, I tried to think of both the pleasant and not so pleasant smells and make a list and see if you agree or want to add to it: I guess I'll start with the bad first:
  1. Condom Latex - For what ever reason, this smell has always just hit my olafactory ducts wrong. The idea of wet, used latex makes my eyes twitch.
  2. Bad Breath or Liquor Breath - There is nothing like wanting to make out with a girl (or guy for you ladies) than the slow anticipation for a good tonsil hockey session when their mouth opens up and you can smell/taste some fetid booze concoction or stale cigarette vapors eminating from their lungs or stomach.
  3. Nether region hygiene - I know I personally like to be as clean as possible before sex, and thus if I can manage it I will always opt for a shower and pay real close attention to what is south of the waist line. Whether the smell be sweat, or some other bodily fluid there is nothing that will make me run from oral copulation than that smell. I have noticed it tends to be more pungent if the person in question doesn't manicure down there either.
  4. Foot Cheese - Nuff said....I ain't gonna suck or massage your toes if I fear I'm getting athelete's foot.
  5. Animals on the bed - Every try and be romantic when you are on someones bed and the sheets remind you of wet dog?
  6. Litter Boxes - Just like above, and even worse in the summer. I dated a girl once who had a litter box for her cat in the adjoining restroom. All I could smell was ammonia when we were panting.
  7. B.O. - See # 3. Take a shower please.

Now the Good:

  1. Perfume - It's different for everyone, but certain women's prefume (not too sweet) applied on the neck, cleavage, and belly conjure up good memories.
  2. Incense - Nothing makes the mood better for me than burning Sandlewood or Jasmine. Again, not too sweet for a man.
  3. Breath - The exact opposite of #2 above. Sometimes a woman's tongue and mouth can taste so good when she has good oral hygiene. I have actually experienced 'sweet' lips and a temperate mouth.
  4. Sheets- Mmmmm, good fresh cotton sheets as if the bed was just made. And as long as we are talking laundry, if I can peel off your clean denim jeans, and pressed blouse all the better.
  5. Skin and Nether regions - Clean skin has a unique smell. For me it's most likely subconcious, but I equate that to you're healthy and take pride in yourself for me. The smell of yoru skin as I travel down your body will make me pause and often nibble and lick at time. And especially if your nether regions are clean, I will spend a lot of time down there getting to know it on the most personal of levels whereas you'd think I forgot about you being attached to it.
  6. Crackling Fire and Champagne - Either by themsleves or the synergy of both when combined, but it's truly rustic and brings out re-pressed boy scout fantasies when I can throw you down in front of a fire and trickle a littel champagne on your naked chest and belly button. The smell of burning maple.....and you....mmmmm
  7. Certain sun-tan lotions - Again, most likely a subconcious thing, but when you smell like pina-colada or the surf of a beach, all I can picture is you in that bikini you wear, and what lies underneath. Plus it has the benefit of making you oily and slick so I can slide all over you!

Now...Your turn.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Survivor, Appliances and K-Y Jelly 

