Friday, November 28, 2003

Purity Test Results Whatever 

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 44.7%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 100%
Fucking Sick85.8%
Refreshingly normal
You are 58.82% pure
Average Score: 72.6%

Black Friday Lunch, In White 

Worst day ever for shopping....no doubt....silly me....but still, had an extra half hour to kill so I decided to do some early holiday shopping at a nearby toy store for friends kids. Of course the place was a mad house, and I was already losing patience within the first few minutes with oblivous parents stopping mindlessy mid-aisle to answer cell-phones, unaware of serious shoppers pushing carts right behind them. Anyway, I try to make a short cut by going down anotehr aisle, and I am so glad I did. There she was....early 30's, blond, squatting down with her back to me, hand oustretched reaching for a coloring book. She wore a white terry-cloth sweat suit and white sneakers. Her squatting position allowed for her waistband to dip down slightly below her waist, where I spied a beautiful and classy tribal tattoo that was multicolored. To boot, she was very skinny, and very tan. The tattoo was nice enough, but then she pivoted ever so slightly to give me a profile shot. She had a matching zipper down terry-cloth jacket with a white tank top underneath, exposing a tan freckled B-cup chest. Makeup was sparingly applied, pink lipstick, green eyes, silver dangling ear-rings. Yum. Then her 2 year old daughter rounded the opposite corner as mom held out the coloring book. What is it about very hot mothers that just makes me lust? Not a good place to start getting horny. Turned cart around, new aisle, thinking about a cold shower.

Mary's Night Out Part III 

I told Mary to stand, and as she did, so did I to pull my jeans up so I could move around more freely. Both standing, we kissed and I managed to get my hands to work on the front of her pants. I undid the button in the front, and slowly pulled down her zipper...on purpose, all the while still kissing her. I am always a fan of the big build/tease. Now with her denim waistline full of slack, I could take my bare hands and place them on her bum. I slid my hands under the back of her jeans and was pleasantly suprised she was wearing a G-string...not a thong...a G-string. I could feel her bare cheeks in teh palm of my hand, and I squeezed them slightly while pulling her whole body into mine. I turned both of our bodies 180 degrees so that Mary now had her back to her own couch. I pulled her pants downwith my hands all the way down as she did to me earlier, but I took it one step further....I removed them entirely and her pants joined her blouse on the floor next to us. I then forced Mary to sit down, bringing her ass to the edge of the couch, leaned her back, and opened her legs. Even in the dim light I could easily make out that her G-string was a perfect match for her red-satin bra. It was not to fancy...just a nice red sating sheen emanating a small amount of heat I could feel as I brushed my lips against it. I didn't really waste anytime here either. It was only a matter of seconds before I pulled the front of her undies to one side to display a very nice sprig of blond hair. There was just enough that covered about an inch above her slit, with remaining surrounding area quite smooth. The smell was clean, yet erotic, and I kissed her lower lips very softly at first. I traced about her labia with the tip of my tongue and finally dove in and took one giant and strong lick right up her slit. That was enough to illicit a small maon, and with that....I ate away feverishly for the next five minutes. Her juices and my saliva were all over my mouth and chin to the point I had to use the back of my hand to wipe some off. Taking that as a personal cue, I took her off the couch, laid her down on the blanket she brought, removed her G-string, sttod up, dropped my own pants in what was the span of 10 seconds. Thankfully she was smart to have strategically placed a condom under the blanket when she first came out, and I couldn't put that thing on fast enough!! As soon as I had it unrolled and secured, I was in her. Her legs on either side of my hips, my arms outs traight and locked propping myself up as I stared down at her face. She was staring back at me too...then closed her eyes and re-opened between my thrusts. It was very hot for me, however, I was a little concerned that she was relatively quiet. I tend to like vocal women...You don't have to be screaming...however, a little moaning/talking/whimpering at least gives me some confidence you are enjoying the moment and that I am performing well. If a woman is quiet, I get flustered and concerned that maybe I'm not doing well at all, and that I may suck as a lover...I even start comparing myself to other men she may have had that did a better job perhaps. This was one of those moments. Mary was dead silent....and as erotic as the setting was I was starting to lose my own level of enjoyment. And that spells doom for me....if I start losing it, I'm not goint to cum anytime soon, no matter how hard I try. I had to do something different right now and then, lest teh night be a total failure. I disenaged for a brief second, to turn her over on all fours. I came in from behind and strated working her doggy style. I even roughed it up a bit by pulling her hair back. No response from her...the only sound was our breathing, and the my body slapping against hers. Somehow, my body was responding though, 'cause I could feel the buildup, and in an unflattering grunt or two, I began to fill my condom with my warm semen. My thrusts soon slowed, and a few second later we both came to a stop....me still inside her with a full condom. I slowly pulled out, went to her restroom, disposed of said latex, briefly washed up, and came back out to find her under the blanket now, on her floor, obviously still naked. I sat on the couch, naked myself, looking at her as she looked at me. I had to ask... "So, um, did you enjoy that?" "Yeah, of course. Why?" "Well, you were pretty quiet. I honestly couldn't tell. I was worried" "About?" "Well,......if you were enjoying it. Obviously I came....Uh....Did you?" "Not yet..."....Oh My Gosh.....I felt bad....for the both of us....I did suck and we both knew it!! She continued..."But it's not you.....I just have a hard time reaching climax...I always have and always do....that's why I always need a little extra help...." she cooed. "Huh?" I truly was puzzled. She arched up briefly and reached toward her coffee table. She slid open a drawer on the table, reached in, and pulled out a very large opaque pink dildo. It was shaped as a real penis and held it up to me to see. To this point in my life, I never seen one in any bedroom I had the pleasure of being in. I had seen standard vibrators, not often, but did....but never a fake penis. "Oh..." is all I could muster up. With that, her hands, along with her rubber friend, disapeared under the blanket, and from her facial expressions that soon followed, I knew she was plunging this in and out of her. I really wanted to see..., but of all things that had already happened between us that evening she explained she was too embarrased for me to watch....so she just continued under the blanket for about five minutes. She finally achieved orgasm, but it was the quietest non-orgasm I ever saw. It wasn't wild, her body hardly thrashed, or even moved. She was still quiet, to the point where I wasn't even aware she was done. She just looked at me, pulled her hands and slick dildo out from under the blanket, smiled, and said she was done. Huh....I wasn't sure what to think. Part of me felt bad for her, but on the other hand some of my confidence in myself was restored as maybe I wsn't that bad after all. Maybe she just had some sexual issues......which really suprises me because she definetely talks a good game, and surely dresses like she can be wild and enjoys sex. I suppose she does enjoy it, but her display of oragasm was very anti-climatic and would make any guy second guess himself. We eventually both got dressed, said our goodbyes, made out once more at the door, and then I left for home. The whole time very confused wether I just enjoyed myself or not.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Mary's Night Out Part II 

