Monday, September 22, 2003

Feeling Randy 

Been an odd weekend. In my last post I ranting that at times I have to allow certian issues to play out due to personal lack of control. Well, it was one of those weekends and I feel very lazy for it in general and didn't want to get out of bed. Part depression, part anger, part giving up on people. Actually I feel sorta physically ill, and it just isn't merely 'being in a funk'. Have some friends who don't seem to be returning calls right now, Sexy won't be back until tonight, I am having work related issues and family issues as well, where all I want right now is a vacation...if I could afford a nice one. Also, I think when I am stressed I look for a little physical release as well, so I'm feeling quite randy. So much so, that I'm having a hard time not looking at x-rated sites right now, and I'm thinking viewing a new movie later today that came in the mail. I'm really weird I've concluded on what I think about moral depravity, sex, and the opposite sex. I look forward to teh day I can have a wife, and get married to a nice girl, and raise a nice family. However, until then I want a little hottie or trophy girl. Yes, I'd treat her nice and well, and I do tend to get jealous at times, even if I'm not in love. I just want a nice looking woman who wants to play a little more often, be a bit naughty and adventerous. I like spontaneous, and I'd still love to be a part of a threesome with 2 women. I dated a few nasty girls before, but they were messed up in the head. My guy-friends have came to the same conclusions.....the better in bed, the sicker in the head. By that I mean, the most adventerous women who like raunchy stuff were also teh type you were embarassed to let meet the family, or have any intelligent conversation with ever. They always seem to have the largest skeletons in the closet as well....But I'm sure this is boring you, as it is boring me. Basically I'm in the mood now. And not just bedroom sex....I want the lingerie, the camera, the chocolate/oil/whipcream (whatever), the loud whimpers, the let's do it 3 times in different places (i.e. not the bed), and lets gobble each other up and smile and laugh about it. And it'd be so good, that we'd just get hotter for the next round. But alas, the best I have look forward to right now is maybe calling Sexy sometime tonight, and watching a movie when I get home...by myself.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Dang it!!! 

Okay, I was just writing another update, and somehow I lost it, so here I am re-typing a message I just poured 15 lost minutes into.... Things in general have been a little hectic. A lot of changes are in store for me over the next few weeks. Some I have complete control of, others I do not, so I just have to sit back and let life run its course. Something I am not accustomed to. I like to take charge of my life, however, events at work, events with friends, and with my personal life seem to be getting the upper hand lately. Nothing bad, none of it, but I feel that certain things and how they are going to play out are dependant on others instead of myself. Was extremely tired this morning. I really wanted to sleep in a bit more, but couldn't. I was in a daze, half awake, half lucid, but needed to get up. When the cob-webs sorta cleared I was in 'the' mood, if you knwo what I mean. So I selected an explcit movie starring some new girl who was obviously green to the industry. I think all girls are nervous when they first start, wether they admit it or not, and to be honest I would be too. Get naked in front of a camera crew for the first time and have sex with a stranger. Anyway, she was about 19, blond, skinny, and a nice 'natural' body. She had real breasts, and had no need for make-up. The perfect 'girl-next-doo' look, and it was made that much better with her tan lines that were a result of her thong. Yum. So there she was wearing white thigh-high stockings, attahced by that weird garter belt-waist contraption with no panties. She was totally baby-bottom smooth. Needless to say I took care of myself in a just a few short minutes. Good way to start a day....solo...with no chit-chat, cuddling, etc.. So why do I bring that up? Well, as of my last post I thought my future with Sexy was more or less over, due to the distance and conflicting work schedules. I've veen trying not to think of it, however, today I got an e-mail from her. She will be out of town starting tonight and return next Monday. She than asked in not so many words if I had a free evening next week if I still wanted to get together. Uh, YES!! The last time we 'spoke' I suggested to her that she allow me to take some provocative pictures of her in lingerie, and if things progressed from simple poses to more we could photgraph each other. She seemed to have been mildly interested in that, so I'm gonna try to take her up on her offer. It's been a few weeks since our 1st encounter, and I can't help think about her perfect body, and what I want to do her and what she may do to me again. And the sexual buzz is soooo high right now with the aspect it may be captured on film. I'd love to capture her face mannerism on camera, and I'd love her to photograph me going down on her or entering her. With that, I gotta stop...I'm getting to revved up for something that may or may not happen in the next week or so.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Got some, catalogs, and more... 

