Friday, February 27, 2004

A Day Late, but not a Dollar Short 

True Story.... So April couldn't make it over two nights ago as previously planned which was okay. I was still pretty sore and had a crappy day at work anyway, so she made it up to me last night. After work I went to the again to try and stretch thinsg out and do a few excecises. I'm gonna give this shoulder thing another couple of days before I go to the doctor. It was getting better, but the last 2 days it seems as if the swelling has not gone down any further, and actually this morning it hurts a little more than it did yesterday. So anyways, that's beside the point. April knocked on the door at roughly 6:45 pm. She was as sight for sore eyes as she walked in....a tolerable smile on her face for me....(Uh Oh...she must have had a bad day too....or the PMS thing is really revving up). She dumped some of her personal belongings just inside the door and we sat on the couch for a bit, both doing a little small talk and absent mindedly watching the news. I finally said I was going to take a shower, and struggled through it again as I have been doing the last few days. After I was done, I came out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around my naked waste and began to shave. Just as I was finishing my shave, April came into my room, wearing only my bathrobe.....she obviously disrobed while I was in the shower....and jumped onto my bed. "Well....?", she said. I'll have to admit there was really no romance here. It was pure maintenance sex which I normally don't like. Anyone can go through the motions. Here I was, draped only in a towel, and there she was....on my bed and naked under my robe. But the truth is more like this: Nate is naked, tired, very sore and not felling very sexy. April is naked, no makeup, no shower, obviously tired and had a less that stellar day too. She was following through on her idea from the other day.....getting some before her cycle started, and maybe taking some pity on me. I think we both knew this in our head, and just decided to make the best of it. I know at some level we both wanted to screw, but the conditions and romance factor could have been better. So I jumped up on my bed as well, and after cracking a small smile, I basically told April that she need to get on top of me because I could not move all that well. "Oh, but that makes me tired......", she exclaimed. (Note: Not something a guy wants to hear....really zaps the energy out of attempting to have fun). But she did anyway.....she swung one leg over me and loosended my towel to expose my erection. I used my good arm to prop a pillow under my head as she used one of her hands apply some saliva from her mouth to my erection and push me inside of her. She ground away at me for a few minutes and leaned slightly back. This allowed me to take my thumb of my good arm, and slowly stimulate her love button. As she continued to move in motion upon me, I could sense that she was enjoying this more than I was. In all honesty, I couldn't fell all that much. With me all the way inside her, there was really no friction for me that simulated any thrusting motion. Where April was on an E Ticket ride at Disneyland, I was apparently standing in line for a Churro elsewhere. After her orgasm, and nothing for me I told her to get up and go into the living room. She did and I followed. I guided her back towrds the couch and with my good arm I bgan to throw off a few pillows and move one side of the couch out towards the room. April looked at me quizically.... "Just hand on a sec...." pause....pause..."Okay, Come here." I postioned a naked April facing the couch off the arm rest. "Widen your stance a bit.....Good....Now bend over....." She did. Kinda a fantasy for me, having April bend over the armrest of the couch with her butt aimed at me. As her face was buried into the seat cushions, I was able to puch myself back in free standing....and the felling was much better. By taking long, paused, and timed strokes I was able get much more feeling and friction into this. And the sight of this off-the-wall position did a lot to feed the theatre of the mind. Within a few more moments I pulled out and and deposited a larger than normal ejaculate on the small of her back and upper cheeks. So much so that it kind hurt...that is to say...my contractions were so powerful, that the inner muscles of my pelvic region ached. April didn't really comment if she like the position or not...she scurried away to the bathroom and cleaned up, and then I did. Afterwards she made me a very nice dinner, did dishes, and we spent the rest of the evening watching television....

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


So this morning I was craving coffee and bought one of those boxed quarts of coffee's into work and my department....I was a hero. Anyway, have had like 3 cups myself and am zooming....plus I'm kinda slow today. Went to the gym last night, and had a decent workout, though slow. It was nice to get back in there, but I did get a lot of questions from people who saw me favoring my shoulder. Lot of sympathy stories and comments from my fellow gym'ers...people who wouldn't normally talk to me, but they did as they could identify with my issue. April e-mailed me this morning. Said she needs a little after-work lovin'. She knows of my injury and offered to work around it....said her monthly friend was coming soon and needed a fix. I guess I am excited that I get to sit back and enjoy her work :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Can you spare a brother a laxative? 

