Thursday, January 29, 2004

Front Row Seat......Please No Flash Photography (Part I) 

True Story.... Well, its been a few days since I've seen April, so I have no 'fresh' adventure to share, however, I was perusing some other Blog's and I was reminded of an experience I had a few years ago.....complete Voyuerism. This was about 4 years ago and I was dating an emergency services technician who was a single mother and perhaps only a year or two older than I. I actually met Michelle through a blind date setup that my then room mate had arranged with his then current girlfriend. Michelle and I hit it off right away. There was a definite physical and friendship attraction between us, and she was a very sweet girl. We actually dated quite a while, and at one point I thought she may just indeed be the one to settle my wandering ways. But inevitably we broke up....I honestly think it was a combination of priorities, distance, and her recently divorced and trying to figure out what was best for her and her son. I liked her son quite a bit actually, though he was a tad immature for his age....definetly a momma's boy (not that there is anything wrong with that), but he needed a little more exposure to a male figure in his life. But I digress. Michelle was blond, shoulder length, but a little thin. Grayish eyes, pale skin (she could have used a bit more sun), nice complexion, full pink lips, and a nice body. I say that in the sense that she wasn't ripped or tone per-se, or super skinny, but the term 'proportionate' didn't apply to her either. She had a few self-confidence issues, most likely stemming from her recent divorce, and she was always wearing clothes one size larger than she was. I never understood that. She was not large, or fat, or chunky by any means. I'll take a stab and say she was a size 7, but would always wear a size 9. Her breasts were 100% natural and showed no visible signs of mothering a child, but she kept them covered. Sex for us was always fun, but always of a cloak-and-dagger nature. By that I mean, she always liked to make sure it was night time, it must always be dark, she liked to be covered in her sheets, and always wanted me to turn around when she was undressing or dressing. Again, I always tried to comfort her and let her know she had a very nice body, one that I physically responded to, and our sex was pretty good albeit somewhat 'vanilla'. She really did have some self-confidence issues. One day, as we were out on a double date with her good friend, the conversation turned somewhat to bedroom activities by her friend. Her friend discussed in rather blatant terms what her adventures were, and I think Michelle took a moment to reflect on her friends words, and also seeing how I just sat and listened. When the topic of masturbation came up, the friend admitted she enjoyed doing it for her boyfriend to watch and I commented on a radio story I heard about a girl filming herself and putting the tape in the VCR for her husband to watch when he walked in the door from work, while she was upstairs setting up their bedroom for a night of porn-star sex, and how 'hot' I though that was. Michelle was blushing and giving her nervous laugh, and playing coy and naive at this point and soon the conversation drifted elsewhere and I had forgotten all about it..... To be continued......

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I love..... 

Wicked Weasel Yum.

Just call me Simba 

Results of yet another online puirty/sexual comparison test I ran across today:

Take the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?? Quiz

How 10 odd-ball questions with limited choice answers can result is this...I won't be able to guess. But fun none-the-less. Oh, and....."Roarrrrrrr"