Musings Just some randomness this morning. It was nice to have the last 4 days off, well for the most part anyway. I wish I could say the last 4 days were a vacation perse, but unforsee-ables crept up and I'm sore. I had really planned on going to the gym, but never made it one day, but I am pretty happy with myself for I didn't go overboard on junk food or overstuffing myself with holiday treats. Sure I had a few drinks, and 2 helpings of turkey and potato's, but no pie and very limiting fattening food. However, I have a date with the gym tonight come hell or high water. Wind kept me up partially last night. Bad wind storm in our area woke me at 3:22 am and I was up until at least 5 am before I fell back asleep, so I'm sure later today I will suffer. I won't get into the particular's today with an escapade I had with April. Long story short, we had more like a maintenance sex the other day, I'm usally not so much into those...I actually really like to be in the mood but we tried the new warming gel from K-Y. I'll be honest,...I don't think it warmed up very much if at all. The only thing I made note of was that it was slick. Sex shops usually have flavored warming gel's like cinnimon that from personal experience seemed a hell of a lot better that this stuff, however, the draw back to those is that you really better like the taste otherwise if your partner doesn't do a masterful job of oral cleanup, you're in a for a heck of a sticky mess. Did that once in the past with some gel that wasn't cleaned up and all I remember aftewards was wanting a shower so bad becuase of a matted mess. So summation: K-Y warming gel doesn't warm, but makes for slick action. Cut my hands up pretty well this weekend too. My dishwasher sprung a small leak, so being the tight and somewhat hands-on guy that I am, I attempted to fix myself as opposed to hiring a certified repairman. Result: Upside-Fixed 100%, no issues now, saved myself probably close to $200 in labor and parts, possible more. Downside-Well, it took me almost all day long as opposed to an hour for a repairman, a trip to a specialized parts store outta town, and severly cut up hands. A lot of sharp edges are within once you take things apart without schematics or never having done it before. I think there was more blood and swearing than I used too. About 4 good gashes/slices on my hands. Survivor: I've done a pretty lousy job writing about the Apprentice, Survivor, Amazing Race, the Biggest Loser and The Bachelor (yes, I watch them all), but after watching this past weeks Survivor I came to the realization on how bored I was with the cast. Now that all the men are off except 1, I'm can honestly say the women are so......boring. I sorta like the redneck Twila, and dislike the smuggness of Ami. Maybe I've been asleep for the last few weeks watching this, but I had no idea that Ami and Scout were gay, or as Jeff pointed out they had 'life partners'. Once this little realization came to me, it really explained alot about Ami. Now I could be wrong, but that may explain how she treats the other women and men. My theory: She's a man hater, but is too PC to come out and just say it. I picture her as one of those females that likes to bash men in the secrecy of her mind and would prefer to spell women like 'womyn' as I have seen many of that type do. I dunno, but she just seems like she has a bitterness to her just under the surface. She's got a fine bod too, which I can say is probably one of better looking lesbians I have ever seen who isn't a porn star or an experimenting celebrity. Now you know who has good looking ladies? Amazing Race this time around has some lookers. Also the gal that The Bachelor chose...Mary....Smoking hot. Gotta run...yea, I know this post seems chaotic and jumbled. My thought process isn't awake yet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Some people just need to be dragged out and shot. 

In the spirit of living in a country like ours, here a few reasons why people need to have their lives revoked:

Absolute Madness. All in 24 hours.

Bah Humbug.....sniff, sniff 

I really meant to post this yesterday, but time did not allow for it. Yesterday, I was sorta in a bad mood...which seems to go hand in hand everytime I need to interact with CurryMan, and a general feeling of malaise and self-pity. Then I came across this entry from Chastity. It is beautiful on a deeper level, more so than just gloss reading it. I recommend you read it at least twice to let it sink in. Just when you think your life may be crappy, it's nothing like a few words from children that make you think your issues aren't as bad. Here we are coming up on teh holiday season, and these kids are speaking about their mothers and fathers getting a divorce....an all too common practice in today's society. Anyway, on a more happy note, please, all of you enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving day with friends and families....I strongly recommend you leave politics out of the picture when gathered around the bird, and if life today is a little hectic, try and remember back to the happy times when you were a child and the smell of cornbread and pumpkin pie filled the air. When TV was meant to watch the parades, and listen to the stories of your grandparents, for someday they won't be here any longer and you will have wished you would have more memories of them to take on with you to pass down.

Friday, November 19, 2004

The Reunion (Part V) 