In all seriousness, the swelling in my shoulder has gone down a bit, but it's looks bigger than normal. Still no discoloration, but very tender. More range of motion has returned, but still occasional 'natural' moves still make me cringe. I've decided to cut out the anti-inflamatories though. My bowels just need a break from the pills 'binding' qualities. While I am going, I'm not on my 'regular' track per-se, but making little baby packages that are quite painful. So, I'm drinking a lot of water and plan on eating a big salad for dinner tonight. I went out to lunch today with a vendor and one of my bosses. It was nice that they invited me at teh last minute and even picked up my tab. But during lunch, my intestines were signaling that I may need to find a restroom, so as soon as I got back I secured stall number 2 and set up camp. What is really weird is the people that talk to themselves or have odd-habits in the restroom. While I was sitting there one kook was playing a video game on his cell phone to my left, and then there was a guy on my right that declared war on the comode next to me. I'm not kidding....it was quite a racket, and I almost wanted to ask him what he ate so I can make a note to avoid that cuisine. But what made it funny was he was talking to himself, like talking to himself or his bowels in the 3rd person. I had to bite my tongue from laughing. Though I do feel better now, I am going to attempt the gym tonight. The last time I went was Friday, and I'm not quite sure what I can do. It will probably be workout enough just to change my clothes there. On a totally seperate thought...I am looking forward to seeing: The Passion this week. Some of you might think that is weird that knowing the nature of my Blog and adventures, but I never said I wasn't a believer. I may not be a model/moral citizen when it comes to relationships, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in Jesus....(okay....let the flaming begin)

Monday, February 23, 2004

Messed Up... 

A lot happened this weekend, but nothing anything one can call good. Friday night at the gym, I injured myself....not hospital bad, but bad enough where I can barely move my left shoulder. High weight, not enough warm up stretching = mirco-tears of ligaments and tendons and possible dislocation. You see, I was lifting weights, and then there was an audible 'pop'....I knew instantly what happened....so the weights dropped.....end of workout. By the time I got home....left shoulder began swelling up and resembles a grapefruit. Thank God their is no discoloration, but you can imagine the pain. Have to sleep in one position...dressing and undressing is a major chore....any awkward movement results in considerable pain....but I think it is just a really bad strain. You see I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago....and that was pain. And it was discoloration. And it was shots. And it was ice. And it brought tears to the then 225 lb Nathan. Now a few years later, and some 15 lbs lighter.....there is no discoloration, no tears, no ice, no shots. Needless to say I am still concerned, and in pain, and worry how long I won't be able to use my arm which limits my workouts. My shoulder probably needs surgery some day to repair damage since i never got it the first time...and now it is considerable weaker....well for someone who lifts weights in a daily basis. And the pills I take have an interesting side effect: They make you semi-constipated. So don't laugh....My bowels are on pause and the result is a little bloating and more uncomfortness. Probably didn't help any either I fell off the 'low-carb' bandwagon in my state of being the last few days and ate potatoes, bread, chips, rice, chocolate, etc.... Real bummer for the 'ole sex drive too. My lower body says yes, but upper body says no.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Just because you're Hot, don't be Snooty 

I guess when you work for a company as large as mine, there is bound to be a few. But I'm gonna single out one in particular..... Smoking Hot girls who know they are, so they believe that give them the right to be and act superior. News Flash: That's probably why you are still single. You see, there is this really cute girl who has a sorta an exotic look: part asian, part philipeno (forgive my spelling), part latin. She is thin as a rail, very nice skin and complextion, long silky black hair, and a very perky chest that stares at you when facing you. And on days that we have a relaxed dress code, Friday's, she displays her wares quite nicely. Painted on jeans, shirt 1 size smaller than it should be, open-toed sandles, exposed belly-button. However, no matter how HOT you are, you are only physically attractive. Your nose in the air, can't say "Hi" to the perceived little people, and smug smirks to other employee's is a major turn off. Guys like me look at gilrs like you as a sport, not as someone I even want to attempt a relationship with. Worst yet is that you work in HR, in other words, you are a glorified admin who went to college to make photcopies and hand out health forms to those employees that you think work under you. News Flash: I look down on you.....I'll take my two technical degrees, graduate work and my salary you can't even come close to and shove them down your throat. Did I have an expierence with this person I'm writing about I bet you're all wondering? No, actually not. It's my observation of her and how she treats others around me. I look forward to the day we are at a company function together, get blitzed, I hit on you, I make out with you or more, then I never talk to you again. God, I hate girls whose mannerisms and attitude are designed to make others feel inferior to them based upon their physical assets. (Oh, and same for guys too....you shoudln't treat women like you're better than them because you look like Brad Pitt.....).