I continued to sit on the couch for a few more minutes, my eyes actively scanning the room I was in. I was still taking in the decorations as my eyes had finally adjusted to the light when Mary returned from her room. In her hand was a large blanket she dropped off on the couch next to me and then entered her kitchen. There she opened up her fridge and removed two cold Corona's for us to enjoy. Handing me one, she sat next to me and a very brief awkward moment passed between us. I'm sure we both thought: "Well, here we are....lights dim, have buzzed, horny, mood music....who's gonna make the first move?" I sipped from my bottle, and she did the same from hers and we made some very trivial small talk when she finally turned to me and said: "Here we are. (pause) I hope you like my place. (pause) It was nice seeing you tonight. (pause) I'm a little drunk, but wanted to tell you that I've been staring at you all night, and I enjoyed our kiss, but I'd like a little more." I'll give her props for her courage. It was indeed a little awkward, yet at the same time both very reserved and forward. She was testing the waters, and right then and there, I knew what was going to transpire. I placed my bottle down on her coffee table, grabbed her bottle from her hand and did the same. Then I pretty much grabbed her behind her head with my fingers intertwined with her hair and pulled her face to mine. We kissed very aggressively for about 5 minutes, and found my hands actively feeling her lower back and squeezing her bottom through her jeans. At this point Mary shifted her weight and position slightly so that she was more or less leaning onto me as I continued to sit on the couch. We exchanged deep kisses on each others necks and as both my hands found her bottom, her hands were placed upon my chest. It was already pretty late, that much I was aware of, and I made the decision not to pussy-foot around much longer. So I took matters into my own hand and begun tugging at the bottom of her blouse. It was a matter of seconds before I had lifted her blouse just above her chest and exposed that beautiful red lace bra she had on. With one hand, I pulled down on one cup to expose her breast and began to alternate sucking and teasing her erect nipple. As I did this, she pulled her own shirt off and threw it to the ground beside us. I looked up at her briefly, and she down at me before I just decided to move both hands around back and unclasp that satin prison. With both her beautiful and 'natural' breasts exposed, I fondled each one in kind in between more deep kisses. This is where Mary decided to take charge. She stood briefly between my legs, bent over to reach for her beer, took a gulp, and then simulated a brief tease of deep throating the longneck. I just stared, probably with some lame ass grin she picked up on. She placed the bottle back down on the table, dropped to her knees between my legs and began to tug at my belt. Who was I to stop her? I actually made it easy for her by shifting my own weight around so that she could loosen my jeans and pull them down around my ankles. Sitting there in my undies, my member straining against the cotton, she smiled briefly and slipped her index finger under the elastic and pulled it out and down to expose my hard penis. She grabbed my manhood by the base with one hand, and then placed her mouth over it and began a nice slow blow-job. I know I leaned my head back and stared at the ceiling for a moment and then closed my eyes as my mind painted the picture of her greedily sucking away. It wasn't much to daydream about because it was actually happening, and then I open my eyes again and began to look down at her, head bobbing away. Because I am such a visual person, and I get really turned on by watching things in detail, I used one of my free hands to pull/brush her hair to one side so I could actually witness her lips gliding up and down. It was fantastic! Even in the dim light, I could make out her saliva coating my shaft, and the warm/wet feeling was great. But alas, even as good as it was, the sensations were a little dull due to the amount I had drank earlier in the evening. It's both a curse and a blessing. Sometimes the dullness can prolong an orgasm for me, making all forms of sex last longer. But sometimes, when sex lasts to long, you'll do anything to finish because you get tired and dare I say bored! Mary must have sensed it was taking longer than normal, and thinking I was about to climax sooner or later she pulled up briefly to let me know she doesn't swallow, and that if I were about to cum, I need to let her know. Okay, this was somewhat disappointing to learn, but I realize it's not every woman's cup of tea, and I was 'okay' with her comment. It's always nice, but not a must for me. Anyway, it was not going to happen anytime soon, and with the building fear her jaw was just getting way to sore I decided it's my turn to return the favor.... To be continued....

Technical Difficulties 

Seems in an attempt to update my page, I lost some links, some sponsors, and my Haloscan commet page. Bah!!! Hope to rectify this soon. 11/26 Update Seems I got the comment section back up and running, but still working on archives. It would suck if I lost all those! Sorry folks....