There's something about Mary....A bad sequel 

True Story.... You may or have not read my blogs about Mary yet, and if you haven't, go back over my blogs for the past 2 months and you'll find a few posts...They kind of set the tone of this true story, though you may not find it very sexy. (I know, my blogs have not been too erotic lately...I'm quite aware of that...but timing is the key...and yet certain events come to the forefront that I need to write about to get it off my chest.....but the erotic shall return soon enough) Long story short....Mary and I had a tumultuous relationship. We were two people with very different outlook's on life, different hobbies, different stomping grounds, different personalities and the like who had one thing in common: we enjoy physical relations....does the term 'friends with benefits' ring a bell?....sorry slight amount of rambling there....Anyway, one day I just decided that this whole 'thing' we were experiencing with each other wasn't going anywhere....and never would. Mary may have been a nice person who liked to get naughty, but other than that nothing else....no future, no finances, no brains, no tact....just a very nice body that she would constantly remind me on how 'cute' she was....okay, that may have been 'cute' at first, but began grating on me in short time....I do not find egotistical or vain people attractive...at all.....at least after we have our 30 minutes of naked play time.... So I went to a party many months later with a new woman I was dating, that I actually was attempting a real bonafied relationship with. And guess who also attended the party? (Good thing this isn't a game show...for I have no prizes...other than paperclips and rubberbands at my desk). Yup,....to my chagrin...Mary and her new boyfriend. Actually the boyfriend was very nice....I was not jealous at all, and actually spent a few moments having idle chat with him....but I soon realized why Mary and he were together....they were two peas in a pod. He was, by another man's standards, a good-looking bad boy. He appeared athletic, sorta the surfer/bad boy look going for him....tan, nice hair...a toy. But I also realized why he was perfect for Mary....he too was about as smart as a box of rocks. Anyway, that doesn't really matter to the story. The fact is as the night progressed, Mary had plenty of wine coolers and I could tell she was trying to get my attention half the night and pull me away from my date. Finally, at a brief interlude we found ourselves in the kitchen of this house, with both our dates outside. Mary asked me point blank...."When are you going to dump that 'girl' out there, and come home with me?" I had mixed emotions at this point: 1) Anger...I am here with a new girl, whom I like, and you're here with your boyfriend (poor guy), 2) Flattered...Hmmm she still wants me or is this a sick game?, 3) Sorry....for her. Mary will just never get it. So I basically said 'No' as politely as I could, left the kitchen and more or less felt uncomfortable the rest of the evening,....every once in a while noticing that Mary was staring at me and my date...with her 'boyfriends' arm around her. Fast forward a few months where when guys are just hanging around other guys, my friend brought up the subject of Mary. He was telling me who she was dating now....but I soon learned that she had been around the block quite a bit. That never bothered me at all. Who was I to judge...I had been and was still going around the block myself. The problem was my friend explained to me that she had been around the block with most of my friends, including himself at one point. WHAT??? My close 'guy' friends all had a roll in the hay with Mary? Turns out...yes. She slept with quite a healthy number of us guys who ran in the same circles. Was I mad at her? No. I was more shocked and mad at my friends that nobody ever told me this before. I was the last guy to find out!!! That bothered me immensely and I vowed I could never be with Mary EVER again....and to this day I hold true to that. So where am I going with this whole long-winded story? Well, one of my close friends just announced his engagement not to long ago to his girlfriend of a few years. But back in the day, he had a fling with Mary as well. So I guess Mary found out about his engagement the other day, and while still single herself today, she called him up in a drunken stupor the other night....trying to reminisce about their time together. Knowing full well he just got engaged, she tried to lure him back over for another fling...and expressed her very selfish feelings (of course....alcohol induced). He said No...obviously, and we sat there and chuckled about it, and felt sorry for her. I don't understand. She is without a shadow of a doubt Playboy material, however, when she opens her mouth, we guys just lose all respect for her, and I feel sorry for her.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Spicy Food....Love me.....Love Me Not 

I love spicy food, and have so for as long as I can remember. But one lesson I still haven't learned (though I know this in my head)....Spicy food doesn't love me. I enjoy jalepenos, Thai Food, curry, spicy asian and mexican food, you name it. I used to even eat jalepenos straight out of the jar when I was drinking....like guys did beer nuts or pretzles. And even though I would get a little sweat on my brow, or my mouth would be on fire....everything would eventually be fine. But one day a few years back, for no discernable reason what-so-ever my body began to reject spicy food. No, not heartburn....something.....lower. My intestines can no longer deal with the intense acids, and I end up suffering generally the next morning...I'll sit and feel my lower intestines turning into knots, and I I know the end result is not going to be pretty. Case in point this morning. Last night.....very spicy chicken. This morning....I'm afraid to drink coffee and should have drank Malox instead....been to the 'john' twice to rid my bowels.....I think of Johnny Cash's song "Ring of Fire". Is it politically correct to bring a try of ice cubes to the bathroom?