Well, I feel pretty bad that I am letting Sexy slip through my fingers. Been a couple of days since I talked to her. Said her computer was busted and wouldn't be repaired until Friday so her e-mail is down unless she goes searching for a computer, but I guess I could have called her...However, I was with someone else this week, plus regular errands and chores never made it easy for me to get a way and talk for a few minutes. Still thinking about taking pics of her, I really want to do that before we eventually call it quits. So the otehr day I got a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog in the mail. Love it better than Victoria Secrets. I don't like whores, but there is something about those Fredricks girls that they just seem to a be a little nastier that Victoria's girls. Turns me on, or did so much a friend came over this weekend to check out my place. Lets just say we were an item once, and she contacted me to catch up on old times. We've both moved on and are looking for different things, but I guess the otehr day, a little to much wine on her behalf, and a few cocktails on my behalf got our juices going. Needless to say we had a 'no strings attached' encounter, I guess for old times sake? Really dunno, and I think we are both cool with that. Wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. Before I knew it, I was giving her a massage, then her pans came off. She was on my bed face down, and as I was massaging her legs, I massaged her buttocks. When she didn't object I figured right then and there something was gonna happen. It did. Within seconds, her panties were slid of by yours truly and I was massaging her love button until my hands were soaking wet. After a few minutes if that, I didn'y even ask...I just waslked around to her front, dropped my pants and placed my dick in her mouth. As she worked on that for a few minutes, I pulled her hair to one side so I could watch. Turned me on, so maybe a five minutes later, I was behind her, told her to get on all fours, and then I mounted her like a dog. Unfortunately for bith of us, I was pretty tunred on and didn't last too long. I released all over her back and bottom,a nd not knowing what to do at that point, I just got up, got a damp washcloth, washed myself off, then her. We both got dressed, story done. Weird. Anyway, I guess I was just horny. Between catalogs, a casual encounter, and a few pay websites....I'm good to go again. I think I'm gonna call Sexy....

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Crappy Day 

Once in a while, I get suckered punched in life. That is to say, I get stuck in something that I don't know how I got involved in the 1st place, and end up be the whipping boy for two warring friends. Anyway, that's what happened to me. I have two close friends that are friends with each other. One does something against the others wishes, and when the other finds out calls the offending friend out and things get ugly. Now I am nowhere around either one when shit hits the fan, don't know what just went down. But I get a call from friend A who is livid thinking I took sides with friend B. WTF? Friend A gives me a raking over the coals for something I wasn't involved in or even witnesse and am told I need to talk to friend B. Reluctantly and still not know everything that happened, friend B calls and lays into me to about protecting friend A. WTF? In the last 24 hours, I have been on the receiving end of two stubborn people, two strong willed people who both think they are right, and I get called into to referee, but both teams wanna shoot the ref. WTF? So I sit around wondering what the hell happened, afraid to open my mouth lest the friends think I am taking the other ones side. Ever have an event like that, that no matter what you do, you're screwed by the other party, and you look in the mirror and wonder how on God's green earth you got their in the 1st place....and you just draw a blank? Well that's me today, and nothing is gonna make me feel chipper....nothing...not even bowl me over sex.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

L8TR Day Thoughts 

Well, it has been a more or less worthless day so far. Work is kinda slow, and my biggest enemy when there is nothing to do is to view the internet, and lately I have been reading/searching for juicy sex related blogs. Some are very interesting and detailed, and I wish there were more to read. Others are wannabes with very little or truthful content. Some of it is just plain made up, like a Penthouse Forum letter. Don't get me wrong, those can be good when the moment is right, but there is something very 'real' and 'raw' when it is the boy or girl next door writing about their exploits. While some of these can indeed be boring, others are very hot. I read one earlier today by a woman entitled Girls think about it too , and I figure she's from England 'cause of the wording at times. Needless to say I enjoyed her experiences so much I wrote to Sexy hoping we may get togther tomorrow. I just checked my e-mail and haven't received a reply back yet. Bummer. It can be embarrassing, even behind the shield of a computer screen to be overly explicit. The little morals that have been ingrained into me will take some time to break down before I can get super crazy in my writing style. All I can really comment on this whole thing write now is that I wish I were home taking care of myself at this moment in time, other than shifting at my seat here at work being so sexually excited and pondering my next encounter with Sexy, or going back to the dreaded well of 'sure-thing' women I know. But it's getting late in the day, and if I wanted to hook up with any of them, I should have made my calls earlier. The bad thing about the well is that the pleasure is only an hour at most, then I wanna run away and not talk to them again for weeks or months on end. I hate hurting peoples feelings, but my emotion chip is turned off after my last horrid relationship I tried to work at. I look at them as friends with benefits, because for that short period of time it takes to do the act, I am comfortable. After that, I really don't want to be their friends...not because they are bad people or 'cause I hate them, it just pains me hanging around with people I know I will NEVER have a future with....So I don't want to waste any more time, energy, money or effort than I have too. Hmmm...I sound like I suck as a person.