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Mary's Night Out Part I 

True Story... Many years ago I had met one of my best friends relatives, a seemingly quiet gal who was still finding her place in the area after moving here from another state. We were both teenagers at the time, separated only by a year with me being the older of the two of us. I had heard through my friend that during her re-adjustment Mary had gone out on a few dates with guys here an there but nothing was very serious with her. Mind you I had seen here a few times before, but for some reason, never gave the notion of 'us' a second thought, until one afternoon where all of us and a large group of friends hung out for a BBQ one afternoon. It was then I really noticed Mary for her physical appearance. She was of average height, blond shoulder length hair, obviously worked on her tan, and was pretty aware of the tight blue jeans and tight shirt she was wearing. Not a stunning knockout per-se, but for being 18, she was a pleasant site to many of the boys. To make a long story short, I finally asked her out for an afternoon date. It wasn't much really...we went to the local mall, browsed shops and had a cup of coffee. The date was pretty much stagnant and neither of us gave any real signals so I chalked it up to just two friends hanging out one day. Mind you it was the end of summer and I would be returning to college anyway soon, so it was no loss either way. It was a few years later when Mary entered my life again. Since we had went out that first uneventful time we both had flings and relationships and really never stayed in touch with each other. One evening, a few of my friends had decided to go out to a local bar for some Friday night libations. I was going to play driver. Upon picking up my buddies thinking it guys only night, my pal told me Mary had just called and wanted to go with us. The only thought that went through my head was, 'Well, I guess we need to behave ourselves since there will be a girl present', but I was okay with it. So we sat around for about 10 minutes or so until the doorbell rang. Mary walked in, and after haven't seeing her in a few years, I was pleasantly surprised. She looked very attractive, not only her face and hair, but she was still tan, and her outfit was very alluring. She had on black denim jeans, leather boots, a chain belt around her hip, a pale cotton blouse and leather jacket. We made our way to the bar and spent the next few hours throwing back a few beers and a few cocktails here and there. Mary and I danced a few dance, but then Mary danced with a few other guys as well, and it was all clean, harmless fun. It was towards the end of the evening where Mary approached me and seemed a little more playful with me. Her hands became a bit touchy feely with me as I noticed them on my shoulders a bit more often, or resting on my knee as I sat at the bar. This continued seemingly innocently for the next half hour or so until she finally whispered in my ear away from our friends that she wanted to know what I felt about her. It was more or less a 'testing of waters' question, and I responded favorably I guess as she seemed to be moving closer and closer into my personal space. Finally, on the drive home, Mary now sat in the front passenger seat, with my drunk friends in the back. It was determined by them, with Mary's vocal input, who would be dropped off and in what order. It wasn't too much of a surprise that Mary announced I would be dropping her off at her home for she wasn't sure if she could drive her car anyway. As she tried to explain this to our friends, her left hand kept creeping up my right thigh and occasional brushed against my package. I'll admit at this point I wasn't 100% sure what was going to happen. I could venture a really strong guess, but I did take into account she had been drinking and by the time we got back to her place she may have changed her mind. Well...It didn't. She asked me to the door, and as she placed the keys in her lock, she turned to me and kissed me. Deeply. I responded in kind as it was a perfect combination of various factors: her perfume, our lessened inhibitions, her sexy clothing, a fun night, and the unsaid 'naughty' prospect in our heads on what 'could' happen. So we made out for a few more minutes, when she finally invited me in. As I entered her abode she told me to make myself comfortable there in the living room as she went to the restroom and would get us a drink. As she disappeared to her bedroom, I sat down on a black couch and looked about. Her home did feel a little cozy, her decor was that of a young woman who still had left over stuff from highschool and reminded me somewhat of a sorority dormroom trying to grow-up. It was playful to say the least, but some 'nice' items were there as well. Definitely a bachelorette pad. The lights were off for the most part, the only lighting was that of the moon/street light combination from outside, a nite-light from the kitchen, and two candles she had lit when we entered that were hanging on the wall. I spied the radio and turned it on, selecting a local pop channel and turned the volume down relatively low and returned to sitting back on the couch... "Be right there...." I heard Mary say. To be continued....

Monday, November 24, 2003

Paris Hilton revisited 

I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. Usually when 'scandals' make the media, especially ones involving sex or promiscuous behavior, there is a furor on internet sites like eBay or other 'pay' sites to vies material at a inflated price. Remember Pamela & Tommy Lee? The first few weeks their 'tape' was purportedly 'stolen', certain internet sites were selling peeks at escalated prices yet with poor quality and small pictures most likely due to 56K modems were the rage back then. Then the tape hit the must stores and internet auction sites, and while the price was still high, it eventually came down. Now most mass market porn e-sites more or less give it away for free or add it as a special 'bonus' if you sign up. Now you can trade it freely on peer-to-peer websharing sites like Kazaa and Morpheus. So I was sitting home Saturday in between chores, when it dawned on me...."Hey, I wonder if it is on Kazaa yet?" I made my way to my computer, fired it up, launched Kazaa, typed in 'Paris Hilton', and what do you know?.......My screen was filled with hits showing the now infamous incident of all different bandwidths and file sizes. Which one to pick? Okay, the small files must be errors, they are just to small. Others were way to big, probably at some un-godly high formatting. I found what appeared to be the average size, around 30MB's give or take, so I downloaded it within 10 minutes. Then I watched it. This is what all the furor is over? First the thing is shot primarily with a 'night-shot' feature on a home video camera, so it mostly alternates between a grainy dull green to a grainy gray color. Her eyes have that eerie glow which may be a little disturbing to some. The sound is okay...at times you can understand them both, other times Paris sounds as if she is mumbling. Most importantly...the sex: Nothing I think this is extrodinaire, especially due to the quality. If it were shot during the day time, or with a light on, I'm sure it would be much hotter. However, Paris and her boyfriend perform the standard acts...a few cute giggles here and there, and there is no denying she has a nice body....but still...when its green/gray and grainy your mind has to fill in quite a few blanks and paint its own picture. Good thing I didn't pay for this. However, I probably will watch it again for clarity. Something about being a voyeur hiding in a closet door watching a young couple fool around is very arousing. It doesn't have to be Paris Hilton at all...any attractive couple will do.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Paris Hilton 

