Tuesday, December 30, 2003

April in December 

True Story... If you've been reading my posts this past week, I think you can all attest that I've been on a pretty emotional roller-coaster for a guy. Sometimes I even get mad at myself for letting my emotions get the best of me. Cliff Notes for this past week: Lacking sleep, holiday family madness, longer than expected work hours, shitty gifts from un-appreciative realtives, small fued with April resulting in delayed fun and supressed feelings of romance, other blogs make me feel randy. So I was over at April's, and I was still a tad tired. Just sitting and doing absolutely nothing was just grand and satisfying. Shortly, we both fell asleep on our back,....more like a nap for a bit. Wasn't long and we both woke at the same time, but still pretty groggy, when she reached over and start rubbing my thigh. Her hand stroked the inside of my left thigh, but for some reason she wouldn't venture any further. Thsi was puzzling to me...was she just teasing me? Was she seeing if I was actually awake? Or as usual, was she getting me to be the aggressive one who make the 1st 'real' move as usual. So I decided to be patient and just lie still for a few minutes and see what she would do.....tick.....tick....tick.....still rubbing my inside thigh for what seemed to be forever, and of course I am now erect and getting frustrated with the situation. MAKE YOUR DAMN MOVE ALREADY!!!!.....but alas...she didn't. Well Damn! Now I'm pretty awake and stimulated...and it's up to me to make the 1st move..and damnit, I will. I took her right hand with my left and placed her massaging hand on the outside of my jeans over my hard crotch....(Why do I feel like I gotta spell things out here?) This went on for another few minutes as I played with her hair, twirling it around in my own left hand...feeling it swirl and fall between my fingers....well someone has to get this show started 'cause I'm actually getting kinda bored..... So I just stood up and dropped my pants and drawers and kneeled back down in a wide stance next to her head. With my left hand I lifted her head and brought it towards my member where I encouraged her to suck. Actually I must have really been turned on, because generally April is not as talented in performing oral sex as other ladies I have been with (it's the whole rythym thing....April tends to change it every few seconds so there is no pattern perse and it can be difficult at time to remain arroused), but at least she tries, and beggers cannot be choosers. So I was really enjoying receiving head this time around, and I was approaching climax very fast. ---Now don't think I wasn't paying attention to just myself and being greedy--- The whole time she was satisfying me orally, my middle finger of my right hand had dug its way through her pants, under her panties, and buried deep and wiggling within an ever increasing drenched labia. Man was she more moist than usual. So I began to signal I was about to cum, and asked (I'm a gentleman and really wanted this) if I could in her mouth. She said no (an initial dissapointment...but I'll live), that she wanted me inside her and I could do it that way....(yes, she's clean (as well as I) and on the pill). I quickly disengaged in my stance and began to quickly shuck her jeans and panties and turned her over on all fours. I postioned myself behind her, licked my hand for just a little more lubrication, and then pushed myself inside her. Usually, I do my best to please a woman, and I really do care if I can make her orgasm....but this past week was crap...in many facets...and today it was just gonna be about me. At this point I really was trying to be more rough than usual...I figure I was gonna cum soon enough anyway...I've been pent up for a few days and sick of messing around.....so I grabbed her shirt about midway up with both my hands and gripped it like reins of a horse and pulled as hard back as I could without ripping her shirt. And I pounded hard, harder than I have in a while.... It was all about me today...and as I felt my own climax rushing back, my mind drifted into its own world...focused on one thing only...me exploding. And boy did I....when I finally reached the point of no return....I let loose and felt an incredible force of power within my lower torso as my muscles contracted and shot my potion as hard as I could within her. I pretty much know I grunted a little loudly as well. I sat there (still inside her) for the next 30-45 seconds before I moved again. It was kinda weird, and I think April knew it was all about me and she never complained once. I honestly don't know if she got her cookie by herself, with me, or at all. She didn't say anything, and I didn't ask. It was good and rough, and oddly enough, I think she was satisfied as well. We both stood and headed for the shower.....