Updates and guilt 

Well my contact updates have all been busts. Not one of the three previous women have ever wrote back. Just when I was bragging that I had gotten three e-mails with what seemed promising e-mails, they all fell through without even an explanation. Of course that is a blow to the inflated ego, but I have been very busy lately with other things going on that it would have been hard to meet them lately anyway. Sexy wrote me yesterday and said she was back in town from New York, and wanted to see me again. I was very excited to hear from her, but why didn't I write her back yet. She has been on my mind the last few days, and the sex was incredible, one of the best I have had in all my years. I was distracted last night, but I did wake up horny today and I keep picturing Sexy in my head and in her bed again. I do have other obligations this evening, but I am gonna try to call her today and see what it looks like for tomorrow. I never thought I think this, but I am feeling guilty. I'm pretty sure she wants to hook up on the weekend, but my life is complicated in that my friends, neighbors, family, and even room mate would start asking questions if I dissapeared and spent the night somehwere and was hush-hush about it. Yeah, that's how close I am to these people, it is very cloak-and-dagger at times and is okay if I have an occasional bang during the week, but weekends may raise eyebrows. I don't wanna tell Sexy my plight....part of me likes being in control and being mysterious, and if I have to cut things off with her for any reason, I can with no fear of her ever tracking me down. Maybe she is on my mind today 'cause I had a dream in which she was sorta involved. Let me explain: I had a dream in which I bought a new home in a new part of town and I was entertaining some friends and a new girl that I *may* want a relationship with. Anyway, a friend picks up my cell phone and calls a strange number he doesn't recognize....It ends up being Sexy, but she doesn't know him and vice versa before I grab the phone away and hang up. The girl that I was interested in seemed to find my behavior odd, and I knew I was walking a delicate line on if I was going to be exposed. It was too real, and I soon woke up. So guilt has set in this morning.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