I admit I had never really heard of the Hilton sisters before last year, and never even seen pictures of them until recently. Maybe about a month ago I read an article about their supposed new 'show' where they play characters loosely based on their real life personalities who now have to live on some rurual farm. Sound silly and perfect for UPN or WB...you know....the channels with B comedies because the other major networks won't pick it up. Well, I had seen their pictures, and admittedly they are attractive, and of course given the snowballs chance in hell that we ever met, of course I'd like to be with her. But I haven't been paying too much attention to the news lately especially that of the entertainment nature, and overheard about her sex-tape scandel. I understand she was 19 at the time and now 22. She also cancelled her appearances this week she had booked to promote her new series. She admits that she is really embarrassed, and I admit, if it were me, I would too. Especially if it were floating around eBay where thousands of viewers can own a piece of Paris, and she gets no royalties for it. But I also admit, I'd like to see it, but I will not pay oodles of dinero for it. Right now the buzz is high and thus the price. In a few years, if not a few months, it will be more widely available and probably much cheaper, if not free. I guess I'll just wait.

Bad Date #1 

Well, I men tioned bad dates the oher day and said I would share some of the bad experiences as well. Now I have truly had some horrid dates, one in particular I don't think I'll ever share here for the sheer fact that most of my friends know the details of it and would identify me immediately if read... But for starters I have a short one: A few years back before I became more liberal in my sexual escapades and I was in between 'normal' relationships, I joined a legit dating service. I kinda used dating services more as a crutch and to help break the social ice....not because I'm a moron, but in all honesty I can be kinda shy. I always had a hard time 'picking up' women in a grocery store, a gym, a park or all the other silly Hollywoodized manners, (....once in a while the bar scene would work out....but in the end you'll learn booze, broads, and long term relationships usually don't mix) for the sole fact I thought it was cheezy, it was beneath me, and I needed work on my confidence. So through this service, I met a few different ladies. Some would last a few weeks, some a few months, some only one day....as in this story: I can't remember her name for the life of me, but she appeared to be attractive on her sole picture. Dirty blond, hazel eyes. It was a more or less a portrait shot taken who knows where, but from the shoulders up. Her profile read interesting, and she claimed to be sorta outdoorsy or sporty. She was into soccer, bike riding, hiking... So we shared a few e-mails, then a few phone calls and agreed to meet near my place for a lite dinner. When I first saw her, I guess I recognized the face, but not the rest of her. Well, that's hard to say since I never seen her below the shoulders before, however, it's not what I expected. It wasn't that she was bad looking at all, or un-attractibe per-se, but when I had read she was into soccer, hiking, bike riding, etc...I guess I was expecting someone with thin legs and a small waist. On the other hand my date had very muscular large legs with no definition....kinda like a football player. You know it's all muscle and no fat, but no cuts or definition made her look like she had two tree trunks coming down from her waist. Now I don't want to sound superficial, so I figured I could look past that, and I was pretty happy with myself that I did. But events of the night changed... She went on and on and on and on about dogs. I don't even know how that conversation started, and not that it was bad, but she was obsessant about dogs. She talked about this as we walked around the streets of my area at night. We held hands briefly and then I had decided to try to break up the monotony of this very dry conversation by sneaking her into a shadow for a second and attempt a kiss. Well, there was no hestitation on her part, but what happened next pretty much sealed our fate. We were facing each other, finally quiet, staring into each others eyes, both anticipating the 'kiss'. I leaned in, she leaned in, our mouth parted, our tongue's touched.....WHAT THE HELL??? My date's idea of kissing was moving her tongue back and forth in my mouth as rapidly as possible, whether my tongue was there or not. Her tongue had it's own pattern, very comical and predictable. I pulled back after a second or so, tried to regain my composure and chalk it up to 1st kiss jitters. I decided to try again....Lean in....open mouth..... ARRRGGGHHHHH!!! Who the hell taught her to kiss? Had she ever kissed anyone before? It was horrible, and because I cannot hurt her feeling I continued for a long as I could, before suggesting we leave. She did make it back to my place, and she attempted to kiss me again.....I let her for sheer fear of hurting her feeling and figuring not every kiss would be this mechanical and this wrong. No, I was wrong....they all were. Thank God my room mate soon came home and broke the mood up. I'm pretty sure I fumbled for an excuse it was getting late, that I had to be in bed soon, work early the next day and she seemed okay with that and left. The next day or two she called me a few times. I was always pleasant and cordial with her, but explained I was very busy for the next few days with work and I wouldn't be able to meet her again for a week or so. I think she got the hint...we never spoke called each other again after that.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A Poetess Diary 

I was really bummed when I though the writings of the blog known as 'Fingered' disapeared. It was always a great read, and I reaaly enjoyed the young womans open and frank dialogue. Anyway, I was so happy when the author contacted me via e-mail and gave me her new blog address, and paid me a very nice compliment. Well, right back at ya! I loved 'Fingered' and I hope her other site A Poetess Diary. So please check her out, and tell her Nathan sent ya.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Just Another Day 