"Yes Virgina....There are normal blogs out there" 

Link So I am always excited to see when I have comments. They are sorta like presents from penpals, and reinforces my fortitude to plug on with this blog. With that said, I discovered I had some new comments from Heidi. Visit her blog at Behind Myself. It will put a smile on your face that there are indeed normal (by who's definition anyway?) people out there that really have some funny stuff to read.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Great Coffee Conspiracy....(or is it Friday yet?) 

I am a caffiene addict and have been for years. I take my coffee seriously and have approached orgasm on just the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning. The last few mornings I've been struggling to get out of bed and so I have an automatic drip machine that produces fresh Starbucks grade every morning, however, when I arrive at work I tend to have at least another 2 cups....either from the traveling Roach Coach, or a nearby store. When I am feeling very Martha Stewart like, I even brew my own at work....I have a bag of fresh ground quality beans and a small brewing mechanism at my desk. It's a great setup generally speaking, but the cleanup is a bitch and is my last resort. So today I didn't make it to the local store, nor did I make the Roach Coach. So ever 'jonesing' the caffiene, I broke out my machine. Next door to my office is a kitchen attached to a traing room.....so I went in there for hot water. Please note that the door was open, unlocked, no one was present and the door sign said "Out Of Session". I walked into the kitchen and upon rinsing out my cup, I was interupted by a voice behind me. "Uh....excuse me. Are you making coffee?", came a female voice. I turned to see a curly red-headed girl in her early 30's staring at me. "Yeah,.....my own" I replied. She began to shake her head. "No. No. You need to use another kitchen. There's a meeting scheduled here..."....very rudely and she literally was scolding me and ushering me out. Uh...again...the training room NEXT to the kitchen was empty. Unlocked. OUT OF SESSION....It literally took her longer to reprimand me than it would have to get my hot water. WTF? I left only because I was suprised, but teh more I think about it, the more I say 'WTF'? She doesn't know me, I don't know her...there was no warning indicators, no signs, I've been doing this for months.....and today she pulled a power play.....over hot water. Where the hell do I work? It's nuts. No wonder I avoid these people as much as I can...they're TOOLS. So I am about to go out for a good cup-o-joe that will take longer for me to return on the companies dime that it was for me to get hot water. If she handled me differently, then I probably wouldn't care. But because she was so rude and condesending towards me, I'm stewing a bit. Too bad she was cute...under different circumstances I'd like to bend her over my knees and spank her, and then make her squeal and wet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Sorry, not in the mood....(is he crazy?) 

True Story/Commentary.... There are times when I go through a sexual draught, and other times it seems to pour.....however, the last few days I found myself in the midst of a small flash flood and last night all I wanted to do was to dry out and seek the high ground. Now some of you may think I am crazy....but I assure you, even I need my alone time and personal space,....and I am not walking around aroused 24/7. With that said the last few days were somewhat prosperous. A female acquaintance of mine with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing a bed with before called me up over the weekend. Long story short, we had relations Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and again met up Monday evening for another casual romp and we had a good time. Yesterday evening while lounging in front of my television and unwinding from a hectic day I received yet another call with a proposition: "Wanna play again?......Now?" Some men would be very flattered, and don't get me wrong I am....but damn...I'm tired...and 4 days in a row? This time at night? "No.", I replied "I'm pretty tired and just want to go to bed."...end of call. I think the thing that actually bothered me was the lack of creativity and spark. For as long as I can remember, I need to be in the mood to enjoy myself. And I'm not in the 'mood' 24/7 nor can I just 'turn-on' at the drop of the hat. Call me a fatal romantic, but I need a gradual build....whether it be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, a half hour or longer. I'm a visual person and also very creative.....if a woman wants to put me in the mood I need some of or a mixture of the following: Mood music....a nice massage...a subtle strip tease or dirty talk.....a nasty note and/or flirtation. You have to give me a reason why I want to bed you and to get my energy flowing. I need to feel sexy as well to the opposite gender...and a call out of the blue for yet another generic romp with no build doesn't bring me any excitement....so I just went to bed.... I know...I know...shoot me.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Post Work Happy Hour 