Tuesday Tidbits 

My mind has been pretty busy the last few days. Been in the mood (though I did get some a few days ago with April), but not feeling romantic. April is just a phone call away, but I don't want to give in to carnal desires just because I can. Our relationship is weird, but I blame that more on me and my over-analyzing of everything. I enjoy her company, and I enjor her, but there are certain peeves of mine that make me feel frustrated towards her. Yes, I think about her more than I want to at times, but I also find myself insisting on not letting myself get so wrapped up that I set myself up for disapointment or heartache. April is a good person, and very generous when she wants to be. However she has some habits that do irritate me that are just so common sense stuff I am shocked she doesn't realize she offends and hurts people by her apparant lack of emotion or gratitude to them. People do stuff for her, and she just seems.....indifferent. I notice it and so do others. She's just oblivious people are actually trying to help her, and care for her as a friend. So I'm going off topic here. I was more so going to comment on a few new blogs I've been reading and I have thus added them to my link list and updated some others like Naughty Secrets who seem to have changed hosts. Well my comments are that I am sorta envious of a few of these free spirited souls actively wanting to please each other so openly. April enjoys our physical relationship, but it is rarely her that starts our exploits. Actually the last few girls I've dated or met, it seems like I am always (or at least 90%) making the effort to get playtime jump started. Why can't the girls I meet be more aggressive? I've had a few aggressive girls in the past, but it seems like years now since one has crossed my path. SexyBlonde was sorta agressive...and we had excellent sex. I think back to college and a few naughty girls I was with. I truly stand behind the idea (soley from my own experience) that the more aggressive they were, the better the sex was....hands down. Anyway, Naughty Secrets do really enjoy themselves. April just isn't too creative. She'll do anything, and I pretty much mean anything (sans threesome), but only with my lead or my suggestion.....never her own. Isn't it funny that when you sit down with a Blog in mind, that when you start writing, it morphs into a totally different Blog than you first planned. As an example, I was going to either start today off with a great Mary story (yeah.....the return of Mary), or a list of the "10 Things that Turn Nate On",......but now I'm writing about April, and I mentioned we had sex the other day, and I just briefly mentioned it...never went into detail....and I am horny right now...or at least making myself more horny as I think about this and read other people's Blogs....so perhaps an April story is in order? Well, it will have to wait a few....maybe later today..

Monday, December 29, 2003

Post X-mas blues 

Perhaps I am just feeling sorry for myself, and I'm trying to come to terms with that as I write this....but I am not sure I had a stellar X-mas after all. I have to keep reminding myself that X-mas is about family, and about God, not about presents or who received that phatest loot. But in all honesty I am have some issues that I want to share with you, my audience, because I don't think I can share them with family or April. I love my mother very much, there is no question to that, but she can become tiring. I think I witnessed more 'rolling eyes' and heard more under the breath comments about other family members and friends than I care to at any one given time. Not that my mother is a bad person, actually she is overly generous to a fault, and she gets her feeling very easily hurt if people don't recognize how much work she does for them. It's a double edged sword....I personally think she does too much for people, who don't appreciate it, and when the appreciation doesn't come she pouts in her own way, and I get the brunt of the "talking too's". I can see it coming a mile away, and I even tell her not to kill herself knowing this is gonna happen....so she kills herself anyway...and feels un-recognized, then proceeds to tell me this because I'm the only one who 'understands'. On another note, I have a nephew who I have always tried to be close to, but I don't think the bond I am trying to extend will ever be reciprocated. He is very spoiled and is subject to throwing an occasional tantrum, but I continue to try. I always, without question, get him nice gifts for birthdays, Christmas and easily spend the most on him than anyone else other than his parents. I honestly don't look at X-mas in the manner of how much one can spend on another. I truly believe that gifts come from the heart and are an extension on how we feel about that person. If the gift is heart-felt, and someone take the tme to really get to know you they will perhaps purchase a gift that reflects those sentiments. My nephew got me a roll of duct tape and a brush. Yes, you read that right. He put all of 2 minutes in thinking of me, more like an afterthought, after all I have done for him over the years. He spent all of $2.50 on crap. Okay, he is a teenager!!! What was going through his mind? Where were his parents in this? I wish I could say I am over this, but apprantly I'm not because this has been in my head for the last 4 days, and I'm stewing about it. I need a serious talkting to from God about this. I don't care that he spent $2.50 on me after all I have gotten him.....what kills me is teh gifts themselves....the most generic, un X-mas crap I have ever gotton. PERIOD. His birthday is coming up in a 2 months. I think he'll get toothpaste from me...I'm through going out trying to win him over and shower him stuff. I don't even register on his radar, and I don't even want to try right now. Am I wrong? Please, your honesty is important to me!