Sorry it's been a few days folks. This weekend was very busy with errands and such to the fact I think I'm over-tired. I woke up early on Saturday for no apparant reason (about 6am) and went to bed around 11:30pm just so I could get up again at 7am on Sunday. I was able to fit in the gym once this weekend, otherwise I was doing errands, cleaning, laundry, cooking, bills, etc... I could barely keep my eyes open last night at around 9pm. I finally went to bed at 10pm just to wake up at 3:30am!!! Yes, for the next two hours I tossed and turned wide awake. So what did I do during that time? Of course think about sexual encounters with past friends and lovers...Most likely because I haven't been sexually active since last Thursday, and all that was a lackluster blowjob that I had to finish myself off because the woman I was with just couldn't keep any sort of rythym going. Anyway, you can't believe what you remember in the middle of the night....I had experiences come to my frontal lobe that I haven't thought about in years. Some very good ones, and even some occasional bad ones which I will all share in good time. But then I thought about this blog, and realized not all blog stories are perfect and rosey. Anybody who wants to be credible has to include some of their bad experiences too. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my dating horror stories....some end with a terrible sexual encounter, and some nothing at all, 'cause I just had to leave or realized I couldn't stand the person, no matter how good looking they may or may not have been. So hopefully you'll all stick around for the ride....the good and the bad.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Commentary.....The Problem With Adult Swings Sites 

So I admit and previously wrote about one 'alternative' site I used to belong to, but recently cancelled because I recognized someone who may recognize me....and the sheer fact that 95% of the ads were couples looking for other women...a single guy's nightmare. But what I'm going to discuss today are other swing sites in general. At one time I signed up for Adult Fun Planet and Adult Friend Finder. Thier registration fees and tiered membership costs can be a bit pricey, and I have learned from experience, they are generally not worth it. 1) Both sites offer usually upto three levels of membership. The top level generally doesn't offer anymore value than the middle level, so don't waste the extra 10 bucks to save yourself one mouseclick. The 'supposed' advanced search engine filtering they give you at the premium levels is generally not worth it, and really doesn't work most of the time. Nothing a few extra minutes of your time can't discover anyway. 2) The ads can be innacurate or out of date. I can't count how many times I get a generic e-mail from both stating they have found *new* matches for me, just so when I log on to look at this supposed profile, the profile is either 'turned off', 'unavailable', or person's last visit was like 2 months ago. Clearly the databases they use have some of the worst time stamp filtering every put in use in cyber-space. 3) Personal ads, especially pictures can be misleading. There has been more than occasion I have previewed a supposed legit picture just to discover it is a magazine model, or porn star, or photo I already have from a paysite. People just don't use their actual pictures in some cases...be vary weary....if it looks professional or 'too' posed...most likely it is. How can Amber be Jill on a different site when I have her in my personal collection as Kelly? That's not to say all pics are fake....I have met some very smoking hot ladies who were their picture, or even better....SexyBlondeXOXO was case in point. She was much better than her picture led on (Man, I miss her). 4) Be accurate and upfront in your ad and make sure you read their ad in its entirety. If you sense a red flag for any reason, more times than not, go with your gut. If you think they are married, ask...don't assume. If you think they are transgendered, ask....don't assume. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and I always suggest meeting in a nuetral and public place the first time. In general, be vary wary of swing sites if you are a single male. It may work out for couples, because for some reason I have yet to figure out, couples seem more honest and comfortable with other couples. On the other hand, single women...it's a gold mine...Couples want you 99% of the time, single women want you some of the time, and single men want you 100% of the time. Too bad you can't demand your money back from these sites. If they promised you the world, right there, you should re-think your investment. For me, I sign on for a month at a mid level membership and then cancel, only to wait 5 months to resign. You'll recognize many of the same people, a few new ones, and many...many fake ones who are just looking for someone to chat with and never have any intention of ever meeting anybody. To be honest, most of the time the more professional and glitzy the site was, the worse luck I had. The most simple and generic sites with very small fees usually have potential 'friends' that are in the same boat you are and have more realistic expectations and concerns.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Chocolate Cake 