The Meet part 4 

As I continued to kneel on the bed, Sexy returned with a condom. I tore open the wrapper and place it on, howver there was a slight problem. It would only roll 1/2 way down. Maybe I had it on backwards....no...hmmmm. "Uh, what up with this? You gave me a shorty..." "Huh?" "This one only rolled 1/2 way down. I think it is defective. Can you please hand me another?" She did, and this one went on with ease. Next, Sexy had hopped back onto the bed and lay face up, legs apart, awaiting me to enter. I did. Even with a condom on, it felt wonderful. However, I am convinced that part of the great feeling is a tie in to my subconcious thought process. She was so incredibly hot, and so willing, and so passionately lustful......that in itself probably made it that much better. As I continued to thrust away I could see that she had closed her eyes, and the facial expressions were classic. Mind you, I've been honest in saying that I am of average size, and even though I am muscular, I am not the most defined person in the world....that is there is no six-pack when you look at my stomach, no tan, no bad-boy tattoo's, no dangerous scars, but she really liked me at that moment in time. And that my friends was enough for me to feel ecstatic. Coupled with those endless whimpers I've been hearing the last 45 minutes or so, I did feel like king of the world right then and there. As I thrust in deeper, I leaned over and found her tongue with mine, then her neck. Our chests were touching and her skin was smooth. This whole missionary thing may have lasted about 10 minutes, maybe a liitle less when I commanded her to turn over. "I want you on all fours!", I said sternly and she obliged without any reservations. Now again my friends, let me take the time to describe her backside. It was as perfect as the front, skin was totally flawless, no cellulite, a nice tan 'T' showed where her thong was usually placed. Before I placed myself back in side, I ran my hands over her cheeks, one at a time. After a few caresses, I used both hands to spread her ass apart, and once again began to eat her out from behind. The only small complaint I had was not her fault at all, but the nasty taste of Nonoxyl9 (the spermicidal lubricant) that was left behind in her folds. It has a really bitter tastes, but after a few more licks, it subsided. Then I did something I have NEVER done before. I always thought it was a little gross, and maybe even very unsanitary. I have always avoided anything anal before (numerous blogs about those stories I'll haunt you with), and even the slang term "rimming" is a little disturbing for me. But I did it tonite. Yup, I used my tougue and licked everywhere down there,a nd I mean everywhere if you get my meaning. I even used my tounge and probed it a few times to her suprising delight. I even suprised myself and decided it wasn't that bad after all. No smell, no taste, no nothing. But will I do it again? Maybe, maybe not. Thinking back on past encounters, there are some women I *may* have done this to, but the majority I would say not. A few more minutes of oral play led me to enter her once again with my little sodier, and here, doggie style reigned supreme until I came a second time some 5 minutes later. Exhausted from this, I went to the bathroom and removed the evidence and disposed of it her trashcan (I was told by someone many moons ago, never to flush latex). I came back to her room and we talked again. I glanced briefly at the digital clock and instantly thought I'm gonna have a long drive home, few hours of sleep, and even a worse day. But I lived for the moment, and encouraged her to the 69 position. I usually really enjoy this and I always insist on being on the bottom (there is something in my head where I can't get over having my ass up in the air for all to see), however, I was kinda sensative and just as I thought her pussy tasted like spermicide again, she probably thought the same of my willy. So I tried for my third time, the whole time doggy style. Sexy didn't last on all fours very long either. Soon she was laying flat on her stomach, head buried in her pillow as I tried to plow her one last time. But we were spent. I came close 2 or 3 times, but just not enough to send me over the edge for that final orgasm. I was just plugging away until my legs were getting sore and I remember thiniking this was fruitless at this point no matter how hot she is. I told her I was giving up and went one last time to the restroom to wash my privates (there is nothing worse to me than the smell of wet used latex and the thought of juices all over my groin). When I returned I explained I had a long drive hoem and needed to get dressed, and she understood. It was well after midnight and I had almost a hour and a half drive home. She walked me to the door where we kissed a few times, and I was out. The drive home got me there at around 2:30 and I decided to take a quick shower. I knew I was only gonna get about 4 hours of sleep if I was lucky, and I was miserable the next day. However, that is one encounter I will never forget, and I look forward to seeing Sexy again.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Politics & Religion & Death Sentence - My 1st post 

Hopefully you'll understand this page just isn't devoted to my escapades. I cleary state in my by-line that you'll find my thoughts on life, entertainment, politics and more. So I'm gonna devote a few small paragraphs today on Paul Hill. For those that don't know who Paul Hill is, he is a former Presbyterian priest who has been charged and sentenced for the slayings of an abortion doctor and his bodyguard in Florida some 9 years ago. His crime: as stated above, the slaying of two men. His sentence: Death by lethal injection to be carried out today. First and foremost, I understand that religion and politics don't mix well, and especially when presented on a blog such as mine. So if you get offended easily, hate religion, have very strong convictions either leave now or read with an open mind. You have been warned. Okay, with my disclaimer outta the way here are my thoughts. I've been hearing stories about the burning of clinics, pro choice and anti-abortion most of my life. I live in an area where money talks, people want to be conservative, but wanna jump on the liberal bandwagon. I think the community I live in is very hypocritical, but that's another blog. What really got me interested in this was Mr. Hill's apparant lack of remorse and welcoming attitude towards his own demise. He believe's that once he dies he will be in heaven. Since I am not God, and ONLY GOD has the authority to judge a man's heart and his mind, it is only up to GOD, not us to speculate whether Mr. Hill is heaven bound or not. Now I am going to get a little moral on you all (an oxymoron, I know) for a moment. Jesus also told us to live by the law of the land. That is clearly a debatable subject and has been by scholars, both biblical and non-biblical for hundreds of years. They way I see it:
  • 1) Mr. Hill is wrong. We are supposed to show love and compassion even for our enemies according to the Word, not death and destruction.
  • 2) We in the U.S. are supposed to be more civilized than those in lesser countries or other forms of government (or so we hope and believe).
  • 3) Though I do not personally agree with pro-choice for many reasons (not just based on religion), and believe abortion is only a *possible* solution in extreme cases (rape, incest, fatality to a mother), two wrongs do not make it a right, and Mr. Hills actions give fodder to those with anti-religion tendancies to hate those with convictions even more. It divides rather than brings together.
  • 4) I too wonder about his afterlife destination.
  • I guess what really prompted me to think about this was his lack of remorse and what he believes will happen to him this evening.. He is convinced that once he takes his final breath her on earth, he will be in the arms of heaven. Well, again, only God knows the nature of our hearts, and maybe he has made his peace with God in a way we will never undertsand or comprehend. I would hate to see anyone go to hell, especially if there is a chance they can be set free. It is a very surreal thinking process to be convinced that as of 12:00am midnight, your soul will be transplanted to another plane of exsitance for eternity and perhaps you will be in the arms of God and perhaps even those you have slain if they had made it themselves, and love, joy and forgiveness reign forever. On the other hand, if he was misguided and was not saved, he will end up somewhere else entirely. Only he will know at 12:01.