Friday, December 26, 2003


Christmas Eve didn't go exactly as planned. April and I were both very tired to begin with, and I am pretty sure that was the source of some impatience with each other that evening. When I finally picked April up for the evening I had already very little sleep this past week, and even though I know April and I discussed the plan about what time we were supposed to be at my parents more than once, April was conveniently a little behind. The only words I heard was: "I'm tired and needed a little nap". I guess this really frustrated me, 'cause I know I worked much more than April did this past week, I even start earlier than her, and I had no nap, and we discussed this a few times earlier in the week, and now at the perverbial 11th hour,.....she is not ready. A small argument ensued in my car on the way down which led to utter silence between us most of the way. Fortunately, by the time we walked in my parents door, both of us sucked it up and made the best of it. It actually went well for all intents and purposes, and everyone got along grand. But I was very tired and I was beginning to hit a brick wall, and I knew that April was ready for bed as well....but not for fun as I had earlier envisioned...and though my fantasies were not to become true that night, I was actually okay with that....'cause I was still kinda frustrated with her and not really in a romantic mood. I just wanted to hit the bed myself and not be bothered and be in a better mood for Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Holiday Hankerings 

Well, here we are. Another holiday season. I'm still at work, but most likely not too much longer. Some employee's have already bailed, some just didn't come in at all. So it's been pretty quite the last hour. I actually read some magazine articles today on subjects ranging from real CSI, models, metal band boys gone bad, video games, and of course some blogs. Nothing real juicy teh last few days in blog land. I think when it comes to God & Christ, some bloggers morals come back to the surface and don't talk about sex much on Christmas Eve. I guess it kinda makes sense. Anyway, I'm supposed to visit my family tonight and April will be with me. Interesting to see how that goes. Not just with my family, but with me. As I stated above, sex seems kinda taboo on Christmas Eve (maybe it's just me). I've been fantasizing the last few days about being home late tonight, fireplace going, maybe a little champagne and hopefully have April pose for me in some very sexy lingerie while I snap some digital pics. I imagine her in white or black lace panties and matching bra, earings, and some nice thigh high stockings. It will look nice with her olive skin. However, I also feel very guilty. For as much as I picture April doing this, I have caught myself more than a few times thinking of SexyBlonde XOXO lately in the same scenario. For a while now she wasn't in my head, and I am sure she has moved on.....but talk about 'THE' perfect body. I just have this vision in my head of her standing in the hallway door frame, blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, makeup just perfect, her full breasts filling out that bra, that flat stomach leading down to her lace panties (knowing full well she is smoothly shaven and wet), and stockings on her very fit and tone legs.....After a few naughty pics she would propose licking my candy cane until I blew my egg nog :) Then we would make passionate love in front of the fire place like the time we did at her house. I feel bad about this because though I can most likely have the same fun with April (and I knwo she would be willing) my feelings for her are unclear, or maybe because I do have feeling starting for her I'm scared. You see, with SexyBlonde it was all physical, we never spent enough time to really get to know each other so our encounters were always fantasy based and fun. Where with April, we've been seeing more of each other and now my feelings which I haven't felt in a long time are beginning to re-appear. I just don't want to use April; I don't want to hurt her feelings, and I think she has more for me than I have for her right now....but that can change...anything is possible. Mentally, I am more tuned into April. I feel bad that I am kinda comapring her body to Sexy's though. I think I have a stumbling block there....Where Sexy was a definite 10, April is about 7.5, but could improve if she took workouts more seriously and ate better. I can picture April as a 8.5-9, and I do know other men look at her. Its also hard knowing that the same lingerie will compliment one person more than another. But why am I dwelling over this more and more. Perhaps I really am starting to fall for April. I dunno. Best wishes to you all, and even a guy like me (with my own issues and desires) hopes that God blesses each and everyone of you and your respective families.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Lunchtime Looks 