Wow, I'm going way back for this true story. I'm not sure why this popped into my head over the weekend, as I haven't thought about this incident in long time, but something triggered it and I've been re-living it for a few days now. So Nathan here thought he would share his infamous (well infamous to me anyway) chocolate cake story. This involved Bella once again (I wrote about her once before) back in my early college days. I was actually a freshmen, all of 19 years old, and I was stoked I was dating my first 'older' woman (also in college where we met). Well, she was only older by about 2 years, but she was a very sexy Argentinean who had a very provocative side to her. I owe many first experiences to her, and in retrospect our entire relationship based on sex. Yeah, we had some good times and got along here and there, but for the most part we fought like cats and dogs. We were opposites in all aspects, but for some reason we had a chemical heat between us, a fire that could hardly ever be quenched between stupid arguments. So I'm getting off topic here. Chocolate cake. We had gone to a birthday party for one of our friends there in college, one I'm ashamed I can't even remember who it was. But I do remember Bella taking back to her dorm an extra slice of chocolate cake. It was sitting in one of those pink pastry boxes on the table. I remember sitting on her couch next to her and we were sipping on some wine (she was more into wine than I was...hell I was 19 and happy to score a beer here and there). It was later in the evening, and the music on the radio and dim lighting probably contributed to our mood. Who were we kidding,....we both knew that the night would end in an eventual fuck fest like usual, but I wanted to try something new. I had been spying that box for a while at this point and an idea was planted in my head, but patience was the key to this working. Some light kissing turned into making-out which progressed into heavy petting. Because I was relatively inexperienced at this age, I was very susceptible to pre-mature ejaculation. Knowing this, I wanted to make the evening last, so I made it a point to start on Bella first with my oral techniques. Bella was a great confidence builder when it came to 'teaching' me, or boosting my ego. I enjoyed giving oral sex to girls, but I think it was because of Bella, I really learned to enjoy it to this day and make it almost a staple of all my encounters. Bella could always get off this way, and it brought me great satisfaction that I could bring a woman to orgasm with my mouth and tongue. So that night, I began making my moves as I stripped off her faded denim jeans and her cotton socks and laid her on the carpeted floor. I positioned myself prone between her legs and began to tease around her pink panties with my breath and tongue. I liked pressing my tongue against her slit through the fabric until I could just get a slight hint and taste of her wetness. With her hips grinding under my head and her occasionally calling out my name, I can't even begin to explain the thrill and excitement my body would feel when I would pull her panties to one side and now actually taste her moist flesh with my salivating tongue. I would continue this for a few minutes until I would almost rip her undies off and bury my face into her pie. Just as things we're getting really hot, I quickly stood and walked to the table. Bella looked at me quizzically most likely wondering what the hell was I doing, stopping mid-lick and all. I opened the box of cake and with my right hand I scooped as much chocolate frosting as I could hold, came back, and smeared it all over her glistening pussy. Bella's face was classic. I think she was both stunned and shocked that I would do such a thing, and believe it or not, it even increased her arousal. I played with it for a minute or so, using my index finger to help spread it about and draw a little. I purposely touched her love button her and there, just enough to tease, just enough for her to 'beg' me to continue eating. Well, she really didn't have to beg at all....that was my intent from the first second. I was just building the tension for her sake. When I couldn't wait any longer, I once again buried my head between her legs. I licked, and licked, and licked. The chocolate frosting soon turned to chocolate syrup as a combination of body heat, my saliva, and her wetness intermixed. I could tasted this warm sweet concoction slide down my throat and it tasted heavenly. I must have ate her out for an additional 15 minutes, trying to clean up as much sugar as I could. My face was covered in it....cheek to cheek. Finally after a very powerful orgasm on her end, I had to get up and wash my face. She laughed very hard at my look, and since she did live in a dorm, I had to leave her room, walk to the bathroom on an all girl floor to wash my face. I tried to walk as fast as I could with my head down, but when I got to the bathroom, there were a few girls that recognized me, and we're very suspicious of my brown face. Boy if they ever found out!!! Anyway, I returned to Bella's room where she had tried to clean up after herself the best she could. And of course, we had sex.... I shared that story with my best friend at the time (who by the way was gay), and he loved the story. In a way it was a mistake, because it was our inside joke, every time my friend had the opportunity to bring up the words 'chocolate cake' we both knew what he was referring to. God I have a lot of fun Bella stories.....

Thursday, November 06, 2003


I'm not exactly sure when piercings really came into style within eroticism. Oh, I'm sure people have been pierced for ages, but it seems that only within the last 5-7 years it has become more prominent for both men and women to get additional piercings besides the ears. I remember when I was younger and I started to notice men wearing earrings...they were usually the stereotypical construction workers, bad-ass bikers, or rock musicians. Then in the 80's more and more men were getting both ears pierced. And it was harder and harder to tell if it was a symbol of coming out of the closet, or emulating some new 'cool' star. I know at one point I wanted my ears pierced, but I wanted small gold hoops right away, but three things held me back: 1) I was told you had to wear studs for a few months before you could 'graduate' to hoops...not sure if this is true or not...but I always thought studs on men looked lame, especially older guys who are trying desperately to re-capture their youth [*Note: You guys in your 40's+ with earrings...you look stupid 90% of the time and you're not kidding anyone] 2) I don't like needles and I was a little scared but I'm sure I could eventually get over the pain, and 3) probably the most effective deterrent: my father. He would have kicked my ass, and then tease me the rest of my life. Ergo, I have no piercings to this day. Now women, I always loved the big hoop earrings of the 80's....always cute and a turn on for me. But I think it was somewhere in the 90's I saw my 1st belly button ring. I found them instantly sexy on the right women. However, some women have no shame and have a beer gut, or excess baby fat they never lost, or tons of stretch marks and bring attention to it by getting pierced and showing off. I have news for you, you may turn on the aforementioned bikers, construction workers, and older men with a mid-life crisis, but you are not turning on the rest of us. Now I'm not just speaking for myself....for some reason this topic comes up every so often amongst my guy friends and they are equally repulsed. Then piercings started to become en-vogue with eroticism and sex. I remember the first time I saw a porn with a woman who's labia was pierced with a ring. WOW! Then in a short period of time I began seeing more piercings down there (the hood, either lip, multiple piercings, some even with nice looking jewelry) Again, very nice and such a turn on and icing on the cake if the goods in general are nice. If you don't shave, or have horrid stretch marks it doesn't matter how much jewelry you have down there, it does nothing. On the flipside, if you have a nice clean, tight box that one little stud through the hood or ring through the labia will make any guy cream. Then there are the breasts. Just like south of the border, you have to have the right breasts and know when too much is too much. Small barbells or small rings are very sexy, especially if shown off through a nice tight cotton shirt or swimsuit. It conjures up all sorts of nasty images to a guy on what type of girl you may be behind closed doors and we're aching to find out. But, if your breasts are over huge, or with stretch marks, or sag, the jewelry ain't gonna help. It will most likely conjure images you were 'rode hard and put away wet' and you aren't clean, no matter how clean you really are. Now the same goes for guys. Some guys can pull it off, others can't...just like shaving your head bald. If you have a great body and abs like Marky Mark, then one nipple pierced may be a turn on to women. But if you haven't been in the gym for a while, or have man breasts and get a little trinket on your chest, you're begging to be laughed at. I know. The same friends I spoke of earlier are merciless to the few friends we have who got their nipple pierced. What about guys who get the Prince Albert, or other genitalia pierced. Yikes, I give them a lot of credit...looks like it just hurts and you have to be careful every time you use the restroom or have sex. I hear it may add stimulation for her, and in pictures I see at some of the amateur sites I visit it appears all the girls like the novelty of the mans piercing, but I don't know any female personally who has commented on it. There is a guy at my work which I have heard through the grapevine has a few piercings down below, and the women that discuss it laugh at him and are repulsed....I imagine a lot of it has to do with the fact he is one of the middle-aged guys with a belly who's sexuality has always been in question anyway. tongue piercings: Again, all I have heard is hearsay that a woman with her tongue pierced can give a very stimulating blowjob and I'll admit, I am very intrigued by a little metal ball running up and down my shaft, but alas I have yet to experience that. Same for women...I hear that a man or another woman who has their tongue pierced who goes down on a woman can really stimulate the love button. At least I see it in my movies, and it looks pretty damn hot. But other than sex, I hear stories about infection, chipped teeth, accidental swallowing, and they always talk with a lisp. I'm not sure why I picked this topic today, I was actually debating about my Hotel California story part II, or a commentary on anal play, but piercings just jumped to my front lobe. I will share this...I have been having sex for over 15 years and have multiple partners (college life was good to me in that respect), and I'm sad to admit I have never had sex with a girl who had her breasts or pubis pierced. That seems odd since more and more people seem to have them lately, but I hold on. I obviously don't make that a requirement for a dating lifestyle, but I can't wait for that one day when I am very pleasantly surprised. And should you be the woman with a pierced cooch, it will be your lucky day, because I will be down there for hours....tasting, teasing, exploring, and admiring..