True Story Warning: contains explicit material. Sandy scampered off ahead of me to her bedroom. Her quaint little domicile was dark after I shut the backdoor behind me and my eyes were trying valiantly to re-adjust to the varying shades of grey, and I suppose the slight buzz I had wasn't helping matters either. I navigated past the kitchen table and chairs, then the small utility table towards the hallway. Her house was cold and the hardwood floor creaked under my weight as I made my way to her room. I stood in the doorway, propped up against the jamb making out a shadow stretched out and flopped face down on a queen sized bed. I made my way over as stealthily and quiet as I could, and climbed upon her bed, straddling both of her thighs. I bent over and laid my upper body flat against her back, burying my head into her neck and inhaling deeply the small of her hair. I would kiss the back of her head and neck feeling her body try an relax even more so than it already was. Her breath became steady as she inhaled through her nose and exhaled through her mouth, faint moans of pleasure from deep within escaping. The heat transferred through her body to mine was a stark contrast the cold air that surrounded us in her room. Eventually, I would rise back up allowing me to begin a slow and sensual massage that started at the nape of Sandy's neck, then to her shoulders and then her back. My pressure was slow and deliberate as my thumbs and palm heels worked the lower back and shoulder blades. Every so often I would tease by tracing out her muscles or her bra straps with my fingers, just light enough to hopefully send goose-bumps down her body. Then I would allow my hands to massage her ass through her jeans and would occasionally gloss down between her legs and trace the seam of her pants towards her crotch. This whole time Sandy laid dormant allowing my hands to wander her body in an innocent manner that was definitely heating up....a type of foreplay that would stimulate her from head to toe...going on just long enough until the anticipation of the next move was seemed just out of reach, but desperately needed. After what seemed like fifteen minutes, I allowed Sandy to flip over while I still straddled her, her eyes looking up at me hungrily. It was amazing.... that moment of unsaid communication between us that registered a physical and emotional understanding.....we had been celibate whether by design or by fate these last few months...a fractured relationship with both of us seeking the comfort of a warm body we were both familiar with this one last time. Secretly knowing this may be the last time ever, and if that were going to be the case, then we would make the most of it, allowing each other to explore and sexually brand a permanent memory into each others head for the rest of our lives. Using both my hands, I pinned both of Sandy's wrists down to the bed on either side of her pillow above where her head lay and leaned in for one of the most animalistic kisses of our lives. The kissing was so rough at times, that teeth actually clinked together as our tongues roamed about. Gasps of air were needed, short and deep, as we resumed, our heads looking like two puppies wrestling under a blanket. Her mouth was warm and wet and tasted sweet. Occasional whispers of my name that escaped her mouth drove me into another frenzy, and she put up a veiled fight against my restraining hands, that gave up just as fast as it started. Her pelvis began to undulate under mine. Finally I let go of her wrists and began to deftly unbutton her blouse, one button at a time, all the way down towards her pants. With that done, I opened her blouse exposing her alabaster skin and sexy lace bra that I knew was uncommon for her. She had worn it specifically for me tonight, a conscious decision confirming the fact her mind was in the same place mine had been the last few weeks....that she wanted her world to be rocked, and to rock mine as well. I dove my hed back down, kissing her neck again, then her chest, and traced the straps from her shoulders with my tongue, dragging it against her smooth skin, feeling the texture of lace and the faint taste of saltiness. My open mouth would find itself over a covered breast and I exhaled hot breath one minute, then sucked in the next, achieving the desired effect of feeling her nipples get erect and strain against the fabric. This is when Sandy decided to take her turn at being in charge. She ordered me to dismount and then lay down on her bed face up. As she stood, she allowed her open blouse to remain upon her shoulders and she reached for my shoes. One by one, she removed each and allowed them to fall to the hardwood floor with a muffled thump. I adjusted a pillow behind my head and slipped my frantic hands under it. Straining my eyes to focus in the dark, I peered Sandy stepping back from me about a foot, and then she slowly removed her shirt. What a sight. She stood now at the foot of her own bed....quiet....denim jeans hugging her legs, designer belt still on,.... cool, pale skin, sexy dark lace bra staring right back at me. She proceeded to remove her bra and placed it on the floor, and then climbed back onto the bed this time to straddle me. I brought my hands out from underneath the pillow and placed them on her thighs, giving a small squeeze and occasional strokes until I gripped her waist and intertwined my fingers into her belt loops. Sandy's hands reached out to my chest and she cupped my pecs. Then it was her turn to lean into me, and another round of making out ensued...the only difference this time was that my hands roamed her bare back, and her naked breasts freely grazed my own shirt allowing me to feel her nipples drag across my own chest. As you can imagine my own pants were straining and I felt excitedly swollen, hardly being able to keep still, yearning to be set free. The kissing stopped momentarily as we tried to regain our collective composures and breath, and then she climbed a little higher onto me this time. Bending over again towards me, she purposely maneuvered one of her breasts towards my mouth, almost force feeding me her warm flesh. I took it it my mouth and flicked it ever so slightly with my tongue and began to suckle it like a prized toy. With Sandy beginning to moan a little more often at this point, she reached back with one hand and felt the surging hardness constrained under my zipper by first rubbing it, and then doing the best she could do to wrap her fingers around my manhood hiding under my own pants and squeezing it softly. If it wasn't for my audible protest at that moment, I would have released my seed to both our chagrin prematurely before my pants could even come off. Sandy's wickedness came out at this point, and realizing on what could possibly happen if she continued in such a manner, decided to stop briefly, climb off the bed once again to stand before me, this time both her hands reaching for my button, and very slooooowwwllllyyyy unzipped my pants to allow my my boxers and that contained within to stand up in the dark room, finally no longer constrained by pants that seemed too tight for the past 1/2 hour. Sandy then played with the elastic band of my boxers, hooking her fingers underneath, sliding them back and forth, sending my own goosebumps throughout my body coupled with an electric energy that could only be a swarm of butterflies in my lower stomach. Finally deciding I had been teased enough, she grabbed my jeans and peeled them off one leg at a time and then did the same to my boxers. To be continued......