So obviously from the previous post you all know I just had lunch. Once in a while I go to this restaraunt about 3 blocks away, where I get the lunchtime special, sit in a small booth and enjoy a little solo reading of a novel. Now I have noticed this cashier before....she cute as a button. Maybe 20 years old??? Blond, skinny, a little on the pale side, brown eyes. Cute....a real girl next door quality...not a knockout or cover model. Today when I walked in she greeted me with a very big 'Hi!', which I repsonded back in kind. But I was more concentrating on the overhead menu at the time. As I slipped her my ATM card, she started with more personal questions: "How are you today sir?" "Fine......And you?", I replied. "Good"......pause....."You all ready for Christmas?" "Uh....yeah." "Got all your shopping done?" "Yup" "Kids?"........... Huh???, That one caught me off guard. Was she just making idle conversation or fishing for more personal info? "I have no kids...." And I finished paying for my meal, took my number and sat at my booth. Then half way through my lunch she came up to my table... "Everything okay for you today?", she inquired. "Yes,...Thank you." She smiled at me and walked away....and I watched her...and she didn't go to any other customer in the joint and ask them anything....just me. Should I be flattered? I must be her senior by almost 15 years I think. What the hell was all that about?

Eager Beaver 

Okay, this installment isn't what you guys are thinking...Eager Beaver...I know your minds are in the gutter,....as is mine 1/2 the time. No really, it's actually about another employee I work with. She's an older woman and very sweet and very friendly. There is no attaction between us, I just really mean she is a very nice person. And I give her kudos for wanting to learn new things. I've worked with many people over the years that just don't want to do any more than they have to....and at times I am even guilty of that...today is case in point. Anyway, she is constantly digging around work projects and always manages to find the most obscure programming issues. Not that these are problems at all, but she is very inquisitive...and I applaud her for that....she shoudl really have a job in quality control the way she combs over things....even if they are insignificant. But my peeve is she always tends to come over to my desk, hands full of paper and a battery of questions...but just drops by at the most inopportune times. I think it's innocent and means no harm, but when she wants an answer she expects everyone to drop everything and because she has a free minute, then everyone else has the same exact free minute. I don't even think I was in my chair yet back from lunch, before she was rolling up her chair in my office with a concentrated look on her face. I knew what was coming....Nate was coming back from lunch and this whole time she was prepping her questions ready to pounce as soon as I walked in. Uh, how 'bout scheduling a time with me? Hear of a calendar? Let someone catch their breath? Geez....

Monday, December 22, 2003

The Real Cancun 

Commentary... Over the weekend I rented MTV's attempt at a reality show based movie, The Real Cancun. Basically it is a spin-off of their successful show in which they attempt to take a cross section of American youth from all over and place these hormonally challenged youth's together under one roof and make sure there is plenty of alcohol around and let the drama unfold. And boy does it. The problem I have is the cross-section of youth MTV picks to represent young angst isn't that real, at least in a normal world. MTV, and I know the reason why (ratings) always picks the best looking people....I guess they need to...who wants to watch a movie with average looking people with normal personalities. No, they pick all the guys who are tan, ripped abs, Brad Pitt handsome who have the bad boy image. All the girls look like they came out of a Playboy Sorority Issue, where they all put their morals on hold, like to drink, like to party, wear revealing clothes and were all on a magazine cover at one point in their lives. My version of reality would be picking that handicapped kid, that chubby girl with braces and glasses, the nerdy guy who likes sci-fi and comics, or the guy next door and then put them in that setting.... But I digress...... So you take 8 hot guys, and 8 hot girls...place them in an hedonistic hotel surrounded by beach, clubs, booze....in a foreign country....on spring break....and watch debauchery ensue. I loved it! I'll admit though, I was very envious of their exploits. When I was there age, I never did anything crazy like that...go to a real fun vacation spot with everyone my age...drink like a fish....and hook-up randomly with the opposite sex. Though I hate games, I do kind of miss the pursuit of 21 year old gals with no care in the world. So anyway, not all the cast was that exciting....I guess during the final edit they chose only the best moments, and sad to say some of the cast was apparently boring....however...the ones that wanted to have fun...did. Jeremy, one of the Brad Pitt clones, hooked up with three different girls in 5 days. And when I say hook up, I mean, night-vision cameras recorded all the activity in his bedroom...and there was plenty. He even said when he got home his girl-friend (yes, he has one) will dump him once she finds out...but I assure you this guy will have no problem. Paul, also hook up. 1st with a smoking hot Chinese gal which makes one of his fellow resident very jealous, so she ends up sleeping with him on the last day as well....uh...nice way to get even....I guess. John, (I think) bangs this hot blond in the community shower, until one of the other girl castmates walks in on them...on purpose....and get mad at him. Uh, why? She has a boyfriend at home, and 'loves' him, so why is she so angry when John scores....(she wanted it to be her secretly). Alan, the one geeky guys who never drank before in his life. Get him in Cancun, a few shots of Tequila later, and he is making out with girls left and right. The last night their he even scores with a very cute Czech girl....all caught on camera. The girls were very nice to look at too. We know that 2 of them went all the way, the rest either made out with someone or at least hinted at it. They all participated in body shots, flashing, wet T-shirt contest. They were all so damn cute. Tight bodies, small suggestive tattoos, smaller swim suits, always drink in hand, and the propensity to drop their clothes on a one minute notice. My spring break were never like that, and I'm pissed because of it. Again, I was too much of a nice guy to let myself go 100% and participate in wanton activities back in the day, and now I am so envious of it. Maybe that's why I try it now, but it's not the same. I have a real job, a real house, a real mortgage payment, a close family....no way could I be that reckless today. DAMN those hot people. I so remember the times and the exhilarating 'high' I would be on when sealing the deal on a young fine woman. It really was exciting...the whole euphoria of doing something naughty...every moment of it. Now today, sex is sex...fun as it is...but doesn't carry the same weight when you are 18-22 and being creative in meeting someone, pursuing them, and finally bedding them.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Random Rumblings 