Valentines Weekend....Part II 

The true story continues.... In the middle of the night I must have woken up 2 or 3 times, each time my bladder signaling that it must be emptied from the toxic concotions of Tequila, beer, and everything else. It was during these brief moments of bladder relief was I conscious of two other side-affects: 1) Cotton-mouth, 2) Headache. Unfortunately we did not have bottled water, nor aspirin, so I managed to drink sink/tap water. Finally, hours later when the sun was actually up at around 7:30 both April and I began to stir and open our eyes. April admitted she had a slight headache as well, and mine was subsiding but still there. I told her before I take a shower and go down to retrieve us some coffee, that we shoudl 'Do It' again. Fortunately, I guess being away in a hotel with a naked women next to you can bring out the rascal in us all. But since I was the more active particpant the night before, April agreed that she would 'drive' this morning. With very little coaxing, April was on top of me looking down. and I was very surprised on how wet she already was. She guided me in with one hand, and I slid right in. She began gyrating down on me and as my heart-rate began to increase, I also now noted that by headache was rearing it's ugly head again. I guess it makes sense that with increased heart-rate and blodflow, my temples would throb, but the feeling below was too good for my to cry 'Uncle'. However, something was missing in the sense of friction, and I needed to aide my own plight. After 10 minutes of April literally screwing me, I had put myself to work....beginning to thrust upwards. This was an immense help! I knew my time was short at this point, and the though and feeling of how wet April was, was incredible. She had never been this damp before and I felt her juices running down my privates. With my hands on her hips pulling her down on me, I finally came hard and slowly returned to a prone position with me still inside her. I'm not sure if she had her cookie or not, but she got off me and complained some more about her own headache. I headed for the shower once again (wow, 3x in like 10 hours) and washed the sex off me and tried to shake teh cobwebs in my head. A hot shower sometimes helps me with hangovers, and this morning's rinse was no exception. After dressing, I went downstairs to get coffee as April made her way to the shower. I returned to the room with her cup of joe, and while knowing it would take her a while to cleanup I went back outside. The morning air was crisp and clean. And I sat outside on a stoop sipping my coffee and taking in my surroundings. It was a good cold.....not so bad where I needed a jacket, but cold enough to help awake my senses. It was relatively quite as all I could hear were distant birds and the occasional car. Once April was ready, we headed back downtown and foudn a small little cafe where we had yet anotehr cup of coffee and a generic breakfast. From there we went to a local musuem and spent quite a bit of time there looking at all the exhibits. Afterwards, we strolled the shops and looked at interesting trinkets, but decided we were hungry again. Even though it was mid afternoon, the local tourist restaurants were packed, so we had to find an open seat in a bar and wait very patiently for a waiter. Some appetizers and beers later we finally left and headed back to the hotel. We napped for a bit and woke up just intime to make a dinner reservation I had made earlier. It was a real dissapointment...dinner that is....very overpriced and very mediocre. I was actually perturbed by the whole experience and would tell friends to not eat there for the price. So once again back to the hotel where we were just wiped out from a long day of walking. Sat in bed watching the TV until we fell asleep. To be continued.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Valentines Weekend....Part I 