Murphy's Law 

This and That Did a little house cleaning here again and got rid of some dead links, probably will do a little more, but I finally added Murphy. So check her out for viewpoint's on life from the fantastic mind of a 20-something. {EDIT} While checking out Murphy some more I came across a link to Burdie who has an awesome sense of humor. Is he really Murphy's husband though....I'm perplexed. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I've been under the weather. Actually fighting off a cold before it takes hold, but the different over-the-counter drugs have been messing me up. Last night I battled some insomnia, and of course now I'm tired. My voice sounds as if I just smoked a whole pack of Marlboro's, and my left sinus track is fully congested. The meds have also messed up my restroom habits, basically making me semi-constipated (not that you wanted to hear that) Mom and I are getting along very good now. Her and my father went on a 3 week vacation, and I think it did her real good, but with holiday's right aroudn the corner, I hope she can keep it up. CurryMan is an @$$. I finally went to senior management two days ago and had them put me on record of concerns I have regarding not just me, but my peers, and his short-term/long-term goals. I just realized Christmas is about 5 weeks away, if that, and this is the first year I can remember where not only am I behind on shopping (I usually have most of it done by now), I really have no idea what I'm getting people this time around.

Monday, November 15, 2004


Working Out Posted by Hello I came across this picture earlier today and I can't find the exact words or phrase I want to really describe it. First and foremost, I like B&W photography a lot. I also like sepia tinted photography as well (and it worked with this picture just nicely), but the subject matter here has a much more dramatic and erotic quality to it that is B&W instead of color. Second, At the risk of not wanting to offend my audience, I will refrain from outright smut. I'll save that for myself. But I think this picture is relatively tame, but that really wasn't the point of this post either. More importantly, it's what I recognize as sheer beauty. One of my turn on's is a muscular or 'glistening' girl. No she doesn't have to be Miss Olympia, or even a regular gym fanatic, but there's something that really gets my pulse racing when a woman picks up iron and her muscles and sinew flex underneath. Sure, there's a huge physical factor to this: look at that tight tummy and small waist line. Look at the determination and focus in that face. The grip of her hands and development of her biceps. And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't point out her short cotton briefs, teh way they seem to roll up in the back, and the absouletely incredible depiction of her thigh high tan line. Just enough to tease, just enough to tempt. But it's also a mental and psychological attraction. A woman who works out somehow sends a signal to me in a way that I interpret as that she is aware of her body. That she does this to look good not only for herself, but also her partner. She could wear any gym outfit, but she chose this one that drips a certain amount of sexuality.....she knows that she is stealing your glances from the corner of your eye. I imagine her afterwards heading off to the shower to peel herself out of this, conjuring up images of a steamy tiled enclosure, a pile of sweaty clothes lying on the floor. I imagine that she towels off with a generic white terry cloth towel, that ends up hanging around her neck as she walks back to her locker....to slip into a thong...or nothing at all before she dresses. There's a certain fantasy that a girl who can throw around weights, can throw down in bed as well. She's limber, and energetic, possibly naughty and experimental, and willing to please....and you want nothing more than to return the favor....to see her eyes close at half mast, her lips parting ever so slightly as she exhales a satisfied breath, her body flexing under yours as she first tightens herself up in ecstasy, and ultimately relaxes under your own weight in a tangle of loose bedroom sheets. She wants me to work out as well, just as her body is her temple, she drives me to strive to sculpt my own temple...one that she can be proud of as well as she flicks me a devilsish smile from across the room. I love the gym.