Haven't blogged for a few days because I have been extremely busy at work. Some goof downloaded a virus from the net over one of those Yahoo chat clients and managed to infect our company. The result, the IT department had to spend many a waking hour cleaning up over 500+ computers, and of course this threw most of us into 12-15 hours days. So when Friday rolls around, we all need to wind down and subsitute any nutritious and fortifying food with alcohol. As 6pm rolled around on Friday, one by one we sauntered into the local watering hole with red-eyes, a delieriously exhausted attitude, and on a quest who could find the most comfortable Rubbermaid lawn chair to throw back our drinks. It's really funny to watch some people that you work with drink. Now, I can hold my own, through both years of practice and just pure metabolism luck. However, many of my co-workers can't....especially the generally geeky/brainy ones.....two beers and already they are giggling like virgin school girls getting a wink from Justin Timberlake...they just fall apart and talk nonsense... However, Sandy was there....she is the smoking hot manager of another department I was blogging about the other day....Anyway, she is there with another manager and they had a head start on all of us. Well, despite Sandy's stature (both physically and politically), she can't handle her liquor very well. If I haven't said this before, she is married, but I've never seen her husband, and she was (in my opinion) getting very friendly with the other married manager. Now Sandy was in charcol club slacks that were just delicious, and she had a midriff blouse that was showing off the bare nakedness of her lower back. She has a fabulous waist and nice tight tush. I know that many of the guys just drool over her, and she is without a doubt, one of the nicest and naive people I ever met. She truly is the big sister you want to have incest with, yet allow no one else to touch her or offend her in any way.....you wanna protect her. So as the night goes on, she gets tanked, and hands all over this manager. She started to talk to me and I really innocently said: "So, where's your husband. I've never met him and I never hear about him?" ....pause...."Uh," she replies "Let's not go there......"....pause....."He doesn't come to these things, though I always ask him". Did Nate just stick his foot in his mouth? Me thinks so, however, I did notice other married manager got very quiet....RED FLAG ALERT....RED FLAG ALERT....do I sense a hidden company romance between two married adults, both with children.???? I quickly apologized for my bluntness, and it was met with smiles, and the rest of the night progressed normally. Later, I ran into anotehr manager...one that I can trust with 100% confidence...and just asked...."Hey is Sandy and Mr. X....? You know....having a fling?", in which I was told no, that they are just very good friends, and both happily married.....I hope that is indeed the case, but Mr. X should feel very lucky, for a inebriated Sandy being very touchy feely make the rest of us envious....

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Silly Meetings 

Commentary... So today my department had a suprise mandatory 'lunch' meeting. I hate and loathe these things, even moreso during what is supposed to be an employee's free time. Seeing that we generally have a pretty strict work scedule in the sense that you need to be at your desk at your assigned times less you get a stink eye or a comment from someone, one cannot wait until their designated lunch break to get away for an hour. However, management decides that your free time is and precious hour is of less importance that their mandatory meetings which 90% of are fluff and pep talks. What's worse they thry to make it like they are hip and cool because they are going to get pizza for everyone. Nice.....we have to eat crappy cheap Domino's pizza which is cold by the time it arrives and the meeting is over...and no drinks. Yes, you heard that right....God forbid they spend 50 cents per employee for a can of soda or water, or something healthier and carb free that that 2 pizza's for the price of one shit. So anyway, the meeting was typical: manager of the day gets up and talks about company crap that has nothing to do with you on an individual basis: "2003 was a good year for us, but 2004 is going to be great!"..."You worked hard as a team."....."numbers are up"....uh, up from what? And why were they down to begin with? And how did these numbers go up? And how were these measurments made? And does this mean I may get a bonus? And my favorite crap: some big-wig manager who doesn't know many of our names because he's never there to say 'Hi' to anyone pretends to be 'one of us': "And I like to congratulate Jane Doe on her prmotion to Sr. Manager". Yeah, too bad no one knows what Jane Doe does daily, nor do we really know who she is either, because the only time we see her is when food is around or they can take credit for work all the underlings push through. So nice that my lunch hour was overrun by others patting themselves on the back for work we/I do, and I gotta go out and buy my own water to drink with my dictated lunch.