True Story...... Let me state first that I am in a pretty good mood today. I'm at work, finally quiet after a long and eventful day yesterday (my first day back), listening to some very nice jazz music and sipping on an over-priced cup of premium java. It's really dark out today....we are supposed to get a heavy rainstorm later, and most of the lights are off here at my place of employment. So Valentine's.....I guess I'll dive right into my adventures. I picked April up at her place pretty early in the morning, I was happy to see that she was a pretty light traveler for a woman...only a small luggage back, and what appeared to be a toiletry bag as well. Armed with a few sheets of printed out directions and maps, my camera's, a few choice CD's, and two cups of coffee we hit the road. The morning for all intents and purposes was pretty uneventful.....a combination of starting early to beat the traffic, and dull surroundings made for a quiet morning. In order to get to my planned surprise, we must traverse at least 400 miles of US Freeways/Hiways which can be boring at times. A few hours into the morning we pulled over for a quick breakfast and top off my gas tank. Not much to note at all, so back on the road we go. Finally some 6 hours later we arrive at our destination, and I could tell April was indeed suprised and intrigued. The hotel I had booked weeks ago was a pleasant suprise. It was better than I imagined....our little room had a gas fireplace and seemed more like a cottage than a hotel room. But after driving most of the day I was eager to walk about our little lakside village and stretch my legs, and grab a little snack, and just basically spot out the area. I drove a few miles to the north side of our little tourist town, parked in a public lot, and exploring we did go. It was a little cooler than I liked, and actually sprinkled a bit. I wasn't too keen on this since the weather report indicated it was to be clear and sunny, and now I was worried about rain. But thankfully it didn't. We walked about our little tourist town, and I couldn't help but notice that all tourist towns are basically the same. These little mom & pop business all hawk the same crap, same food, same trinkets. There wasn't really anything too exciting at this end of town, but I knew the more excisting stuff was in the center and south end and we were saving that for tomorrow. We spied a little bar and walked in and sat down. Our bartender had to be close to retirement age and spun local tales for us as we sipped on local brews and popcorn. WE must have sat there for about an hour and a half before we decided to leave. We wanted a little more substantial fare, so we walked the streets again, taking the occasional picture. Finally we came across a pretty snazzy Latin joint and bellied up once more to the bar. April and I must have had 'tourist' written across our foreheads, for thsi young bartender took an immediate liking to us and made us very comfortable for the next few hours. Yes,....hours....There April and I sipped on different drinks that the bartender gave us for free as we ordered dinner and appetizers. Needless to say we got pretty tanked. Finally back to our hotel room on night one, I jumped in the shower first to wash away the days activities and lounged on the bed flipping channels and April then took her shower. With the gas fireplace on, and the tv volume low, April stepped out of the bathroom wearing a little lace two-piece teddy. It was black, and the top tied up front in the middle of her chest. Wow, she looked good, and even in the dim light I coulkd make out out her naughty parts through the flimsy fabric. She jumped on the bed, gave me a slow and passionate kiss, and reached down to my grwoing manhood. It was seconds before her mouth was upon me, and I looked down at her bobbing head. To be honest, I don't quite remember how long that lasted, for I was pretty buzzed...but I do know her teddy didn't last long at all. Shame really....for I like that stuff since it doesn't happen all that often... Now because of our states of inebriation, I can't be all that detailed here.....I know....bad Nathan. BAD Nathan. What I do remember is that shortly after we began, I had her bottoms off and on all fours facing a mirror as I was entering her from behind. Because my feeling were somewhat numbed, this lasted longer than I would have liked and we both began to work up a sweat. April took it upon herself to flip over on her back and guide me back in. With me pumping away a little longer, one of her free hands began to move down and massage her own love button. Finally she had her cookie, but asked me to do something she had only asked once before.... She pulled me out of herself and said 'Go lower'. Huh?......I began to enter her again, and she stopped me and said: 'No....Lower' Slightly puzzled, she took my hardness in her hand again and pressed it up against her anus. OH, I thought. "You sure?", I inquired. "Yes, I like a little pain here and there" So I know I spoke about this subject once before, and I have many reservations about it...being unsanitary, uncomfortable for a woman, unsure thought in my head....but April was very persistant. So I went ahead a pushed my self in about a 1/2 and inch, then and inch, then a little more. I felt so dirty....I had mixed feelings about the experience. It felt...uh...different....but very good. I was afraid of the pain for her, and the unsanitary conditions for the both of us, but April seemed to really enjoy it, and thank goodness, the feeling was so intense I felt the warning signals of a very quick building climax on my end. Within about 30 seconds, I had to pull out and release myself all over her stomach. It was a very naughty feeling for me...again, very intense, but I had to get up and clean myself off. I was back in the shower washing myself off, and when I returned to the room, April was already sleeping.... To be continued......

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

He's baaack.....sort of 

I did get back in one piece, thank you. I plan on telling you all about my long weekend...everything from traffic jams to getting lucky......4 times no doubt :) But alas, I am at work to discover that the person who was 'supposed' to cover for me ended up either A) not doing certain things at all and B) Things that were touched were messed up royally. So, Welcome Back Nathan,.....now get to work.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Out of town 

Well, I had a plan on writing my thoughts on Valentines either yesterday or today, however, I have been very busy with work, to the point I'm working silly hours, lacking good sleep, and am therefor slightly cranky. So, I decided to take April away for the weekend. I'm actually leaving tomorrow and plan on returning Monday afternoon. I need the time off, and so does she, and what better weekend for a little bedroom fun than Valentines? See ya Tuesday....