I didn't catch your name....Allison 

Musing/True Story The other morning I was late to work for personal reasons. Had some banking to do and stuff with my Real Estate agent, so I got a late start on the morning. This led to a caffiene withdrawl headache that would only be rectified by a hot cup of joe. I pulled into the Diedrich's parking lot and found a space on the side of the building. As I pulled in, I saw her already exiting her little coupe and walking around the corner. Long brunette hair, tall and skinny, with a nice little butt....however, she was outta my eyesight within seconds as she moved with purpose to her mystery destination. As I locked up my car and stepped onto the sidewalk, I too rounded the corner and made my way to the coffee shop. I passed a few other shops, and for sure she had to be in the requisite nail salon that tend to pupulate these small shopping centers, so I thought nothing more of it. As I entered Deidrich's, I foudn myself to be the 4th person in line, and of course, who woudl be placing their order? My parking lot honey. Her deep blue Wrangler jeans accentuated those deliciously long legs. The way the embroidered 'W' curved over each cheek and seemed to lift and hug just perfectly. The way her cell phone was tucked into one pocket lending a cocky tom-boyish look. Her french-manicured toes peeking out from the open burgandy laced sandles whose heels jutted up an additional 2 or so inches letting her ankles flex. Her dark, straight hair over that cotton T that ended just above her midriff, exposing the two little dimples of her lower back. The black leather belt with teh silver studs securely under each pant loop. If the clothes weren't enough for me to long for her, it was her actions.... First her weight shifted to her locked right leg, allowing for her left hip to dip slightly and her left knee bent. Then as she reached for her money, she accidently dropped a coin out in front of her on the counter. She stopped it by even standing up more so on the ball of her right foot and bending forward on the counter, arm outstretched to stop it. This allowed for her shirt to creep even further up her back and tummy exposing even more taut skin and a pose most men like to admire women in. When her transaction was done, she stepped aside, this whole time I still had yet to see her face. Would I get up to the counter in time? Quick, would I even say anything to her? (The lines were forming in my head, but which one to choose?) Sadly, no. "Tall Mocha Latte for Allison", the barista yelled out. And with that my mystery girl who I just spent a lifetime of lovemaking to in my head had a name....Allison. She reached out for her cup, long painted nails wrapped around the carboard heat sheath, and turned around just long enough for a fleeting galnce of her eyes. Mascara and eye-liner complimented her hazel eyes, and she then just as fast as she came into my life.....she reached for the door and was gone again. . . . Yes ladies......we men notice you....all of you...in the most innocent of places, and our soul screams out inside with approval and desire.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Green M&M day!!! (picture fantasies) 