Clothes....make the case. 

Commentary... 1st an apology for not blogging in almost a week. Was feeling a bit under the weather...more like bronchitus...and I haven't had much to say lately either. So today....What made me think of clothes? A few things. Let me begin by saying I am no fashion expert or guru, and like to think of myself as current, but not a trend setter by any means. I don't spend hundreds of dollars on shoes or jackets. I don't own designer sunglasses, and spend only about $14 for a haircut. However, I don't shop at Walmart either for my clothes... But the right outfit, on the right body type, matched with the right attitude can do a lot for sex appeal! Sometimes, "less is more" really does apply. Today as an example, I am wearing a new cotton shirt a friend recently gave me. I really like it....not for it's color, or label, but for its cut. Some shirts are cut in a way that really accentuate a person physique. In my case, today this shirt make me look huge....in a good way!! The way it is cut makes my arms look bigger than they really are as it does my chest. I know this only because a few male co-workers have made comments on the size of my arms (they did not just grow overnight), and my boss even said he never would want to mess with me. That is a great ego booster and shows that my working out at the gym is indeed noted by others. It also help when I notice that a few women I work with have extended looks to me that appear to be longer than normal. Yes, I do notice this...maybe I shoudl do it more often? Then there is Krista....Today she is wearing my favorite black polyester club pants and smart shoes. Her legs and ass look terrific, and more so, what accentuates her red washed brunette hair and retro-style glasses is her blouse. Today she is wearing a very form fitting baby-blue printed cotton top. It's kind of tight against her glast stomach, and looks like a second skin against her tone arms....but moreso is the fact her shirt perfectly cups her breasts in a way to let everyone know she has some natural guns!! Delicious. Then there is Sandy. She is a manager here, and very personable. She is good looking...very good looking...like a Barbie doll, and she has brains too. But a really nice quality about her is that she isn't fake, and she is very humble. She is very attractive, she knows it, but doesn't come across as flaunting it or being egotistical about it. She is tall by nature, probably 5'11", skinny, blonde, wears very nice clothing, and carries herself with a lot of confidence and purpose. But her outfit today has made a few our collective jaws drop.......She is waring a pair of ivory slacks with white open toed shoes with 2-3 inch heels. Her blouse is satiny balck, and she has young and hip matching ivory white business jacket over it. While that would be good enough for most of us, she finishes it off with a black thong. A few of us guys were standing in the hall and turned to see her walking towards us, and all of us noticed right away that her slack were apparantely see-thru to the extent we could see her black panties in front of her crotch, and as she walked by, we all looked at her nice round butt as well and smiled at the same black thong outline staring right back at us. I really do believe she is un-aware of this...but I think all three of us got instant hard-ons. I'll have to save my feelings on denim for a future post.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Commentary I remember looking at my first issue of Penthouse years ago at a friends house, it was probably the late 70's and as a child I was very disturbed at the time of a boy/girl pictorial. The magazine was snuck out from my friends parents room. Basically I was too young to understand why two adults were naked and touching each other the way they were. Needless to say the image was burned in my head for years to come. Then during puberty I learned more why these magazines existed, and I enjoyed them in all the ways a young male can. I even had my own stash that I hid from my parents for years...My stash did get discovered once by my mother, and they were thrown out and I was ounished, but she elected not to tell my father. Believe me I was embarrased to death. When I was in Highschool and even college I rediscovered Penthouse yet again, and not only did I enjoy the pcitorials, I started reading the fabulous Forum letters and even tried to re-enact some scenarios with girlfriends at the time. But I never really understood why the pictorial were only X-rated and not XXX. Then I learned about publishing standards and realized that the most hardcore magazines could only be sold in certian locations, and Penthouse had not yet crossed over to the 'forbidden' side. Then in the late 90's I bought one for the heck of it at a local bookstore and had to take a double, no...a triple take, at what I saw now. Penetration! Fingering! Visible male orgasm! When did this happen? And I was hooked again for awhile, but soon the spending of $8 a month for about 15 pages of pics were nothing compared to what I was discobering on-line. For free, or a few dollars more I could see full blown movies, hundreds of pictures, any-day, and-time! So my few issues of Penthouse went to storage. Then yesterday after my post I started to think about Penthouse again for some reason and I started to get turned on. I atcually went to a bookstore last night looking for some good ole penetration pictorials...but they were eiterh sold out, or no longer carry it. The more tame magazines like Playboy were present, but that was the hardest choice there....no I left in dismay and wondering if I need to go to another bookstore today....but I laugh internally, because I still get embarrased buying them.....I still look for the male cashier at the bookstores to ring me up, and I still look over my shoulder to make sure I don't recognize anyone. On a side note....Paris Hilton is 'seeing' one of the Backstreet Boys. Saw the pics on Dooglas.org. I'd love to see her in Penthouse!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Return of Mary 