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Random Rants 

Well, not really rants today. Just this and that... Received one comment so far regarding my beautiful vision at the Fish Taco place I wrote about yesterday. Thank you so very much,...it makes my day when people take the time to respond (either good or bad) to my posts. I wanted this blog to share my experiences, and every so often I wonder if my stories are ever read and if my 'soul searching therapy' and fun diary is a waste of time or garners any attention. But alas, I plug on anyway... Watched 8 Simple Rules To Dating My Teenage Daughter last night sans John Ritter. I hope the show makes it, and it was a very sad hour sitcom last night. You could tell they were trying to sneak jokes in, but the audience wasn't responding.....very somber and odd watching a sitcom that no one was laughing at, only out of respect for the late John Ritter. I admit I never paid too much attention to him over the years, but I can say out of everything I've recently read and heard, and how much attention he has received, he is one of the rare 'good guys' in Hollywood, who was 100% genuine and nice to everybody. Much respect John, you'll be missed.... Work has been very busy lately, which is good. However, there are rumors that managment may crack down on Internet usage, so my posts may become more sporadic. Bummer. I admit I do use the Internet here daily, but I am the rare employee that gets my work done, and I may have to suffer because of the abuse of other dolts. Oh, I do have the Internet at home, but after one stares at a computer 8 hours a day, the last thing I wanna do when I get home is jump back on one. But their are a few adult sites I'd like to revisit soon: MindyVega.com, Juliesxxx.com, NinaCruz.com, CatalinaCruz.com to name just a few. I guess I don't really don't know too many redheaded sites...., I gravitate equally towards brunette's and blonde's. I gave a bunch a stuff awat yesterday for the fire victims of California. Hope it is put to good use. And I'm glad the kidnapped little girl from Los Angeles was found. So NBC is really pushing the Jessica Lynch story. Don't you find it odd that out of everyone else over in Iraq, some poor 19 girl has sky-rocketed to fame over a tragic event, whereas other troops are still over there dying everyday, and she gets a mini-series. You know the Army will milk her PR forever, and now she'll make money on interviews, tv shows, books, magazine covers, etc....I fell bad for her, I really do, but the way the media is treating her and neglecting everyone else is just plain wrong. America can be so ass backwards at times. I hate Ron Jeremy. How did he ever get into porn? Started back at the gym again this past week. Feeling pretty good. My bench press is back to about 305 lbs again. My record is 345 before I injured my shoulder. Been think about SexyBlondeXOXO a lot lately. What a fantastic body she had...The type you can be naughty and aroused after just one look no matter what mood you're in.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Tempting Tacos 

Kind of an innocent post today. Been pretty busy actually, but had to share this. Yesterday I left to go to lunch solo and found myself at one of those chain Fish Taco establishments which is very popular in the area. It was kind of a drab day, overcast, and sprinkling off and on. After I ordered my food, I found a table to sit at and whence I took my seat I glanced up and saw a beautiful vision: She must have been in her mid 20's sitting at a table diagonally from me sipping a Bud Light from a bottle. Blond hair stylishly flowed to her shoulders. Green or hazel eyes. Nice pink lips, pretty complexion, and obviously tanned. Very light makeup....a natural beauty. As she sipped her beer, I noticed she had French manicured nails (clear with white tips). I looked at her feet....she was wearing those platform flip-flops with the soles about 4 inches thick. Her toes were also French manicured. Her pants were a very nice and clean style of black designer slacks. Her top was a white stretch tank top with a low neck cut and covered her shoulders with a very nice white sweater. Her sweater was a button down that was opened up so I could see her breasts against the fabric. She was well built, skinny in the right places and at least a B cup if not slightly bigger. What made the ensemble at first glance was this very slight peeking of her white lace bra over her tank top. I got up to get some salsa at the bar/drink bar behind her, and as I turned back to return to my seat, I stole a glance at her rear waist line. Because the way she was sitting, her pants were riding very low, and her tank top was above her kidneys. There I saw again how tan she was by the slight tan markings of where her swimsuit/thong might be worn. However, I saw no panties....they could have just been very low, but that 3 second glance had me for the next hour of thought. When I returned to my chair, I stole innocent looks every so often. Not all my thoughts were of a dirty nature. I really was looking and appreciating a very beautiful woman. I was admiring her. I will admit I did wonder how she manicured down below, but alas, I had to return to work. Just wanted to share her vision.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Hailing Holly Part III 