Musing I really don't know what got into my Kool Aid last night, but I feel as if I overdosed on Green M&M's, and you know the forklore story of what they stand for......(if you don't, it means you're freakin' horny as all hell) And that explains how I've felt all day today. It started with the dream that awoke me up at 4am. I can't remember everything about it, just some sporadic details, but enough to know I was gonna get me some. I remember a topless brunette wearing some sexy cotton (baby blue) Jocky Thong panties and I was in the process of removing them from behind,....getting a very detailed, close-up view of what lies underneath...and then I woke up!!! :( But since then I feel like I'm a walking hormone just like I was when I was 18. It also doesn't help that my buddy sent me an e-mail with some scantily clad bikini models and the boss is out today. Seems like no one is really working today, just doing the bare minimum. Then as I was perusing some Blogs I read, I came across this entry from Barbie Woman, revealing a very tastefully done amateur pose. She promises more in the future (and I'll be honest....I'd like to see them), but this one was enough wth all my other thoughts and visual queues today that have assaulted my senses, that I don't want anybody or anything to brush up against me at all, lest I embarass myself. It really got me thinking about erotic photography and videos in general. Not pornography in the 'industry' sense of the term, but that 'homemade' feel that one shares with their mate in their own private confines (and possibly more...I'll explain that in a bit). In general, I am a very visual person. I think most men will admit they are, where as women tend to be more emotional and tactile to be aroused. I know there are different degree's to everyone, but for me, it's generally all visual. And the more 'homemade' feel it has to it, the more turned on I become. Over the years, I've had some luck (can't think of a better term at the moments, and it isn't the best word by far) with some of my girlfriends and/or encounters allowing me to take some pictures/videos of them or us together. I'd say about 80% of are them, 15% of "us", and a scant 5% of me. I guess I'm a little embarrassed, especially in the early experimentation years, and I'm better at it today, but I don't particularly care to be photgraphed naked solo, or at least my face somewhat hidden. I'm not afraid of my body perse, but I could use a tan (no doubt), and a few extra less pounds would always be nice. However, I had a small, but nice collection of some lingerie, provocative posing and some R, X, XXX photos. Most were very embarassed by the idea of me suggesting such a thing, but I did have a few eager volunteers (goes to show you that it doesn't hurt to ask....you never know how a person will respond). The only one I'm still kicking my ass over is SexyBlondeXOXO from last year. She was one of the eager ones that at the mere hint of me stating I wanted to take some digital photos of her, she said YES! Problem is, that never came to fruition as we quickly drifted apart....more my fault than hers. Damn, she was smokin' hot and not shy. I have a few pics from girls I was with in college and a few outside over the last few years, but nothing extremely posed. Once I heard on a radio morning talkshow that a guy had to leave on a business trip for a while and his gilrfriend made a solo video of herself and packed it in his bag, so when he got to his destination and unpacked his luggage, he was in for a treat. His gal did a video strip-tease for him, and ended this little sojourn by finishing herself off. That is extremly hot beyond words, and I would love for someone to really do that for me. I tried that once for a woman I was dating about 7 years ago. She was a single mother and very cute and wild in the bedroom (but as most of those stories go...the better in bed they are...the more messed up they are in head and this one was no exception). Anyway, she let me have the key to her house one day as she was working late and I came across her video camera. My impure thoughts got the best of me, so knowing she would not be back to her house for a few more hours, I video'ed myself for her....me undressing and getting into her shower and soaping up very suggestively, then toweling off and finally sprawled out on her bed face up and brought myself to climax all on tape just for her. (If I could do it all over again, I'd make sure I grabbed that tape back...she has it today, and I can only hope that she has since lost it or destroyed it). So she tried to repay me back in kind. While a noble attempt, it didin't have the exact effect I was looking for..... We arrived at her house one evening and she said she had a surprise for me. She told to me to sit down on the couch, and she'd bring me a beer. As she returned from the kitchen with a beer, she leaned over and whispered in my ear that she was going to go upstairs and take a shower and 'get ready', but while she was primping, that I should watch the watch the VCR as she was showering. With her now upstairs and me listening to the water running, I pressed play, and was greeted to my own amateur solo scene staring my MILF. Unfortunately it was pretty dark as she didn't really have adequet lighting going on, and she had the camera way on the other side of the room so her image seemed sorta distant. But there she was in a trench coat that soom revealed lingerie, which soon revealed her naked crotch were she proceeded to pleasure herself. Too bad for me it was so grainy, and you could tell she was embarrassed, but it was the attempt that counted and I was pretty turned on anyway, and it ended up being an eventful evening after the shower. (Wish we would've taped that one). Over the years I have tried making some secret, and not so secret recordings, and none of them ever end up being that great. Either too bouncy, too dark (need night vision), bad positioning, or didn't just appear overly apealing with two very, very pale white people (looked sickly)....maybe that's why I like tans so much. So where is this extremely long post going? Well, Barbie's picture intrigued me (not just to her credit, but to many other amateur attempts I've seen) and was very erotic. Not just for the pose itself, but the whole idea of working up the courage of freedom to allow someone to take it. And where there is one, you always know in the back of your head that there is more, and then you wanna see those as well. It pique's the imagination and get the engine's revved up and add's so much "fun" that you are doing something taboo, and there's an inherent risk of danger that they will get out into the wrong hands. I also wonder about the photographer himself...in Barbie's case....did she use an auto-timer and take it herself, or did some boyfriend of hers get lucky enough to take them...then you wonder what happens next for teh remainder of her evening. So my fantasy: I've never actually done this with more than myself and one other, and I'll tell you right now, I could never let any of my friends (at all) participate, but I at times fantasize about being closed door exhibionist with someone else taking pictures or videos of me and my gal. Or even be the photographer for another couple, where I just shoot the pictures and let them do what they want to do. I say this now, very brave like, but when faced with the opportunity I'd probably make my ultimate decision at that time. But if I could ensure that someone very neutral towards me could take some x-rated pics of me (and April), and then leave afterwards leaving me the negatives and/or video, I'd say I'd be intrigued, and think after the initial gun-shy reaction, would probably be a ham for the camera. To act one one reckless-abandon evening making my own amateur video with the correct lighting and angles seems to me to be an incredible and highly intoxicating turn-on.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Whatever Catalina 