I'm tired today. Very tired...coffee and tea are not working. Krista has been gone for the last 3 days. Perhaps she is sick. Perhaps she is off vititing her boyfriend....lucky guy....I don't even want to think about what she is doing. Average Joe 2 already? Blurred thong of Paris Hilton on Simple Life. Dooglas.org needs to be updated more often. Wanna look at new amateur XXX sites later, but probably won't...too tired..too much effort to type in all that credit card stuff. so I'll bust out some old material I burned on CD....if I can lift a finger. Want a cocktail. Want to know where the word 'cocktail' originated from. Actually wanna play some video games.....be better to play them with a naked woman....better yet if it was a new naked person I just met. Like the term Soccer Mom....just brings delicious thoughts to my ever creative mind. Recipe for today: 1 New Soccer Mom, 1 Video Camera, 2 Cocktails.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I'm not quite sure how long Krista has been working at my company,...I take it for a while since when I did meet her just a few weeks ago she seemed pretty integrated into the system here. I am actually pretty surprised I had never seen her before, but upon first glance I was immediately awe struck by her unique beauty. Krista must be about 5'5", 120 lbs. (if that), and very fit. She not only watches what she eats, but is pretty active in working out, and as a result she has a phenominal body. Skinny waist, nice legs, and a rock solid perfect ass. She is a natural brunette but tints it with a red wash than lends a certain look to it that makes her shoulder length hair just delicious. She has a naturally nice complextion and wear very light and natural looking makeup. I'm also a sucker for glasses, and she has very nice designer persription frames. Her fashion sense is pretty sophisticated as well.....usually pressed slacks and blouses that look like they are off the rack from Nordstroms. For my tastes, she is a little too much covered up, however, it lends to a little mystery, and even though there isn't much skin showing, her clothes are very form fitting and greatly accentuate and sillouette her 9+ body. She is in her late 20's I learned, and has a six year old daughter, but is currently not married. In our few conversations (in which I become more and more infatuated with her), she revealed that she wasn't married to the father, but later on got married to somebody else, then subsequently divorced. She offered to me she got married for all the wrong reasons....she wasn't in love and never was in love with her husband....she wanted to be and tried, but was honest to me that she married him...get this...as a career move. Yes, she married him so she could get ahead in life. This really bothered me for some reason, and still does. I'd like to believe, even with my own relationship issues, that there is hope for love, and that you should marry for love, not for money, security, or career advancement. She does admit she realizes it is wrong now, but she chalks it up to being in her early 20's, a single mother, and looking out for her. I still think this is wrong, but who am I to really judge? Anyway, we shared some brief stories and outlooks on relationships and I think we realized we both have something in common so we could relate to each other: we wanted to believe in love....we wanted to believe in a 'real' relationship....but we had our hearts broken....and we never healed 100%....so we both developed the attitude to have fun, see people, not fall in love, and just be casual daters. However, now Krista met someone from a friend of hers. It is a long distance relationship that 4 hours of driving seperates this new couple. She admits to me this is the first time since her failed marriage that she has developed some 'feelings' for a man, but has yet to decide what those feelings are. Could they be the first seeds of blossoming love? Only time will tell. However, I can't seem to get enough of her. No, I don't go out of my way to walk by her office, nor have we exchanged phone numbers or made plans to go to lunch. We share an occasional e-mail now, and are friendly to each other in the hallways. I'll admit I am somewhat envious of her new beau. Though one aspect I am happy that she may have found somebody, but on the other hand I secretly wish it were me. I pretty much won't date anybody from work ever again....well at least for a very long time....but.... She is so pretty, and sexy, and smart. When I do see her I am immediately aware that I stumble for words, that my stomach get butterflies, that I could just talk to her for hours. Is it puppy love? Most likely. But as much as I want to be in her presence when I do see her, and talk to her, and share conversations, I also without a shadow of a doubt want to be with her in a naughty way. I continously imagine her body underneath those smart clothes. I try to picture her underwear...everything from the type of bra and panties, to their color. I want to see her stomach, her waist, her chest, her ass, her mound. I want to kiss her neck, smell her hair, kiss those lips, and taste her tongue. I have a fantasy where she walks into my bedroom on some forbidden quest, and I remove her blouse, but I ask her to leave her glasses on. To me, rough meanigless sex is out of the question. WIth Krista, I want to make every moment count.....foreplay would last a long time...as exploring her body with all my senses....a true fairytale lovemaking session. However, it can never be......sigh.....