True Story.... Some of you may remember that I discussed my relationship with Mary last month, and I promised a story that one be one of the more unforgettable of all of my escapades with the opposite sex. I look back at it now and laugh, but at the moment in time which this took place I was both horrified and embarrased to such a degree it scarred me for years afterwards. Since our last tryst, both Mary and I went our seperate ways and I wasn't too broke up about it. She was nice, she was easy...maybe a little too easy, but definetly not my type for the long haul. I have a few pet peeves regarding the opposite sex, or better yet qualifiers if I can be around them: A) They have to be somewhat modest and humble, and B) They need to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. Mary was neither. Most of the time her insecurities would manifest on how 'hot' she was...and I agree to a certain extent, but no guy want's to hear how goodlooking or vain you are every ten minutes. Yeah, she had a lot of guys, or a lot of guys had her...none were keepers. And she was about as smart as a paperwight. All the stereotypical 'dumb blonde' jokes you've heard over the years?.....she was the inspiration. However, we were both (well, I'm assuming both) were going through a dry spell. It had been a few months at this point since I had a memorable date, and maybe the same was for Mary,...so she called me up out of the blue one day. A little small talk ensued...and soon...our flirtatious banter...ended up in scheduling a date. However, I think we both secretly knew this wasn't really a date (a practice that would continue between us off and on for the next coupel of years). I arranged to pick her up and learned she had a new roommate, so her place was outta the question, as was mine for the same reasons and distance. With no real plans in mind, we ended up at a local watering hole and shared a few social lubricants (uh, that would be drinks for those that are confused). With a few drinks in our system, we were a little more hands on with each other and decided to leave, but the issue now was 'where?' I guess it really didn't matter a whole bunch to either of us at the time, so I drove us to a relatively new, but under-lit industrial park. There was a small amount of feeling danger there that may have added to our desires: the idea of being caught in public. However, if one was looking for romance, it was sucked out of the experience by our immediate surroundings. We located a very dark parking lot off the beaten path, and with everything seemingly clear, we hopped into the back seat. I had left the radio on low to break up the sheer eerie quietness of the whole ordeal, and the first few moments were hideously tense....we hadn't been together for months, had no idea where our 'non-relationship' stood, and now we both wondered who was going to make the first move in the back of my car in an industrial parking lot. It doesn't matter to the story who started what, but within a few moments I had managed to pull my jeans and underwear down around my ankles, (still with my shoes on) sitting normally in the backseat. Mary had pretty much done the same, although she removed her jeans entirely and her red lace panties. Yes, it had been a few months, and now I was staring at her tan naked legs once again, and her small tuft of pubic hair right above her slit. It was sorta clumsy...there is no real way to have comfortable sex in the back of any car lest it be a limo.... And because she was not on the pill, and back then I always played safe, I unrolled a condom over myself. She slid on top of me, facing me, where she did most of the work in screwing me. It was fun, and it was hot at the moment, and her skin felt great against mine, as well as the gentle warmth that enveloped me as she moved up and down. Not sure if it was because it had been a while, but my climax was to be very powerful and a lot. I tapped her on the back signaling my approach, and Mary smiled and said just do it....so I came very hard inside her. And even after my climax, she wasn't quite done....for she continued moving up and down, even minutes after I finished. For that brief moment it was sorta romantic....but soon it would take a turn for the worse. After settling down , Mary decided to disengage from my softening member....and as she did I felt a big glob of my semen hit my crotch and it was warm....but I shouldn't have felt that I thought..... I looked down, as did she, and noted my condom was MIA. We looked about for second, and it was nowhere to be found!!! Uh...oh... Scary, very scary.. Did I just have unprotected sex with a very powerful orgasm? Mary looked at me for a second, and did the unfathomable (well...it was to me at the time). She hovered above me, and using her right hand, stuck her first three fingers inside herself and began DIGGING!!! I watched in concern, emarassment, and horror... And she kept digging...her fingers creeping even deeper inside her. I watched her fish for literally 5 minutes, before, with a triumphant smirk, she pulled out a worked piece of latex that was now empty..... In haste I threw it out the window, grabbed a spare towel, cleaned myself then handed it to her for the same. Needless to say the rest of the evening was pretty quiet between us, and I think I was eager to get home, and she was just as eager to be dropped off....both wondering of the results.... Time proved to work out in our favor....no damage was done...but it would be a few more months before Mary and I would once again cross paths....