Catalina Cruz Posted by Hello Okay, this is a couple days late in the posting but the more I thought about it, the more asinine it became to me. The other day I was sifting through my e-mail and like always, it's usally 95% spam about a CitiBank account I never owned, Viagra, Mortgage Rates, or some other stupid bullshit, but I got one the day of the election from Catalina Cruz. Normally, I wouldn't mind hearing from her as I was once a member of this site once many moons ago, but on this day she sent out a mass e-mail to all her current/former members about who to vote for: "Vote For Kerry Today, because Bush hates porn" Well, I guess he probably does indeed dislike it, but why should that be an endorsement for Kerry. I suppose if one were to ask John Ketchup Kerry what he felt about internet porn, I don't really expect him to be endorsing or taking contributions money from that industry either. To think with all the important issues today like: the economy, the war in Iraq, stem-cell research, education woes, open borders and the many more that affect each of us daily, Catalina has taken a brave step forward and asked us to base the future of our country on "He hate's porn" platform. To You Catalina....despite your beauty I offer you a cup of Shut The Fuck Up

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Guilty Pleasures 

Musing This past weekend I had a very troublesome experience for me and my psyche.... I went to church. It's not at all what you think.....As I have stated before, I am a believer, and have some deep convictions. However, being a human, and for all intents and purposes, how should I say this...."virile"....I find temptations of the flesh everywhere. So my friend of many years invited me to his church this past weekend and I was happy to attend actually. I had never attended his congregation before, and since I had been to numerous other services in the past, I thought no big deal.....it should do me some good. Little did I know that his church was a virtual candy store when it came to the opposite sex. Here I was, looking to hearing a moving message, and I was in a sea of silicon and tans. What made it even more detrimental to my concentration was that a young, nubile, perfect young twenty something year old surfer girl sat right in front of me. She wore a maroon Valcom sweatsuit that really didn't leave much to the imagination. She reminded me of Nicole Eggert (ex. Baywatch Babe, and senior girl on Charle's In Charge)...an absolutely sinful body. Here I was, trying to listen to a divinely inspired message, and I kept having to consciously re-focus my attention to the podium and not the bevy of beauties that were surrounding me. Talk about guilt. There is nothing like going to church with good intentions and then leaving feeling like the most wretched pervert. My friend noticed my 'discomfort' and turned to me and said: "Welcome to my hell". I thought that was a very odd choice of words, but it rang true as any bell. I told him I don't think I can come back here, not that it wasn't a nice church or message, but my goodness....these aren't you're typical church looking women...I know that's a wrong stereotype, but when everyone looks like a Victoria Secrets model, and all the young girls look like Christina Aguilera or Brittany Spears....and dress like it!...., I may find it too tempting for me.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Reunion (part IV) 