Monday, December 15, 2003

Ideas for interviews 

In a way, I'd like to make myself more community friendly. Not just a way for you to learn about me, but for me to learn about you, and have the readers enjoy a little 'talk-show' B.S. So, to other Blogger's out there, I'd like to chat with you about you, your Blog, your clean side, yoru nasty side, and I'll post the transcript right here along with your links.... Whad'ya say?

Work Furlough Program 

Observation I guess I'm in one of those chatty moods today. My third Blog in one day, and I have topics for a few more if I feel so inclined. So I work with a bunch of thugs. Well, that may be a slight exageration or mis-stereotyping, but I do indeed work with (dare I say?) social trash. I can't even point to a specific ethnic group either....I'm an equal opportunity basher. I don't care what race or gender you are (including my own), if your pathetic, then your pathetic. Now I know that sounds very egotistical and you're all thinking: "Geez Nate, why do you think you're all that?" Well, I'm here to tell you I'm not all that. I'll be the first to apologize when I'm wrong, I'll be the 1st to admit I have flaws running the gammut: physical, emotional, spiritual, whatever. Anyway, in an effort to save some money due to Christmas shopping, I have decided to 'brown bag' it a little more often. So today I brought in my frozen meal, trekked over to the (yes, 'THE') cafeteria to nuke my lunch. Granted, I don't know a ton of people at my job, due to the nature of my position and where I work, and thus I don't socialize much......Not sure if I really want to by the looks of this crowd. So, as I am waiting for my lunch to warm up, I just glance around the room. Sad state of affairs. My company must hire all high-school dropouts, re-hab graduates, or transitional idiots. Granted my department is generally seperated from this group, but I've always heard there were two camps at my work. The 'A' list and 'D' list. Never really digested that before today I guess. Now do I think I'm on the 'A' list? No. I even stay away from some of the fake, materialistic, pompous blow-hards in my area....but at the very least the 'A' list group at least looks like they can hold a conversation. After scanning the 'D' list congra-room, I realized why that segment has such a high turnover. They must pay either very little, which in turns attracts the denziens, or they broke parole and need to go back for some sort of anger management/community service/fell good about yourself workshop. Picture your typical audience of Jerry Springer.....Got it?.....The audience is pulled from my company....no doubt about it. So I pray to God up above (and I say this in all sincerity) that he grants me (in his infinite wisdom) the ability to change my heart to become more accepting of people. On one hand I feel sorry for them as I wish everyone well in life, however, on the other hand I look at them and figure they have no one to blame but themselves for being jack-offs and landing the position they did and they and they alone with their dumb attitudes, slacker mentality, careless hygiene, etc. put themselves in that position. But I am serious....I do need to work on myself and how I view people.