    Contact updates 

    Decided to break up the lengthy account of my first meet with Sexy Blonde with a few updates: Tara: I wrote about a week or so back. She was the makeup artist that 1st wrote to me and after reading her profile and the picture she sent me I responded. She was attractive, but there were 2 thinsg I wasn't sure I liked: 1) The distance. Seems she lives about 1 and half hours away, possibly longer with traffic. 2) I had the sense she was looking for someone to take care of her in the long run. I say that because the more I read her profile, I noted she had key statements like "looking for a generous gentleman", "possibly looking for a long term relationship with an established man". Yeah, that more or less means she is looking for someone with money. That's fine and all as long as you know it's not gonna be mine right now. If you wanted someone with money, then you should say that in your ad title, or the first paragraph of your bio, that you want someone to pamper you. If you are out seeking physical pleasure on an ALT site, you don't hint about money. Even if the guy is rich...they have other dating clubs for that, or names for people....Gold Digger, Escort, etc. Now, maybe she is not like that all...I could be completely wrong...it's just a generalized obervation. Anyway, a week had gone by, and she finally wrote me back asking if I were interested.....Uh, that would have been my 1st reply that I was. So I replied again yesterday, and haven't heard back from her. She may be a bit flakey. Too bad really, she seemed like she had a very nice face and body for her late 30's, and came across as intelligent. Sexy: Spoke with her yesterday via phone and was gonna try to hook up again last night, but she had already made plans to go out to dinner with a girlfriend of hers. Then today she goes outta town for business for a few days. She asked if I was busy this weekend, and I kinda am during the days...I'd love to see her Friday or Saturday, but seeing that I have to be up early on both Saturday and Sunday, I'd rather re-schedule. Seemed like she was a little wary that I wanted to re-schedule. I may have a lost a point or two there, but I tried to make it up by insinuating some dirty talk to her. I tried to plant the seed that since I couldn't see her the next few days, that the next time she takes a shower, she should pretend I'm the washcloth and have some fun with herself thinking of me. I also hinted that I wanted to take some pics of her in lingerie...very innocent at first, but could lead to very naughty, and she seemed very open and excited at that idea. God, where was this woman a few years ago before I had a string of horrible relation's where my emotions were genuine and true? Ice: Cool name. I got a letter and a sexy picture of her yesterday. It was a tasteful nude of her gazing out a window. Says that she does have a boyfriend with an open relationship, but he is out of the country for a few months (military?), and that she is just looking for free love until he gets back. She looks like a tall blond in great shape. Not as tan as Sexy, a slightly longer face, but very pretty eyes. The nice thing is that she is house sitting temprarily in the area, very close to me and it was her suggestion that maybe we could meet. In her own words: "wink, wink". Nice. She asked for a pic and I sent her the same tame one on the ALT site, it's just a tad bigger. So we'll see. That was yesterday, and I haven't heard anything yet today. So between my recent meet and speaking with Sexy, and two possible contacts, I'll admit I'm feeling a little jazzed and stoked. It really boosts my confidence level when people write me, but who knows....they could never write back, and then I may lose my self esteem. Funny how that works. Because I was in a good mood, I broke out an old porn movie yesterday. Best of Raquel Darrian. I had such a crush on her about 10 years ago. I'm not sure if she is doing anymore movies today or not. Kind lost track of her career. She was so beautiful for a brunette, but she had a goober real life boyfriend/actor/director Derek Lane. Big guy, but liked the 80's mullet (though his was clean cut), and just seemed like he was one of those highschool football jocks who could barely spell his own name. Just came across as dumb, but he did have one thing in life I will never have....Raquel Darrian. Damn she's hot.