Friday, January 02, 2004

Well, Here I Am.... 

At work yet again today while 80% of the population has the day off. I'm pretty tired for my sleeping cycle, for who knows what reason, is messed up. It was pretty evident as soon as I walked in the door this morning, with more than one co-worker asking me if I was feeling alright, or partied too hard on New Years. Quite the contrary. New Years was sorta uneventful, and I spent yesterday at home all day watching TV and chores about the house. Went to bed late, but got up like 50 times during the night....very restless. So no major terrorist news...always a good thing....I was sorta worried they were indeed going to do something, somewhere in the world. Been a few days again since any sexual encounters happened, and I've been so good on the porn front. That is to say I haven't visited an internet site in almost a month, nor have I watched any vidoes for a few weeks. But being at work, and slow always makes my mind wander. So I went to read some of the more interesting blogs today, and realize that most of you are all on vacation still. Most sites, not all, but most haven't been updated in a few weeks. And since I can't view internet sites at work, I can just think about my collection at home and sites I haven't been to in a while. I almost want to treat myself, go and pay the $14.95-19.95 month fee per site and check up on some cuties I fell in lust with some time back and see new pictorials....and here's hoping that my amateur ladies have included more boy-girl stuff lately. For a while it was all solo....and you can only pose so many ways before I get bored. Also want to watch some videos too....I'd really like to watch one with April.....but she's on the fence if they are offensive to her or not. One day they are and I'm chastised about my collection, the next time she requests to watch one....but never when it's convenient or readily available. She said I could even video her or us together.....hmmmm.....that conjures up some very interesting ideas.....now if I could just get her to wear some sexy/slutty lingerie.....

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