My Song....Figures 

So I came across this link that asks some vague questions some pop-shrink intern put togther and here is my resulting song that reflects my personality.

Take the What's Your Song? quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

Olsen Twins 

I hated Full House when I was younger. What an overacted, forced comedy, generic shtick that was just a cookie-cutter sitcom of the late 80's and early 90's. I even thought the one baby, who then turned into two twins later as the show matured were UGLY. However, the Olsen twins really developed. Okay, I know you may call me crazy and just plain wrong, but those twins have turned into something very yummy. They are drop dead gorgeous for their age, and that whole 'innocent' exterior just conjures up images that they are minx's in the bedroom. I would like to think that someday they may turn bad, or I get to see an Internet movie staring one of them in a compromising video, or better yet....both together. You'd have to think Playboy is just waiting until they turn 18 to offer them cash to pose. I doubt they'd ever do it...they seem pretty 'wholesome'. BUT NO DOUBT, I'll be the 1st in line to see them georgia peaches. Like Homer Simpson says: MMMMMmmmmm.....doughnuts..... Nate says: MMMMmmmmm......Olsen's

Thursday, December 11, 2003

A few days 

Sorry it's been a few days. I honestly haven't had any time to post lately. And I'm trying to figure out what I want to share next: Another Mary story? April? Someone else I just met but can't have? Ideas? I wanna hear from ya..

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Clumsy Sex 

True story.. I had a long day at work yesterday...pretty much worked through breaks, took a shortened lunch and then stayed after my regular business hours. It was dark when I began driving home, and I was tired, and I was hungry. Pulled up to my house, got out of the car, began walking to the front door when I saw my 'friend' April getting out of her car in the parking lot. Huh? How long was she there for? Did we have plans I forgot about? My mind began racing. Maybe it was something bad.....Uh, Oh. Actually it was nothing of the sort. "Hey Nate.....", she said. "Uh, hey. What's up? Whatcha doin' here?" I asked. "Was in the neighborhood. Decided to drop by, but your light wasn't on. I knew it was a work day for you and I figured you be home soon enough. I didn't want to call, it was an impulsive surprise, so I waited. Actually, I was getting tired of waiting and I was just about to leave, then you drove up." "Uh, okay. It was a long day for me. Tired." Hhhmmmm.....not really in the mood to entertain. All I could think about was a hot shower, a cold drink, and gelling in front of the boob tube, but I invited April in anyway. I proceeded to take a hot shower, pour myself a drink, and did make it in front of the TV where April sat with me and had a beer. We talked a little bit, not much. You see, April is a 'friend with benefits', more-so on her behalf than mine. It's been a few weeks I guess for both of us, and after her beer she made her move (she never was one to beat around the bush). "Bedroom?", she inquired. Quite honestly I wasn't really in the mood. Generally that's unlike me, but I was really tired and I knew I would just be going through the motions. I won't get all detailed here....sometimes looking at long terms plans, it's better to make one night sacrafice for someone else as to ensure good relations down the road at a later date. "Sure.", I said. After about 25 minutes or so of sex, I knew I was just going through the motions. She had arrived already once, and I didn't think I was going to. And knowing April, we would keep going until I finished once and for all. I was not anywhere close to be aroused to climax....I blame that entirely on wanting to just sleep. So I figured I was going to try something I haven't done in a long time, and never with April. "Lay down flat on the bed, face up.", I said and she complied. I swung my naked body over here and straddled her chest, placing my erect shaft between her silicon enhanced breasts and asked her to squeeze them together, and once again she complied. From here, I began having sex with her breasts, and within a few short minutes, I left a warm trail of protein on her neck, chin, chest and hair. Thankfully done, we both got up and cleaned briefly where April decided to tunr off the lights and climb into bed for awhile before she left. It was pitch black in my room with the lights off, and as I approached my bed and lunged in with my weight behind me, she had managed to lift her head up in my direction. My lip met her skull at enough of a velocity that pain shot through my mouth instantly and dropped me to the ground. Holding my mouth in a fetal position, April quickly got up and turned on the lights. I looked in the mirror and had a pretty bad bloody lip. Not bad enough to get stitches, but enough that my mouth bled for awhile, is still tender, and looks like I got punched in the mouth. How do I explain this to my friends and co-workers?