    Tuesday, September 02, 2003

    The Meet Part 3 

    After lapping up her folds for what seemed to be 10 minutes or so and her first orgasm, I was kinda glad to be done....for the time being. Even as pleasurable and fun as giving oral sex can be, the jaw and neck tend to get sore around the 10 minute mark. So after she finished, I leaned forward to kiss her, and opened my mouth enough for her to taste herself. She suggested I was to finish off taking the rest of my clothes. I didn't hesitate. After both shoes hit the floor, followed by my socks, I stood and undid my own pants. I will admit to a slight amount of embarassment here. I stood at the foot of her bed, wearing the kind of sexy black 'Marky Mark' style thigh huggers. They are a cross between boxers (for their length) and tightie whities (for style). But my oh so average in size member was standing at full attention straining against the cotton fabric. When I looked at her she was kneeling on her bed asking me join her, which I did, also in the kneeling position facing her. My legs were slightly apart as if on an invisible saddle and another kiss and general hugging occured. It was there she reached down and pulled the front of my briefs forward, exposing my engorged member to the cool night air. It was a relief on one hand to be free of my briefs, a curse on the other as I was so swollen I was afraid of pre-mature ejaculation. Fortunately when she grabbed my manhood for the first time, I did not climax. I watched in delight as she bent over and licked just the very tip. Shudders of sexual tension coursed through my body and felt as if my eyes were rolling back in their sockets. But I regained focus and watched as she began to suck and stroke me. I brushed her hair to one side as I could get a better view since I am such a visual person. Her giving me oral lasted about a minute before I asked her to stop. She did with a look of puzzlement, and I quickly layed down on my back on her bed and she followed suit to my right. With my right arm around her shoulder and staring at the ceiling, I was regaining my composure, when I could sense her looking at me from the side. "What's wrong?", she asked. "Oh, absolutely nothing. I am sooo turned on though I could feel myself about to climax, and I didn't want to do that yet.", (not really telling her that I was about to explode in her mouth and I wasn't sure if she was okay with that). "So I just wanted to relax so I could calm down, otherwise it was about to get messy." "Do you wanna come?", she whispered. I wasn't about to lie. "Yes." "Where would you like to come?" "Mmmm...dunno...where would you like me to?", I said sheepishly. "You wanna come in my mouth?" I cannot believe what I just heard! "It's okay?", I asked. "Yes, I want you to come in my mouth." Just the way she said it and because this is many a man's fantasy, I was okay with that. Before I could even acknowledge my agreement, Sexy had bent back over me and placed me once again in her mouth. Alternating between staring at her ceiling, trying to conjure up images of baseball, and stealing glances of her up and down movements, I was even further pleased when she cupped and started to massage my scrotum with her other free hand. It didn't take long as all. No more than 30 or so seconds, the muscles in my legs began to tense and I felt a little light headed. With one or two more sucking motions, I could no longer contain it, and I exploded with a powerful force with her mouth. The beauty of it was she never missed a beat as I came, and swallowed about 90% of my warm fluid. I say 90%, because as I regained focus back in my crossed eyes, I happened to capture a glance at her one hand that had a small amount of clearish/whitish fluid dripping down her knuckles. She got up from the bed and went to reach for a towel and wiped her hand off. As she now stood next to her bed, I just stared in awe and disbelief what was actually happening and loved every moment of it. She hopped back on the bed and layed next to me and was whispering small talk to me, while stroking my chest and occasionaly kissing my ear. We layed there for a few minutes and she began asking me about my last escapades, the 'swinging' lifestyle, how hardcore of a 'swinger' I was, etc. We traded a few stories, and I was so confident with myself I spoke freely and bluntly....nothing crude....just matter of factly. She said she had just recently joined the site she saw my ad on, and soon aftewards removed it because of all the wierdos that were e-mailing her. I admitted I wasn't a hardcore swinger (which I really am not), explained to her about my tastes, that women must be smart on top of beautiful, I don't wreck marriages, and to be honest I never had a three-some, despite a few offers in my life. When it came to threesomes, she had a brief story to tell me. I guess years ago she was in a relationship with a boyfriend of a few years and he had a good guy friend who soon became their room mate. After a few months of suggesting and dropping hints, she finally agreed to her boyfriends plan, of having a threesome with their room mate. Things sorta backfired, because after they did it, in the weeks to come she began to develop feelings for the room mate and less for her boyfriend. To make a long story short, they all eventually broke up and went their seperate ways, and she says she has not had a threesome since. And never had a lesbian encounter. I don't know why, but I was still hard. Usually after I climax, I am only hard for a few minutes before I go flacid and hit the 'resolution' stage of sex for a man. Even after talking for ten minutes, Sexy was even commented: "You're dick is still hard"...she grinned. "Yeah, I guess I must be really turned on by you." "I'm glad" "Do you have a condom?", I asked..... to be continued...