....continued from part II Holly now sat at the foot of my twin bed, wearing only her hot pants and bra. The light in the room was still dim, but my eyes had had the appropriate time to adjust by now, and I remember glancing just briefly at my window to see if the blinds were closed enough. Knowing that I had just came and that my manhood would soon shrink and go limp, I took it upon myself to start on Holly right away. With her still sitting on the bed, I dropped to my knees, where my mouth met hers and we began to kiss. Soon, my mouth had traveled to her neck where I like to spend a little time nibbling (I find that most women find this very erotic, and any man that can spend an extra few minutes on the neck will be rewarded with moans, body language, and fierce lovemaking later on). It was at this time I unclasped her bra from the back, and slowly slid it off on shoulder, and then the next, all the time trying not to disrupt my sucking of her neck. With my right hand I began to make small circles on her stomach, and lightly graze and massage her side. To test the waters, I would drag my index finger up her sternum, and trace the undercup of her bare breasts to find no resistance on her part. With what appeared to be the green light, I began to suck each breast with equal fervor and attention, feeling the nipple get hard in my mouth. I would take my tongue and swirl it around her pink bits for a few minutes more before I began to kiss down her stomach. With this move, we both knew what was coming next, and as I crouched even lower still, Holly leaned back upon the bed. This is where I took my tongue yet again and traced the waistband of her hot pants back and forth for a few minutes and then finally placed my open mouth on her mound and breathed hot breath through her shorts. I did this a few times trying as hard as I could to turn her on even more so and with both free hands, undid the button of her shorts. At this point I really wasn't playing around anymore with the teasing aspect, and with one swoop, I pulled her shorts and panties off at the same time and threw them to my side on the floor. There she was now, completely naked on my twin bed, and know acting a little shy. For the first time I looked between her legs and noticed the carpet didn't match the drapes. She was brunette down there, not that it mattered in the least, but I did wonder if her blonde hair was now dyed....only for a second. There it was, just in front of me....clean looking, just the right length, and no musky smell. (This is always a great concern to me....hygiene. I don't care how turned on I am, if a woman doesn't smell clean, I do not go there at all). With that I leaned in placing my head directly between her legs and began my first lick. Heaven. Slightly moist, warm and a very delicate taste. Any women that has allowed me to provide oral favors to her will soon learn that is one of my favorite things to do. I don't always think of myself, and I know a little work down there always paves the way for a big payoff or recipricol treatment from her. I can spend a lot of time there, usually only coming up if my neck or jaw begins to ache, or the fact I was able to bring her to orgasm. One trick that I like to do from time to time, and I definitely did this with Holly was to practice tracing out the alphabet on her cooch with my tongue. Starting with 'A' all the way to 'Z', I find that I like the letters 'I', 'M', 'R', and 'W' the best. I'm not sure Holly knew what I was doing, but there was no complaints. After spending at least 20 minutes with oral favors for her, I was ready for round two. I walked briskly to my bathroom, selected a condom by touch and placed it on. I returned to Holly and moved her up onto the bed, leaned her back one more, spread her legs, and guided myself in. Holly was very quite at first and closed her eyes for the first minute or so. As I slowly picked up the pace of my thrusting motions, she turned once again to me and we began to kiss deeply. I then took her hands in mine, and pinned her arms by the wrists above her own head as she stared up at me. This simulates suggestive dominance on my behalf, and Holly was a willing submissive. I think some women like when a man really takes charges and uses his power to seemingly make them feel helpless, as long as no pain is administered, and they feel comfortable enough with this act. It really helped that I came earlier that night, for it made this session last longer than it probably would have been otherwise. We continued this missionary style a few minutes more, before I raised her, told her to get on all fours, and I explained I want to try it doggie style. With her head face down in the pillow, and I staring at her rump, once again I entered her. The funny thing was that by now, my twin bed of so many years really started to squeak and I thought for sure my room mate would wake up. I had to slow it down a bit and try my hardest no to make the bed move so much. Finally after a few more minutes, I came again, visualizing squeezing every last drop out of me and filling the condom. She knew that I came again, and now, she continued to thrust back upon me until she came only about a minute later. Her orgasm was signifies by very deep breathing and almost hyper-ventilating (which in a way it cool 'cause it wasn't loud). After about 30 seconds of feeling her love muscles grip me off and on from her orgasm, I finally withdrew, disposed of the condom, washed myself, and then offered her a washcloth as well. We both now climbed under the covers and tried to fall asleep. She was successful, I was not. Twin beds are not made for two people, especially me. So after about 45 minutes or so of my tossing and turning, I got up, grabbed a blanket and went downstairs and slept on the couch. The next morning Holly was able to get out the door before my room mate got up, and we kissed briefly at the door. We both thanked each other for a very fun night, and then she left. I saw Holly a few more times after that, but nothing really physical happened. Shortly thereafter she found a job and had to move again. I never saw her after that and we lost contact. I have no idea where she is now, but the memory of that night will always stick with me.

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