True Story Sandy and I arrive at the club and I paid the doorman the cover charge and headed in to the sounds of thumping music. Suprisingly it didn't appear as crowded as I once remembered. Perhaps because it was a Thursday and quite possibly because being that it was towards the beginning of the school year, the college students were actually doing homework. Either way, Sandy and I scoped out a free standing table against one of the far walls, not too distant from the bar. I guided her over to the table and made my way to the bartender. I was partial to Jack Daniels even back then, and beer as well, but I had a not so secret penchant for Long Island's. Yes, In my early twenties and I still enjoyed the 'foo-foo' drinks. Sandy, being the all-American she was settled for her standard Coors Light. Oh, she would have a glass of wine here and there, and even sample the high octane punch that was served at parties, but my good 'ole country girl would be the first to crack a Coors. I returned to the small round table and set her drink down in front of her. I guess it would be my nervousness that I wouldn't realize until later that I had a hard time putting down my glass for most of the night. Not that I was drinking continuously mind you, but I guess deep down in my psyche, I needed to do something with my hands and react by sipping at my straw if I ever found myself lacking for words or a lull in the conversation. But luckily, our conversations flowed nicely.....and the evening wore on, our talks became more flirty and quiet....as if we purposely lowered the tones of our voices so we could get closer to one another. With the animated disco ball and occasional bursts of fog from hidden locations in the roof, the DJ spun quite an eclectic mix of music. We heard pop hits of the 80's, a little funk and hip hop, some early 90's alternative and grunge, and the occasional country song. Like I said, this club was a little off the charts as far as 'real' clubs would be considered, but seeing that it was the only real one in this small city, and it's main attendees were college students, it had to appeal to everyone. It was during one of these country songs that Sandy asked me to dance. Let me clarify...it was a slow song..one in which you held your partner close and more or less swayed or rocked back and forth. We weren't the only couple out there, but I really wasn't counting either. I just knew that Sandy's head was nuzzled against my chest and shoulder, our arms around each other, the smell of her perfume and hair in my face, the feel of her denim jeans on my hands....and we moved slow. Her own hands would eventually rub up and down my back, and towards the end of the song, she pulled back slightly enough from my chest to look at me in my eyes. At first there was no real expression between us, just two people staring deep at each other...sometimes the most is said when nothing is actually spoken. It would be a few seconds longer before a faint grin would creep across her face, and she would tell me very seriously that she missed me. It was just wasn't the words themselves, but she said it in a way that I can't really explain, but any man could recognize and feel elated afterwards. I guess the best way I could really state it was that it came across to me as "You have the green light tonight to do anything you want to me, and let's not worry about tomorrow". In my being at that time, I knew I had missed her too. Not just physically (that was a given), but I really did have feelings for her that just never seemed to be resolved due to the way our relationship had ended a few months prior. I smiled back at her and told her I had indeed missed her as well, and pulled her tighter against my body, like I could pull her any closer anyway. With the song finally over, there isn't much more to tell about the club. We stayed an additional hour or so, of course having a few more drinks between us, and being a little more hands on with each other. There were times I clearly remember her hands on my thighs as we sat, or my rubbing the back of her neck as she leaned against me. We danced a little more both to fast and slow songs, and we even ran into some old friends that it was a pleasure to see and were surprised to see me back up there, and Sandy and I together. I'm not quite sure of the time exactly, but at one point we both realized it was getting late, that we were a little buzzed and that we had to drive back to her place, and a certain level of unsaid excitement between us as we both pictured what we would be doing to each other in about a half hour from now. It was definitely chilly out this late at night. As she fired up her car, I couldn't help but rub my hands together and then blow into them to bring some semblance of warmth to my aching fingers. Sandy turned the heater to high and the defrosters on full blast as we sat in the parking lot waiting for the car to warm up. Back on the highway, snippets of small talk ensued as Sandy nervously fiddled with the stereo trying to find something suitable to listen to as we drove back to her place. Finally as our off-ramp approached the sexual tension between us was growing stronger, and it seemed to me that we couldn't get back to her place fast enough. Finally her car made the turn into her back alley, and the tires crunched under the loose gravel as we slowed into her car port. As Sandy got out of the car and made her way to her back porch, her keys jingling in the silent night air, I had reached for my bag trailed her by 10 yards. As she inserted the key into the back door, I climbed the two steps behind her, the wood porch creaking under my feet, and I set my bag down. My hand reached for her butt and I inserted my hand into her back right pocket. As Sandy finally turned the knob, and the door door swung slightly ajar inward, I pulled her back towards me using my hand in her pocket. As Sandy crashed into me, I brushed her hair to one side and began to kiss her neck. A soft sigh was elicited from her and steam escaped and dissipated under the porch light. My hands found her waist and she tilted her head to the left and back to allow me easier access to her first erogenous zone. She continued to lean back into me and became still, her eyes closed as I continued to devour her neck. Eventually, I turned her about to face me, and there we locked lips. Her hands roamed my back and side as we both submitted to each other hungry desires. Our kisses were deep and passionate, and sloppy. It had been months since I had tasted Sandy's mouth and it was very satisfying right here, right now. Her hands tugged at my shirt as she walked backwards into her house, pulling me inside with her. Without looking behind me, I closed the door with my one free hand as Sandy turned and headed for the bedroom. To be continued....

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