    The Meet Part 2 

    Her room was sorta small. Not much of a master bedroom at all, and pretty vanilla like the rest of her home as well. Basically a queen siz bed was outfitted with a white down comforter in the corner and many white pillows trimemd in lace. Next to the bed was a simulated wood desk that held her computer (no doubt the place where we first communicated) and had tons of paperwork and usual desk stuff about. Above the head of the bed was a slightly ajar window that moonlight filtered through a sheer white drape. At the the foot of the bed, but up against the wall was a tall dresser obviously stuffed with clothes. I don't recall any pictures hanging or any decorations, but let's face it...we had other things on our mind. Laying down on the bed we continued kissing with lust and passion and there was no objection when my hand moved down between her legs and massaged very lightly the oustide of her jeans. As I continued to do this I began kissing around her neck. I love this and I found through past experiences that the neck seems to be a very erogenous and sensitive zone. If done gently enough with just enough pressure and in a teasing like manner, this tends to be very arousing. Again, this was confirmed by the small whimpering moans. And let me tell you, those moans and slight squirming and panting breath just drive me insanely wild!! I followed that up by slowly kissing down her chest, between her clothed breasts, down to her stomach. I teased her belly button and naval jewelry with my tounge. With a free hand I slowly massaged one breast until she offered to remove her top. With my agreement she sat up (as did I), unbuttoned her blouse and proceeded to remove her sports bra with a pulling over the head type motion. With the moonlight finally adjusting to our eyes by this time, I could not help but take in this next site. Both her breasts were 100% natural and flawless. Her tan lines were clearly defined at this point, as well as the small pink nipples that stood out either from the cool air, or the sexual excitement. I greedily placed one in my mouth, and was welcomed with a hand to the back of my head pulling inward along with more whimpers of delight. I took my time with each, going from one to the other, giving equal time. Believe me, I already thought I was in heaven for a 1st date, but there didn't seem to be any stop signs ahead at all, so I decided to press forward. I teased the button on her jeans with my teeth, trying to unbutton them with no apparant success. I also believe this was a trial for both me and her...if she put up any resistance, this would be the time, but after playing with the button for a good 15 seconds with no slapdown, I thought she was okay with it, so I proceeded to undo her jeans with my hands. After pulling down her zipper, I grabbed her dark jeans by the waist and pulled down. She aided me by slightly lifting her buttocks and thighs, and soon the jeans were in a rumpled pile on the floor. Here was the next amazing site to a guy: A perfect body on a white bed, moonlight dancing over her skin. Breasts open and free and excited, and one of the most sexy pairs of black lace lingerie staring me in the face. I took the sight all in for no more than 5 seconds, before I repositioned my head between her legs for some oral activity. Here I placed my open mouth over her lacy crotch and breathed hot breath over her pubis. I did this for a few short breaths, ...then using my tounge, I traced the outline of her panties. Sooner, rather than later, I let my tounge slide under one side of her panties until I tasted the wet folds of her womanhood. Using my right hand, I pulled her panties over to one side allowing more access to her slit. It was amazing. Again, the tan lines were in full force and she was perfectly, and I mean perfectly shaven smooth other than a one inch strip in length of blond pubic hair. I also spied a tattoo...one of a dolphin (so typical of girls: either a rose, spider, musical note, dolphin, or butterfly) in the small un-tanned area near her nether region. But I digress, I enjoy giving oral quite a bit especially if the woman takes care of herself down there and Sexy was definetely sexy down there. With both her thighs wrapped around my head, I lapped her sex up forever, all under the continued moans, whimpers, and squirms until she came the 1st time that evening. Usually I just like to eat a woman out, tease a bit with my tounge, dart in and out, but I was feeling especially naughty for some reason that night. I took long flat licks dragging my tounge from the base of her rump all the way to the front...that's right...I went right over that other orrifice and it didn't bother me at all. I guess the reason why was that she was so clean and smooth and flawless..... to be continued...

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