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Life is Bliss at this moment 

Just went to the Roach Coach on this balmy and blustery morning, hand full of scraped together change, and bought a hot cup of gourmet coffee. As waves of pleasure and caffeine permeate my blood vessels, and my pituitary glands releases endorphines into my mind, I sit here......your humble servant....thinking of a new topic. BTW: There is nothing like the fresh smell of ground coffee when you first wakeup.

Amatuer Site of the Moment... 

Not that I am ever going to turn this, my blog, into an advertisemnt for other sites. I know they probably don't even know I exist, nor will I ever see any money from them.....(I'm not looking for that anyway...thankyou...) But, I have an amateur video site that I like to visit from time to time. I have actually purchased 2 videos from them....and both are very high quality: 1) SuperBowl Halftime & 2) Talk Dirty To Me. The women in these two videos are your girl-next-door. No famous porn stars here....just very good looking natural girls who like to have fun with each other and their very 'average looking' boyfriends. I guess that's why I like this site so much....the people are 100% real. There is some roleplaying vidoes, but for the most part, these are true amateur 'gonzo' style. The site: Pixies Emporium. Please tell me that you agree that they have some of THE Best screen captures. Anyways, why am I telling you this? Well I saw a new vid I may buy soon.....I haven't bought an X-rated movie in sometime now...like 6 months maybe. There is a new one called Promise Ceremony, or something like that...just a ton of typical college students playing together. The gilrs look pretty nice to me.. Anyone wanna share some good sites on the same par as this?

The Blogger has left the building.... 

Commentary/Observation.... It's kind sad to hear that fellow bloggers are hanging up their pens. No, don't worry, yours truly will be here for the forseable future, but still, I'm kinda getting tired of changing my links....or at least updating them because they change a lot. Seems like the the following blogs are now dead: DeeGee Girl & Dykette. With Dykette, she basically stopped writing back on Decmber 23rd leaving us all hanging. With DeeGee,...seems to have found herself a quality man, and thus her adventures are solely between them now. Both were good writiers with an artistic and descriptive flair, and their blogs read more like soap opera serials. I'm sad to see them go. I also know a few of my links need to be updated anyway...maybe I'll work on them today or tomorrow.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Going Commando 

Commentary... I'm not sure when I first heard this term, nor do I recall when I finally figured it what it meant either. I know I heard it many years ago, and had no idea its meaning untill many months after the fact. When I first began viewing porn movies (in my mid-teens mind you), I recall watching the men disrobe and even before any serious action started taking place, I wondered: 'Why aren't they wearing underwear?' Must be a porn thing I concluded. I mulled over in my head why men didn't wear underwear...I did...(wear them that is) every day and still do. I personally alternate between briefs and boxers and decided each one has a particular advantage and disadvantage....but no matter which one I choose for the day, for me, I think it comes down to a sense of security and feelings of vulnerability. Now, I realize a 1/16 inch of cotton will do very little for me in the way of protection if a wayward golfball finds it's mark. Nor will it deflect the viciousness of a dogs canines lest the beast decides to bite me, nor will I scoff at the ill-fated attempt of another person kicking me in the gonads if they so find the need to do so.......However, knowing that there is cotton barrier between my naked parts and my pants has always been comforting. Whether it absorbs a little bit of sweat, looks sexy to another person, or just keeps my errant solidier next to my body, I feel secure with them , and slightly uncomfortable without them. Once in a very blue moon, I'll try to go commando, but usually I have an ulterior motive in mind.....generally sex with a female and well strategizied plans I have formulated that General Patton would even admire. I have a boyhood friend who goes commando, and I found this out by accident. What disturbs me more so is the fleeting visual image of his privates and especially because he's not in the best of shape. He's a big boy...that is to say 5'11" as well, but easily has 70+ pounds on me, where I am already 210lbs. But I workout regularly, where he does not. Anyway, we went hiking one day, and he was in the lead. We were climbing very steep terrain, and I happened to look up at his ass through multiple holes in his jeans....and it was NOT pretty. I joked to him about it...asked if he didn't do laundry last night when I mentioned his undies were not present. He replied he never wears tham, and hasn't worn them in years. Eewwww.....I cringed I can just imagine the odors from sweat and other fluids in his jeans and nether-regions, and how unsanitary it must be. But I'm odd that way, and I have no scientific evidence to say I am any better...But I do know I am very clean... I shower 1-2 times a day, and have been known to even change my skivies 2x a day. There is nothing more unpleasant to sexual escapades than foul smelling privates......if you smell foul...I'm outta there. Now when women go commando, it's another story. I am on the fence about it. Mary used to go commando, and most of the time I found this very sexy (though she did wear lingerie once in a while, and a thong for me 'cause she knew I liked to take them off slowly and I'm very visual). I had a few other lady friends that would go commando once in a blue moon, but generally not. When they did, it was explained to me it was for sexual reasons as well, not because of laundry...they wanted to feel naughty for a day....or they relished the fact the weren't wearing anything under that skirt and felt vulnerable to the outside world on occasion. A thrill ensued if they told me they were'nt wearing anything, and they lounged in the idea I was being driven mad with excitement. I mean really, with G-strings, crotchless panties, thongs, and the like, women are almost commando anyway. But going commando when they are on their period does nothing for me, and I'm sure nothing for them either. A quick true event I'll go into more detail later is a girlfreind of mine Lisa, years ago, took her panties off in a crowded bar...RIGHT AT THE BAR... when nobody was looking and put them in my pocket. The rest of the night we sat at the bar and danced in a crowded club, the only two aware her privates were feeling the evening breeze....boy that night seemed like it dragged on forever until we had a great conclusion in the alleyway of the bar hours later. So do you go Commando?