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Turkey/Ham what? 

I am not if I am a willing or unwilling participant in one of the foulest lunches I have ever had. First, a little backstory is needed: I am currently re-establishing a low-carb diet, especially after Thanksgiving. I was on one before I was doing pretty well....my willpower is above average, but not perfect, and subsequently I had shed enough pounds were family, friends, and co-workers were commenting. But with Thanksgiving, I fell off the wagon. Not just the traditional dinner, but days before and after I was drinking a little more socially as well....that is cocktails and beer. Needless to say I think I started gaining some weight back. So, today's lunch found me at the local grocery store where I decided to have some plain cold-cuts from the deli. Normally, eating this plain (i.e. No sugar, No carbs) doesn't bather me too much. Though I love exotic and flavorfull foods and enjoy them immensely, I can just as easily eat quick, bland, flavorless food when I am in a hurry or a goal in mind....in this case...quick lunch, high protein, no carbs. So I chose the Ralphs Turkey/Ham deli package...not only was it sizeable, but on sale. At 1/2 the normal price, it was a bargain, but I guess you get what you pay for. The Turkey/Ham slices looked like pressed Bologna, but quizzically tasted much worse. Now that it has been over a half hour since consumption, I still have a subtle yet lingering taste of my mouth of spent rubber. Yes, I feel like I just chewed on a sickly balloon for the past hour. Not only was the meat awful, it was the rind/skin that was even more unpleasant. It was like biting a rubber band. Please, spend the extra quarter next time and get yourself name brand meat. Your mouth will thank you.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Mary's Night Out Epilogue 

After the true events that transpired during Mary's Night Out, Mary and I spoke via phone the next few days. One thing that really made me laugh internally was her egotistical portrayal that she 'seduced' me. Actually the next few days of our telephone conversations inevitably steered in the direction of Mary bringing up the point over and over again that she seduced me. I guess after hearing this about 5 times I really started having second thoughts about Mary. Seduce me? Uh, doesn't being seduced involve some of the following definitions or behaviors: Me being in a steady relationship and cheating when I wasn't looking too? Me not wanting to have any physical activity at all until I break down by your charm, looks, and sexual prowess? Me otherwise happy and trying to maintain a good-boy image? Or something along those lines? I have news for you Mary: You did not seduce me, you asked me to have sex with you and I did with no argument whatsoever. But if that makes your day go by better and you feel better about yourself, then go ahead and believe you seduced me. And while we're discussing this, why don't you call me next time if you want to get together. She did. It was only a few days after our encounter that I was back over at her place in the middle of the afternoon, with her going down on me. Despite the pleasure of getting an afternoon oral checkup, I began to really listen and 'try' to digest some of the non-sense that Mary was speaking. It was not too long before I finally figured out why she didn't have a steady boyfriend despite her good looks.......she was very vain on one hand always commenting on how 'cute' she was/is, she kept bragging on how she snagged me, and finally everything else she said made no sense what-so-ever. Now I'm not trying to be mean, and I hope I don't piss you other ladies off who may read my blog. But Mary, with no help from me, revealed herself to be the epitome of every dumb blond joke I ever heard. Sometimes I would sit their actually in awe and speechless out of the pure comical nonsense that spewed forth. Never wanting to hurt her feelings, most of the time I just nodded politely or smiled, even though in my head all I could think was: "You have got to be kidding me. You did not just say that. Why am I here? What am I doing wasting my time?.....Oh yeah, I may have some fun later". But even sex can have it's limits. Yes, she was pretty. Yes, she had a nice body. Yes, she was willing to please and somewhat forward. Yes, she was as smart as a box of rocks. No, I would rather be by myself again or back on the dating scene than sit through hours of misery with someone who was too high on her own good looks for maybe a half hour physical engagement later which would always make me wonder if she ever had an orgasm or not. I started making myself busy by other means, and eventually, our 'dating' cooled off. But not for long....

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