Front Row Seat (Part III) 

I hope you appreciate the personal constraint I was going through at the time. Here was a very up-front and intimate show with only one viewer in the audience....me....It was indeed an experience to relish. My body ached in a very sexually active way....I desperately wanted to take Michelle right then, right there....but who knew if this would ever happen again.....so I punished my physical body by being remained seated, but treated my eyes and mind to my very own peep show. I couldn't help but wriggle with nerve wracking energy, trying to stifle a schoolboy grim from ear to ear. My fingers and hands subconciously balled into fists and then relaxed...the sweat of my palms being wiped on my jeans. Michelle knew she was driving me nuts, and with than pulled her drenched panties to one side. I can imagine what the cool air of the room felt like against her soaked labia once exposed from beneath the confines of the cotton. From my view, I could see the slick sheen of moisture surrounding her nicely manicured mound. I always enjoyed the little stripe she managed to grow just above her love button, and I salivated at the thought of placing my open mouth over her. It was then that I notcied her middle finger on one hand dissapeared. That's right, it vansihed right before my eyes as it pushed itself within her. It was even more erotic because Michelle purposely did this in slow motion, and I'm not sure if it was for effect or not, but her very audible gasp for air made my cock tingle. Michelle worked herself into a controlled frenzy. Her finger alternated speeds both in and out of herself, her hip and buttocks moving from side to side. Now and then she pull her finger out, and then the coup-de-gras for a guys visual stimulation.....she slowly put that same finger in her mouth, and sucked the juices off slowly, while making eye contact with me. Soon, her returned her hand to the outside of her folds and finally brought herself to orgasm which was signified by the tension throughout her body, the arching of her lower back, and the muffled yelps barely escaping her mouth. When she finally relaxed, Michelle just looked at me and smiled. I was both speechless and in awe. I wanted to thank her profusely for her effort, but I didn't want to embarrass my shy Michelle. This was a HUGE step for her, and I wanted her to know how truly remarkable that was. I also was very horny at this point and all I could think of at that moment was how bad I wanted to fuck her......I stood up from my chair and approached the foot of my bed. Michelle was staring back at me....and I began to undo my pants....... ....but that's another story....

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Janet Jackson 

Okay, I saw the Superbowl Half-Time show, and though part of me agrees hands down it was the wrong place to do it....with children and families watching. On the other hand, it was extremely sexy! Line of the night had to be: "Wardrobe Malfunction" by Justin Tiberlake. Yeah, right! I give him credit for having the stones to actually say that with conviction and believe that the public would believe him. Well, 1/2 the public believed him so that once again just proves how many dolts there are living here. I like that Janet avoided commenting until the heat got a little too hot, then the truth comes out, which basically contradicts Justin....Ahhh....Musicians (aka 'artists'). But you can see the pics at Drudge Report and see that little star that's making all the fuss. Can't say that I am aroused by black women all too much, but I do have a thing for Vanessa Williams, Beyonce, Janet, and a few select others. Mmmmmmm,....I just loved the outfit as well and dancing. The whole leather'samaurai/matrix/armor/terminator thing....whatever...was awesome and I'd love to see one of my gf's wear that....but on teh Superbowl? Just wrong.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Front Row Seat (Part II) 

A few had gone by since that double date, and like most relationships do you hit that awkward week a few months into dating someone where you feel things aren't just clicking. Not in a bad way mind you, but because of our schedules at the time, the fact she was a single mother and couldn't always find a babysitter, and the fact that it seemed as if I was always driving to her house in traffic after work was starting to frustrate me. I totally believe in fairness, and most of the time I don't mind putting out the extra effort to see someone if it makes it more convenient for them but I do have my limits. To me, it seemed like I was making the drive 90% of the time to see her who was never ready when I arrived after sitting in traffic for 30-40 minutes. I started to feel un-appreciated for my efforts, and decided I'd rather stay home and relax more often than making a pilgrimage a few times a week. Well, things started to cool off as a result, and I think Michelle finally got the hint that I was starting to find our relationship more of a chore than it was fun. So one Saturday afternoon day I received a cell-phone call from her. I had been home alone as my room mate was out doing who knows what. We made a little small talk and exchanged a few flirtatious remarks without me knowing she was actually in my parking lot and checking to see if I was around. While still on the phone with her I heard a knock at my front door, and while still holding my cordless phone I made my way to the door and opened it. There smiling and giggiling holding her cell-phone to her ear was Michelle. It was a pleasant surprise and I let her in immediately. I like to think of myself as a gracious host, and I began to walk toward the kitchen to fetch Michelle a beverage when she grabbed for my hand, stopped me, and literally pushed me into my living room and sat me down on the couch. Within seconds, Michelle dressed in denim jeans (have I yet to mention I find denim jeans on women uber sexy?), short black boots, and white button down blouse, threw one leg over me and straddled my lap. She kissed me rather passionately, and I must have been in shock. My coy and shy Michelle was showing an agressive side I never would have guessed she was capable of. And I like it! It was an incredible turn on when she grabbed my face between her hands and pulled her mouth onto mine. As our tongues danced about, she very slowly gyrated her hips into my lap where soon enough my own member was straining against my cotton jockey briefs. This delicious makeout session lasted a good 10 minutes or so until.... "Is your room mate coiming home anytime soon?", she asked. "Uh....I dunno. I don't even know where he is." I answered. She smiled back at me and began to stand while grabbing for my hand once again. She turned and began to led me to my bedroom where I thought I was gonna get lucky for the first time in a few weeks. When we were both in my room, she closed the door behind us and then headed towards my desk. She told me to stay put and she grabbed my chair from my desk and put it at the foot of my bed facing it. "Sit.", she commanded. And I did. "Now, I have one rule.....You must stay on this chair and not get up. Your hands must stay on your knees."....WhooooHooo...I thought for sure I was going to get a very sloppy and saliva drenched oral checkup, however, I did not but I got something else that day I will never forget. As I sat idle withing my own chair, within my own bedroom, still turned on, Michelle stood in front of me and unzipped her pants and slid them down all the way to the floor. There she was standing in front of me in her blouse and white panties with a wicked smirk across her face. She hopped up backwards on my bed, adjusted one of pillows behind her head to prop it up a bit and spread her legs towards me. With that, I must have looked like a deer in headlights. I know I was hard, my eyes wide open, my mouth both dry and drooling at the same time.....my heart quickened its beat. With one hand, Michelle began to massage herself between her legs on top of her panties in a circular motion. She did this for a few minutes, and as time marched on, I could tell she was starting to really enjoy it. Not just her pleasuring herelf, but also my awe-struck reaction. Every now and again, a very soft whimper would leave her lips, and I could see her eye-lids were closing as she began to lose herself in her own world. As she continued to knead her mound, I could see her hips and pelvis once again slowly begin to work in rhythym with her hand. But that's not all I saw. Now clearly almost ten minutes into my very own personal show, I could see that those cotton panties began to take on the appearance of a wet t-shirt. I could see the outlines of her personal folds as the wet cotton began to become transparant and stick to her. I was in in a state of bliss and could barely hold back from pouncing on her...... To be continued......

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